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Walking through labyrinths as a form of meditation is a super old practice, and one that’s popular at top clear-your-head destinations, from Miraval Spa to fave yoga retreat spot Heathen Hill.
Now, New York City is also home to a permanent meditation labyrinth, inside Marble Collegiate Church (a famous center of progressive spirituality) on Fifth Avenue and 29th Street. Approximately 24 feet in diameter, the labyrinth’s rings provide a space that encourages you to let go of your stress and re-center your focus. And don’t worry, unlike a maze, there are no dead ends or tricks to finding your way out.

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Brown says that there’s no right or wrong way to walk the labyrinth–you can go at your own pace (although your running-for-the-subway speed is not recommended) and create your own meditative experience. 31st, Full Circle, a spiritual practice group at the UU church of Annapolis, marks the turning of the year and honor those who have passed away. Thanks to everything from the sky-high rents to the incessant traffic, Los Angeles is consistently ranked as one of America's most stressed-out cities.

But, you probably didn't need us to tell you that.While we can't do anything about the cost of a one-bedroom in Santa Monica or the congestion on the 405, we can help you find some well-deserved respite.
And, we think we hit the jackpot.From a next-level massage therapy center and a sleek new meditation studio to a hidden rooftop garden and all-natural hot springs, here's where to go whenever you need to de-stress and just chill.

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