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Igoe, who’s trained in guiding labyrinth walks, is hosting a series of labyrinth walk sessions on select Sundays through April at the Farmington Hills Costick Center at 28600 Eleven Mile Road. Once, Igoe conducted a labyrinth walk in the parking lot of a church, which turned out to be quite rocky.
Some participants did keep their shoes off, and it proved to enhance their experience, Igoe says. Whether the labyrinth walk is focused on resolving a conflict or envisioning a goal, or simply a means toward inner calm, it’s very effective.
Conveniently sized for travel at three inches, use the hand crafted Chartres Pewter Pocket Labyrinth as a portable way to center and focus your thoughts. The Chartres Labyrinth became identified with the Christian Church in Europe around 350 AD.
A labyrinth is viewed as a metaphor for life's journeys, offering lessons as we walk its path. This labyrinth was a gift of Lynda Appleby on the occasion of the church’s 50th anniversary.

Nevertheless, she knows the benefits of meditation and connection with one’s unconscious mind. For one thing, the labyrinth design, which is thousands of years old, is all in proportion to itself, which promotes sensory calmness, Igoe says. She typically instructs people to take off their shoes to walk the labyrinth, but this time she told her participants they could keep their shoes on if they liked, because you could really feel the rocks through the canvas. These wall plaque Labyrinths are not mazes, as there are no dead ends that would make the seeker choose directions. The 11-circuit Chartres Labyrinth is so named because it is modeled after the Labyrinth set in the stone floor in the nave of Chartres Cathedral in France. Walking, or tracing the path of a labyrinth is known to assist us with addressing life's challenges, finding peace through meditation and prayer. Labyrinth walks provide the body-mind connection she needs to let go of conscious thoughts. So it allows participants to find themselves in a safe place, without the uncertainties a maze brings.

For another, it includes multiple 180-degree turns, which prompts interaction between the right and left brains. For example, some wondered why they remained in situations that hurt them or caused them extreme discomfort, and that became part of the meditative process. Use a Meditation Labyrinth after or during a difficult phone call, before meeting with your manager, or whenever you feel the need get back in touch with yourself. Labyrinths have been documented throughout history as far back as the Bronze Age, and there are as many designs as there are cultures.
It was dedicated in the Cathedral around 1260 AD, and many other forms in this style can be found throughout Europe. The 11 circuits of this labyrinth can be traced on our pieces with the included stylus as one mediates and prays.

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