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Packed with design ideas for your backyard and front yard, each issue features amazing gardens, beautiful plants, bold products, and insights from the world’s best designers.Subscribers get up to $36 off the cover price. San Diego has a very desirable Mediterranean climate that lends itself well to outdoor living.
Vanishing Edge Pool Learn about how a San Diego designer created an elegant pool and garden with lake views. Natural Driveway Drainage Tumbled rock serves as a decorative border and a natural drainage channel along this concrete driveway. Colorful Mosaic Walls These artistic garden walls serve to retain dirt along a San Diego driveway. Botanical Patio Cover This out-of-the-ordinary patio cover provides shade for a small patio at a San Diego residence. Custom Driveway Gate This distinctive sliding gate provides a unique entrance to a private San Diego garden. Private Courtyard Lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures make San Diego's climate perfect for outdoor living. Water-Wise Walkway Since Southern California is facing a drought, water conservation is a big concern in San Diego. Meditation Labyrinth This labyrinth is made of narrow, shiny black granite pavers set in pea gravel.
Encinitas Garden Tour These amazing photos taken at the 2011 Encinitas Garden Tour near San Diego, CA will surely inspire you. The labyrinth is an ancient tool of prayer, and when the Sisters built the new Convent in 2004, we were excited about the possibility of continuing that tradition here. Heather Lindsay, a landscape artist from Metropolitan United Church in Toronto, helped us construct our labyrinth. The walking path of our labyrinth is a thick layer of mulch, so ita€™s possible to walk in wet weather without getting muddy feet.Together with sisters and volunteers from the church we battled the pouring rain and filled in the rest with the river rocks, and require thickness of mulch.
We chose the 11-circuit pattern from Chartres Cathedral, one of the most ancient labyrinths in a Christian church. We chose to place a large rock at the centre of the labyrinth, to symbolize that Christ is the centre of our life. The labyrinth symbolizes our spiritual journey as we move in towards the centre, letting go of whatever burdens us, and then returning by the same path freer and lighter, with the assurance of Goda€™s love and support as we face the tasks of our lives. On your return journey let the insight you have become aware of seep into your being through Goda€™s grace, and at the end of your return journey give thanks for blessings, graces, and insights received.
Over several months of walking the well-known labyrinth at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, McDermott regained her physical strength.
As one of more than a million people in this country who have walked a labyrinth, McDermott joins many pilgrims past and present who have found solace and strength through labyrinth journeys. To walk a labyrinth, it’s necessary to follow a path through an intricate pattern until you reach the center.
As a walking meditation, a labyrinth is similar to sitting meditations in its healing capacity, yet wonderfully different in its accessibility.

People are hungry for a richly symbolic life, especially for symbols that offer meaning and comfort, Artress explains.
One night, Barbara Stephen Davis, an English-as-Second-Language teacher in Galveston, Tex., learned how physical feelings can speak volumes within the labyrinth’s sacred space.
To realize the labyrinth’s potential in your life, simply walk it and let the event unfold.
Healing is a very individual process, Californian McDermott notes, and not everyone thinks about his or her walk in stages. Scientific research delving into the labyrinth’s healing powers is just beginning, and, in a ground-breaking pilot study conducted at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, Texas, M.
Meanwhile, progressive hospitals didn’t wait for research proof before providing a labyrinth for their patients and staff.
The prayer garden, located just beyond the wrought iron gate, is also available to those seeking quiet and solitude. For more information on labyrinths, walking the labyrinth, and upcoming events, further information can be obtained by clicking on the menu to the right.
By walking a replica of the Chartres-style labyrinth, which was laid in the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France around 1201, a long-forgotten mystical tradition is reborn. Some of the best designed and most inspirational gardens can be found in and around San Diego.
Most San Diego soil has high amounts of clay and rocks and can be very dry, making drainage an issue during times of heavy rain. Colorful ceramic tiles were set in an acrylic mortar and then grouted to create a playful underwater scene. Rusted steel cut into organic leaf shapes provides a nearly solid roof, while rays of light are allowed to filter through small openings and leaves made of vibrant stained glass. Hand-forged metal mimics a variety of plants that can be found in the surrounding landscape.
The owners of this home created a usable private space at their front entry by walling in a courtyard with stucco walls. This irregular flagstone walkway with a cobblestone border and drought-tolerant dymondia ground cover is permeable, which means it allows water to reenter the soil. Johna€™s Convent labyrinth is open to all people a€“ you do not need to be a guest on a retreat. Other stories passed down through generations indicate ancient cultures from Rome to Scandinavia used labyrinths for good fortune, protection or healing. And “as an archetype of wholeness and unity as well as a metaphor for life’s path, the labyrinth…offers a spiritual experience not tied to any particular religion or culture,” she says. Even though she normally looked forward to the walks, Davis, also a labyrinth facilitator, felt reluctant to participate that evening in the full-moon labyrinth walk at the University of Texas Medical Branch campus.
There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth, Curry says, but there are some guidelines that may enrich your journey.
Kay Sandor, PhD, RN, recently became the first researcher to document evidence of its rejuvenating capacity.

This spiritual practice can awaken us to the deep rhythms that unite us to ourselves, our communities and to Wisdom. When planning your garden there is no shortage of projects completed by local landscapers and gardeners from which to get ideas. If you're thinking about dressing up your landscaping walls but aren't sure about a mosaic try painting them a solid color. Terra cotta containers with fruit trees, an outdoor dining table and a lion head fountain complete the Mediterranean feel. If you are lucky enough to have a large piece of property in San Diego County you could also create a labyrinth to be used for meditation or prayer. You’ll join thousands of design-conscious readers to get gardening inspiration and innovative design solutions for enjoying outdoor spaces.
Mazes are “multicursal,” which means you must choose among many possible paths once you enter, explains Helen Curry, author of The Way of the Labyrinth: A Powerful Meditation for Everyday Life (Penguin Compass, 2000). The seven-circuit design (pictured below) is the oldest, dating back several thousand years, according to the Rev.
Sandor, an associate professor in the School of Nursing at UTMB and a nurse psychotherapist, explains that the study found a small decrease in breathing rate and improvements in mood profiles of the participants, after the labyrinth walk. The journey is not to figure out how to get to the center, but simply how to take the next step on our spiritual path, toward our True Center. Wrong turns and blind alleys are common in mazes, so is getting lost or disoriented, she adds.
Lauren Artress, president and founder of the nonprofit organization Veriditas, The Voice of the Labyrinth Movement and author of Walking a Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Tool (Riverhead Books, 1996). Even though it didn’t make sense given her physical condition, something told Davis to sit awhile once she reached the labyrinth’s center.
Others have followed, like Mercy Hospital Grayling in Grayling, Mich., and Legacy Meridian Park Hospital in Tualatin, Ore. Whereas mazes are mental, linear, left-brained experiences, a labyrinth’s path is soothing, rhythmic and meditative, says Curry, who alsois the founding president of the global Labyrinth Society and executive director of The Labyrinth Project of Connecticut Inc. The 11-circuit version (pictured on page 43), like the world-renowned labyrinth at the Cathedral of Chartres in France, most likely became well known around the 9th century. It was definitely unifying—the one thing that brought all the different aspects of healing together,” McDermott says.
Recently, Curry developed a smaller three-circuit design for use in ceremonies such as weddings. Although some turns take you away from the center, your path is nonetheless sure, safe and gently guided, both in and back out again.

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