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Meditation music includes music played with or listened to during meditation, music the performance of which is a meditation, or music which is meditative. Some of the trailbrazers in producing meditation music have been organizations such as the Sanata Society, Sounds True and Inner Splendor Media. Musical training is similar to meditation and musicians may study meditation for the benefits during performance, such as deep breathing and concentration. Some people will find a five minute meditation worthwhile, for others, the benefits of longer meditation are well worth the time. You can meditate at any time of day; some people like to start their day off with meditation, others like to end the day by clearing their mind, and some prefer to find refuge in meditation in the middle of a busy day.
Starting from your bottom, stack up the vertebrae in your spine, so that they are balanced one on top of another and support the whole weight of your torso, neck, and head. If your posture is good, you will almost certainly feel a stretch on the back of your neck, and possibly in your shoulders. To circumvent images that keep intruding on your thoughts, visualize a place that calms you. For some people, focusing attention on a point or object does exactly the opposite of what meditation is all about. Stan Richardson folgt in seinen 13 Stucken, der uralten Zen-Tradition des 'Blowing Zen' (Honkyoku) die reinen Tone der Shakuhachi-Bambusflote zur Beruhigung des Geistes wahrend tiefer Meditationen einzusetzen. Some of the sounds heard in meditation are said to be in nature or have been duplicated by human beings. Some composers have combined meditation and music, for example, John Cage, Stuart Dempster, Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley, and La Monte Young; others have written meditative pieces.

Generally, however, the easiest time to meditate is in the morning, before the day’s events tire your body out and give your mind more to think about.
Tilt your pelvis forward by sitting on the forward edge of a thick cushion, or on a chair that has its back legs lifted off the ground 8 to 10 cm (3 or 4 inches). In fact, you may notice how most of the muscles in your torso work to help you breathe, from the muscles in the base of your pelvis to the ones in your neck, centred on the main breathing muscle, the diaphragm.
Brainwave Meditation incorporates Alpha waves for relaxation, creativity, and visualization, with Theta waves for intuition, memory, and deep meditation.
Some of the classical sounds include the rumble or thunder, the buzzing of bees and the deep sound of the waves.
You can put your hands on your thighs, but it might be easier at first to let your arms hang at your sides – the hanging weight helps reveal where things are out of alignment. If the stretch is so pronounced that it is painful, work on stretching and relaxing that area when you aren’t meditating.
In this case, as an alternative to the above techniques, some meditators recommend un-focusing your attention. Relaxing music, ambient water sounds and Theta brainwave patterns combine to create a truly deep meditative experience.
Some of the instruments that are inducive to meditation are the tamboura, tibetan singing bowl, the flute and the sitar. If you play music, make sure it’s calm, repetitive and gentle, so as not to break your concentration. Instead of focusing attention on a point or an object, this type of meditation is achieved by attaining a state of zero.

This music meditation is enhanced with Qtouch-MuSync™ Theta brainwave patterns and vibrations.
Meditating outside can be conducive, as long as you don’t sit near a busy roadway or another source of loud noise. Take your attention above all thoughts till a point you lose all attention and all thoughts.
And like a tuning fork, and without effort, your own middle pillar will pick up on these powerful vibrations, and resonate as ONE with them.
Something you must experience! Deep Sleep Meditation Music CD This is a special request soundtrack that will make you fall into a deep, restful sleep. The binaural technology synchronizes your brain hemispheres, lowering your brainwave frequencies and gently pulls you into the deepest state of delta you could possibly desire. Elan Meditation Music CD If you have ever found yourself distracted and needing help to regain the focus on the chakras, or you could use some help finding or feeling a particular chakra then here lies your answer. Active panning and retro drum samples. Quickening Meditation Music CD An epic journey through the fabric of your mind. It creates an accelerated focus that easily pushes past the babbler and intensifies energy flow and the circulation of prana. Shangrila - Deep Sleep Meditation Music CD A journey between worlds and what lies in-between. Light and uplifting it delivers a sense of hopefulness with moments of heroic sensations and powerful energy movements throughout. Solace Meditation Music CD This album is specifically designed for times when you are feeling anxiety and stress. Specialized binaural technology, and orchestrated music that is directly targeted towards stress and anxiety relief. Valley Of Light Meditation Music CD This ablum creates soft and delicate ambience that gradually gives you a sense of floating gently through time and space.

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