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This powerful recording from Music for Deep Meditation features the healing sound of Tibetan singing bowls paired with the gentle roar of ocean waves. Meditation is a powerful practice that can help calm your mind and improve all areas of your life. Medwyn Goodall Music Ltd - Independent Music Label focusing on relaxation, well being and mystical themes. Ideal for meditation, relaxation and creating ambiance, this recording is an exploration of the healing power of sound.Tibetan singing bowls are an ancient traditional instrument created to enhance meditation.

With these relaxing yet effective meditation audios you can can now experience Deep Meditation in a little as 10 minutes! Ground breaking new sounds, and a host of instruments including grand piano, guitars, dulcimer and panpipes.
A sonic world of exotic sound textures and gentle music recorded especially for deep relaxation, emotional healing and journeys of the imagination.
Inspired by sounds and sacred chants of the Middle East, the whole album is paced at 60 beats per minute and runs continuously without silent pauses between tracks.

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