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This entry was posted in nature, personal, personal change, Tao on August 12, 2011 by admin. Because of their abilities to heal, sacred landscapes provide inspiration for the design of gardens in therapeutic health-care environments. So, I’m thinking of turning an available space in my back yard into a meditation garden… anyone have interesting inspirations, ideas for what should go into a meditation garden space, etc? This entry was posted in buddha, garden, magic, nature, pagan, Tao, women's health, yoga, zen on January 7, 2011 by admin.
Enjoy the lunar eclipse tonight as the Solstice begins, if you are fortunate to have clear skies. This entry was posted in nature, simple living, Tao, Uncategorized on December 20, 2010 by admin. Getting into some new meditation CDs and doing some guided meditations — anyone have any favorites that have been good for you? This entry was posted in buddha, music, nature, Tao, yoga, zen on August 20, 2010 by admin. This entry was posted in magic, nature, personal, philosophy, Tao on April 25, 2010 by admin. The magnitude 7.2 event occurred 26 km (16 miles) SW of Guadalupe Victoria, Baja California, Mexico.

A Poway man thought to have killed two of his neighbors was shot to death by sheriff’s deputies Sunday night, authorities said.
The identities of the three, who lived on Olive Grove Drive west of Community Road, were not released.
A search of a house in the neighborhood revealed the bodies of a dead man and woman, Brugos said.
A lot of us still think that in order to be creative we need to pen a great piece of fiction, compose a symphony, build a skyscraper or design magical gardens.
A person with true self-acceptance is “a person with full awareness of self in body, mind and spirit.
Meditation techniques taught in this program will aid you in witnessing these thoughts and seeing them different from yourself. Gardens designed for contemplation and healing are likely to be most effective and responsive to the needs of its users when the elements of the sacred landscape are applied. It mitigates potentially negative effects, and takes advantage of the environmental attributes of its location, gifts offered by the earth, waters and skies, the sun, moon and stars. I’m thinking California natives for the plants, and looking for good ideas for seating, lighting, arranging the space, etc… all thoughts, ideas, comments, photos of nice spaces, etc welcome!
It’s about exploring, trusting your instincts, and owning and expressing your unique style. Meditation is that source within you which is present regardless of whether you are in the state of deep sleep or in a waking state.

All the thoughts that are buried deep within your mind, surface when you are at peace and simply watchful of your mind.
Creativity is not restricted to being specifically creative in terms of one area of expertise or talent. It means being true to your needs, experimenting, taking risks, staying flexible, and not always having to rush to conclusion.
Knowing the Knower of all experiences (the Self, our true nature) through every experience is true meditation.
They confronted a man with a rifle or a shotgun, and he was fatally wounded at the scene, Brugos said.
A person living creatively is always pushing towards new growth, as the psychologist Rollo May says, not without fear, but in spite of it. Simply put, it is much less about what you do with your life; rather, it is how you go about doing it. This, you will recognize by your own experience through the retreat and will cherish it throughout your life.

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