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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. One-Fold Lai Thai Triangle Cushion.Ornately weaved fabric binds this classic Thai triangle cushion which is commonly found throughout Thailand - be it in a village, a temple, or modern house. Sign up to our newsletter for unique offers and the latest news on products, rides and events. January 1 By Fine Craft Guild 20 Comments Want to meditate and do more yoga in the new year? A zafu meditation pillow is a firm, high cushion that is specially designed for seated meditation and certain types of yoga. One fabric Length of 59 inches, 6 inches to 9 inches wide (depending on how high you would like your cushion to be). You’ll need Kapok fiber for your pillow filling (or buckwheat hulls for a firmer seat. Three inches after the first set of pleat markings, make the second set, as indicated above. Hi, I want to make a zafu for my husband – does anyone know roughly how much kapok I will need (by weight) to fill it if I’m using this pattern? I don’t know, but I am asking around for you and will let you know when a smart person answers me with what you need to know.
I had to enlarge pleats, not ease the fabric, in order to fit the pleated strip to an 11” circle.
In step one, marking out the pleats, im having trouble ending up with 14 pleats and with 3 imces on the right side.

I have featured this on my blog post, 7 Tips for Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home, and have linked back to your page.
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We have just purchased another 14 new pillows by using the donations we've collected from our two years of TWDD meditation teaching classes.
Do you have loose change hanging around at the bottom of your pockets, purses and everywhere in your house?
We have recently purchased 10 Meditation pillows, but would like to continue adding to this inventory. Feel free to bring your pennies to us! Two-tone Cotton Linen Meditation Pad The popular Thai meditation pad is now available in a new fabric and new color combinations. Two-tone Cotton Linen Large One FoldThe popular Thai triangle fold-out pillow is now available in a new fabric and new color combinations.
The Janus Meditation Pillow is covered with a durable double-faced linen which is both rooted in the past and very modern. The right cushions and props can help you sit comfortably, so you can relax while you meditate. Turn inside out and stuff with kapok or buckwheat hulls (through opening in the side that the zafu will have) It’s best to use a lot of stuffing material. Out of all the ones floating around online I ended up following this one and my meditation pillow came out awesome, thank you!
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A zafu is a meditation cushion which is used in zazen, the sitting meditation of Buddhist practitioners. Lido is named after the island of Lido in the Venetian lagoon, the crossroads of the Silk Trade.
We offer a variety of custom-made cushions that support the knees, back, hips and hands in sizes suited to every body. The firmness is good for the posture, which is why they are used extensively for meditation throughout Thailand. It looks easy very easy, i wonder if it’s really easy to make when in real situation. The cushion raises the hips, making the cross-legged sitting postiions more comfortable and stable. This 100% linen jacquard is woven as an Italian version of Paisley, exemplifying the very essence of Orientalism. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Thus, making me concentrate with my meditation and achieve mindfullness and enlightenment at the end of the day.

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