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If you have trouble getting to sleep, or need some new meditation material, this video blog gives you some podcast tips. Thanks so much for these, I’ve been looking for some guided relaxation podcasts for ages! I don’t have difficulty falling asleep but wake up 2-3 times a night and feel exhausted by morning. I also find that sleeping in a room that is devoid of clutter, and doesn’t have a TV or stereo in it, is much more conducive to a good nights sleep. Thanks so much for that I’ve been really stressed and hardly sleeping so i cant wait to try this out!
ProfileAmelia Phillips Trainer, Fitness & Nutrition Expert, TV presenter, blogger, and Co-Founder of the Michelle Bridges 12-Week Body Transformation. Take 2 large sheets of non stick baking paper and place bok choy leaves on the bottom layer of each. The meditation sessions, led by Diana Winston, director of Mindful Education at MARC, are recorded weekly, archived, and available for free. Each week has a different theme and most 30-minute recordings include a few minutes of introduction, a guided meditation, and brief closing remarks.  Your webmaster found the meditation with Tibetan singing bowls particularly enjoyable. Many beginning meditators, as well as some individuals with more experience, prefer guided meditation sessions (as opposed to silent) , according to Dawn R.

Chakra #6: The Agnya Chakra, Forgiveness The Agnya Chakra, sometimes called the third eye, is placed at the centre of the brain. The importance of Sahaja Yoga Meditation Interview with Shri Mataji (founder) at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem New York City (6th June 1985). Our bodies are designed to react to outside stimulus and when we live in this over stimulating world, no wonder we have trouble switching off! When Kundalini passes through the chakra, our thought waves elongate so that the space between two thoughts grows wider. On the physical side, it looks after throat, arms, face, mouth, teeth, etc., so they must all be taken care of.
As the petals of the chakra open, silence blossoms in the centre and spreads outwards, pushing the thoughts to the periphery of your awareness.
For instance, protecting yourself from the cold, avoiding tobacco, taking proper dental care, and so on.
That’s the intention – and sometimes the message – that comes through loud and clear when listening to a variety of guided meditation podcasts posted by UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC). In thoughtless awareness, you actually feel this beautiful silence which is at the heart of creation. This is particularly important for your vibratory awareness, as the nerves which register the vibrations in the hands pass through this centre.

At each chakra, a relevant talk by Shri Mataji (founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation) is played. Dr Manocha has scientifically studied the phenomena associated with the state of consciousness called thoughtless awareness, an experiential phenomenon particularly associated with the practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation. The session also features a talk by Shri Mataji from 1976. When Kundalini reaches Sahasrara the lotus petals open and enlightenment (samadhi) takes place.
Cela ne veut pas dire que ja€™en fais moins, mais plutA?t que je passe plus de temps A  faire ce qui est important pour moi. Putting our attention on this chakra can help us experience mental silence – the true meditation. Comment en effet maintenir la€™habitude de prendre quelques minutes par jour pour se recentrer. Et pourtant, se faire du bien physiquement est souvent la voie la plus rapide et la plus efficace pour se sentir mieux moralement.

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