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Richard (now Radhanath Swami) would often be lonely but used this opportunity to connect to God through prayer and meditation.
Reading the above paragraph gives us a glimpse into the heart of Radhanath Swami; his poetic best is seen here.
Since Radhanath Swami is always remembering God, he sees the beauty of God in everything of this world.
I often reflect why I am unable to appreciate God and life with at least a fraction of the genuineness that Radhanath Swami embodies? Just as Richard wrote on his note pad that evening on a mountain cave, “…Where shall such a homeless man reside who believes that home is not in this mortal world?” as Radhanath Swami also, he reveals the same emotion that this world is not our home. Practical life balance tips in general, and suggestions for improving our spiritual life in particular, Interesting things that I hear, read or learn from my own struggles in life, Daily scriptural meditations and my humble realizations on the different verses from the scriptures, The realizations are based on my reading of various books ( a weakness I must confess I have), my social interactions, my life in a monastery, and the various services I render during the day.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The practice of cleansing our mind of all delusions and negativity by relying on Vajrasattva, the Buddha of Purification. Ensure you are logged in and your account is configured correctly to receive your discount. This website is designed to serve Sincere struggling sadhakas (spiritual practitioners), Teachers and preachers of Krishna consciousness, Leaders, managers and the ‘servants’, within an institutional set up, The new and curious to spiritual life, Brahmacharis (celibate renunciants) living in a monastery. Under the influence of deluded minds, we have engaged in many negative actions, and as a result we now experience suffering and problems everyday. This reminds me of a recent talk that Radhanath Swami gave where he poetically described God’s creation.

But we have the opportunity to purify this negativity, and thus transform our mind and our experience of the world we live in. The meditation and recitation of Vajrasattva is a powerful practice of purification, and a quick method to attain future happiness and spiritual realizations. He then offered a humble challenge to all experts in animation and movie making.  Even if one spends millions of dollars in creating the most high tech movie can anyone replicate the artistry of God?

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