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Now that you have filled the whole earth, gently leave your body and visualize that you are sitting on the top most part of the earth. Most humbly enter this brilliant blue Light, and sit in it, and let it enter your body through your toes. This Light continues to fill you, and it enters your first, second, third, fourth, and fifth chakras. Continue this process until there is no thought left but the rhythm of your Mantra, and your mind is still. If anything internal is disturbing your meditation, any thought, desire, etc., gently bring your mind back to the rhythm of your meditation, your Mantra, the breath, the stillness between breathing and let go of disturbances.
In this process we have expanded our consciousness to cover the universe, but we return to our body. Now gently open your eyes, return to the external world, and know that those who meditate on God are in the world but not of it. After you recognized that Stillness then you can stay with that recognition and realize it all though the day without needing formal Meditation.

You pass the moon, the planets in our solar system, the stars, and you go beyond our solar system.
Close your chakras by letting the Purifying Light stay with you, within your Purified chakras. You are a channel to do His Will to bring “His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.” See your peace that you received from the brilliant Light is on earth.
Then fill the state (province, county, etc), the whole country, continent, all continents, and the whole earth. Visualize “Peace on earth and Good Will to men.” Send good thoughts and visualize they penetrate each individual and the earth. You slow down and most humbly enter into the center of the universe, a brilliant misty blue Light, the most relaxing and Loving (Healing) Energy ever encountered. It enters your feet, the same, they become most relaxed, then your ankles, your calves, your knees, your thighs.
We become a channel for God who is the universe, but we act locally (think universally but act locally).

In each step try to visualize the shape of the vision, the relevance of the part you are expanding from to other parts, etc.
Fill the earth and slowly re-enter your body and withdraw from filling the earth, all the continents, the continent you are in, the country you are in, the state, province, city, house and room you are in, and come back to your body.
Breathe in deeply and listen (repeat) the first part of your Mantra (Haree Om Shrii Hung), realizing the stillness, the moment between breathing in and breathing out (rhythm of your mantra!).
Breathe out the second part of your Mantra (Om Nam Kevalam), recognizing the stillness between breathing out and breathing in (rhythm of your mantra!). Return from the center of the universe, pass the stars, the galaxies, our galaxy, and return to our solar system.

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