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Angela Wilson, a senior Kripalu faculty member and Project Leader for the Institute for Extraordinary Living's Frontline Providers program, answers questions about the health benefits of meditation, the best time to meditate, and more.
One of the biggest health benefits of meditation is increasing the relaxation response, or activating the parasympathetic nervous system, the branch of the nervous system that allows us to "rest and digest." There's a whole host of good things associated with the relaxation response, including boosting the immune system, improving sleep, even increasing cognitive function -- when I meditate more, my thinking is clearer.
It's helpful to understand your intention for wanting to offer them meditation --i s it for them because they're really interested, or is it for you because you want them to be interested? From the Ayurvedic perspective, the most fruitful time of day to meditate or do any spiritual practice is the vata time of day, when the ether and air elements are most dominant.
From the Buddhist perspective, it isn't so much the time of day that matters as much as making the time, incorporating meditation into your daily routine, even if it's just for five minutes each day.
Also, although there's something powerful about sitting meditation, there are other ways to bring meditative moments into your day -- for example, use the time when you're walking to your car after work or sitting at a stoplight to check in with yourself and mindfully observe what's happening around you. And the more I am exposed to many different forms of meditation, the more I realize how very different my own meditation practice seems to be. Beginning with goals, I think that almost all of the meditation teachings have a goal of one sort or another. Now I understand that this may not appeal to many of you, as we live in a highly motivated and aggressive society. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This set of guided meditations will help you resolve any questions you may have about your life purpose and career path. In the first meditation, you will connect with Archangel Michael, the guardian of all children of the light, to view your journey of life from a higher place of understanding.
The second meditation, which is only about 20 minutes long, is perfect if you are simply looking for some quick guidance for your path. Please scroll down to listen to a quick sample, or visit my CD Baby store to preview all tracks. If you must interrupt the meditation for any reason, please make sure you ground yourself well by bringing your awareness fully back into your body, doing some breath work, stretching, going for a walk, petting your cat :) Etc.
Should you experience any discomfort while listening to this meditation, stop listening and continue only once the resistance has dissolved. Studies have shown that daily meditation over the course of eight weeks can reduce the "fight or flight" response that's controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.

When you meditate, you balance the nervous system so that the "fight or flight" response is activated less frequently.
I have a hard time slowing down, but when I'm swimming, running, or cross-country skiing, I feel as though I'm in a meditative state. I have a friend whose meditation is biking in a mindful way, being aware of body and breath. Which is not to say that mine is better than anyone else’s, nor is it what I think you should be practicing.
It could be to obtain more peace in your life, attract abundance, gain clarity, enhance your connection with your own spirituality, and probably many others than I am not mentioning. And I am fully aware that the idea of sitting for the sake of sitting may sound like a waste of time to some of you. You will learn why your soul chose to incarnate on Earth in this lifetime, and you will receive healing and guidance that will help you walk your path with more ease, confidence, and joy.
It also contains a short energy healing and clearing session, and you will receive a special gift from Archangel Michael that will help you feel stronger, more joyful and more at peace whenever you have doubts or fears surrounding your divine life purpose. Should you be suffering from a serious psychological or medical condition, please consider seeking the help of a counselor or medical doctor.
Although this meditation has been recorded with love and with best intentions for your healing journey, channeled material can sometimes bring awareness to suppressed emotions and hidden aspects of ourselves associated with painful memories—which naturally causes the ego to resist.
Though any amount of meditation is beneficial, a little bit of time each day is much more beneficial than a lot of time twice a week, say.
This is merely my sharing of personal experience with you, that you may investigate for yourself what is beneficial. Through experience, I can see the benefits that are gained through letting go of expectation and goals. We are conditioned from a very early age to be assertive and have the drive to accomplish things in our lives. And if you see that it’s not, then perhaps you may want to drop the idea of accomplishing anything and just sit. If this happens, work with your breath to bring your presence and awareness back into your body, call upon Archangel Michael for protection or pray directly to God for healing, and continue only once you feel completely safe and comfortable. But this form of practice is quite different and contrary to what most of us have been taught.

Meditation provides a buffer against stress and that has a ripple effect that you experience throughout the day.
For kids, you can create a bedtime ritual that includes taking a few conscious breaths together.
One benefit of meditating at the same time every day is that the body starts to acclimate to that time, and a kind of behavior conditioning happens. And it takes time and patience to develop this and appreciate all the things that are not there in this emptiness. There's a different challenge that comes with stillness and beginning to watch the activity of the brain. Students often find that when they practice at the same time every day, they can go deeper more quickly. And oddly enough, much of this has come to fruition through my practice, but not because I was determined to make it so. I am not less of anything if I do not meditate, and I am not saddened or unhappy if I do not.
It was a byproduct of my consistency and determination to practice daily, and only gained once I began to let go of the expectations and desire for these results.
It is probably most similar to sleeping, except that instead of letting go to be in an unconscious state, one is being fully conscious and aware, with an ease in the observance reality.
Anytime you sit with the intention and willingness to be mindful, transformation will naturally happen. If the early morning does not work, then afternoon or evening usually offers a time to allow this in my day.
Meditation can lead to a quiet mind or a sense of selflessness or unity with the whole, but you can't go into it grasping for that. You want to first bring stability to the mind, perhaps by focusing on one thing, such as the breath, and then eventually expand the field of awareness to encompass bodily sensations and thoughts. I think all the time!" Through practice, you start to observe the way your thoughts move and change, and develop a more subtle awareness of your experience.

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