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Relaxation: Meditation as effective as medicationProfessor Willem Kuyken, from the Mood Disorders Centre at the University of Exeter, said MBCT could shorten NHS waiting lists for psychological therapies. The Gnostic Disciple should lie down in a face-up position, in other words, lying on his back on the floor or in bed, legs and arms open to the right and left, in the form of a fivepointed star.
It has been demonstrated in practice that by acquiring the possibility of regulating, hastening or slowing down the pulse, the heartbeat can be hastened or slowed down. Control over the palpitations of the heart can never come from the heart muscles, but rather it depends totally on the control of the pulse.
The control of the pulse or control of the second heart is achieved totally through the Absolute Relaxation of all the muscles.
Through Attention we can accelerate or slow down the Pulsations of the Second Heart and the beats of the first heart.
Samadhi, Ecstasy, Satori always occurs with very slow pulsations, and in Maha Samadhi, pulsations end.

Dr Gillian Ross guides the listener through deep relaxation and gentle yoga practices bringing peacefulness and calm. On learning to relax and to meditate children sleep better, play more creatively, concentrate more effectively and have more self-confidence.
The four sessions on this CD are designed for primary aged children but with encouragement pre-school children will also find them enjoyable and beneficial. Two Yoga Nidra sessions which are deeply healing and a natural and effective way of preventing the build up of stress in your body.
Escape from tension and stress with these enjoyable and easy relaxation, deep breathing and meditation techniques.
Gillian’s soothing voices helps you to release tension in your body and mind guiding you into an inner space of calm and well-being. With the help of relaxing music, breath awareness and visualisations, Gillian guides young listeners into experiences of deep relaxation.

The first of the two sessions uses a deep breathing technique to induce the relaxation response. The second two sessions are sitting meditations and introduce children to skills for calming their mind. What we have shown is that when people work at it, these skills for life help keep people well.

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