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Financial assistance is available - please indicate on the registration form if you need assistance. Unanswered questions, intractable situations, often appear to stand in the way of living from our deepest intentions. Late Arrivals  Because many folks will need to work on Thursday, you may arrive until 9pm on Thursday night.
Cost  The cost of this retreat is $150 per person and includes accommodations and all meals.
Financial Assistance  We would like for every one to be able to attend regardless of ability to pay.
All funds collected for this purpose will be divided equally between those who have requested them. Benefactors  For those who are unable to attend the retreat, but wish to practice generosity to those who cannot afford it, you may make a contribution which will be used for this purpose here. Dana is the practice of generosity and helps remind us of the fundamental connected nature of life. In the spirit of this tradition, all participants will have an opportunity to make a voluntary contribution, called dana, at the end of the retreat. The Red Clay Sangha membership covers the travel expenses and a small contribution to the teacher.
I love all things health & fitness, promoting happiness and well-being through exercise and functional movement, meditation and yoga.
Continue your journey and being at peace as you stop at Mahamudra Centre for Universal Unity.
Once you’ve reached Colville, stop at the general store to top up your petrol and dry goods, and then head next door to the Hereford ‘n’ a Pickle Farm Shop, where you can enjoy coffee or tea, freshly baked goods and ice cream, and purchase a selection of farm-fresh meats, cheese, and vegetables from the family-run Colville Farm.
Camp at the DOC Port Jackson Campground for $13NZD, where you’ll be literally steps from the beach. While the town of Whitianga has all the amenities you’ll need, when it’s time to hit the beach, drive five minutes up the road to the residential area known as Simpson’s Beach. Cathedral Cove is famous for its eponymous cavernous rock formation plus stunning sunrises, sunsets, or views any time in between.
Each beach on this list offers something special, but Hot Water Beach is a truly unique experience. BrocheAroe Fabian (pronounced bruh-khuh a-roy) is an American by birth who grew up traveling the world with her Anthropologist parents.

She began meditation practice in the late '80's in the Zen Buddhist tradition, studying closely with two Rinzai Zen Masters and attending numerous mediation retreats.
The lodge has 12 bedrooms, 6? baths, a full kitchen and eating area, and separated meditation hall. As well as refraining from unnecessary speaking, we also refrain from behaviors which are unpleasant or distracting to our fellow sangha members.
To achieve this goal, we need those who are able to contribute into a fund to help pay for those who are unable. By supporting our teachers we deepen our own experience on the path of practice while helping them to support others.
Because participants often ask what is considered appropriate, we offer the following guidelines: you may wish to make a contribution between $75-$150 for the retreat. I’ve just been on BBC Hereford and Worcester again today talking about obesity as there was a big conference going on in Worcester today debating what should be done to help. Starting with a drive up the western coast to the northern tip and looping back along the eastern coastline, The Culture Trip has the top ten things to do and see on your road trip around the Coromandel Peninsula.
At the Buddhist meditation center, visitors can participate in a guided meditation or simply walk the gardens and take in the verdant valley views.
If you’re looking for a little extra adventure, take a half-hour walk from the shop to the Colville Cemetery, where you can see stunning views of the local farmland and graves from the late 1800s.
The campsite also has a book exchange program going and is a starting point for the Muriwai Walk (recommended for sunrise or sunset). There are no roads along the tip of the Coromandel, so the only way to see the coastline is to do the three-hour hike from Fletcher Bay to Stony Bay. Drive across the peninsula and down the eastern side before swinging back toward Coromandel Town. Showcasing the best wood-fired pizza in the Coromandel, Luke’s has a cafe open during the day and a tiki-themed bar with live music open at night.
The white sandy beach there is surrounded by the homes of locals, meaning tourists haven’t discovered it yet. But for something a little different, try sea kayaking with Cathedral Cove Kayak Tours whose guides not only take you into the cove and make you fresh coffee, tea, or hot chocolate on the beach but also take you into other bays nearby, around the nearby islands, and provide local knowledge and snorkeling opportunities. She has an MFA in Writing Literature for Children, and currently works as freelance writer and marketing consultant. During this weekend of sitting and walking meditation, we will have the opportunity to practice opening our hearts to our unresolved inner dilemmas.

If we have more than 20 participants, it also will help cover a scholarship fund for those needing assistance.
Teachers generously give their time and energy through listening, sharing and teaching, often without financial reward. So in preparation I took the oppertunity to write some tips for simply getting started… I hope they help! Walk the labyrinth, eat delicious vegetarian food, schedule a therapeutic massage, and take an outdoor bush bath to unwind. While a shuttle can be arranged to and from Coromandel Town, if you’re feeling ambitious, try for the seven-hour round-trip tramp, with a stop at the river at Stony Bay where you can dip your feet and eat a bite of lunch. The thermal waters beneath this beach mean the water is boiling hot, so channel your inner architect when designing an aqueduct to bring in cold water for the perfect temperature.
These questions contain a rich source of insight; learning to live with them brings about a radical shift that opens the door to clarity and equanimity. She has been teaching since 2005 and was given full dharma transmission from Trudy Goodman in 2010 in the lineage of the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah. Please respect the teacher in her instructions regarding this and other activities at the retreat. Offering dana makes it possible for them to continue their work and is their primary means of support.
In the morning, drive 20 minutes to Coromandel Town, where you can enjoy an organic breakfast made from scratch at Chai Tea House, owned and operated by one of Mana’s founders. Park and walk about 30 minutes over boulders and through the woods until you come to a beach of stunning white sand, aquamarine waters, and surprisingly few people.
A less populated beach a little farther up the road is Otama Beach, so head there when you’re ready for some quiet time. Something about the little tramp keeps the hordes at bay, which means more room for you to stretch out and enjoy the sound of the surf.

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