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First stop, en route, was the Temple of Bhikkhuni Dhammananda, where we called in to pay respects and to make some offerings. We will be setting up several weekend or short term retreats every year from now on for mindfulness meditation and vipassana training. This meditation retreat is a rich exploration into our capacity to cultivate and experience intimacy, kindness and inner peace. We have combined the most transformative spiritual practices to create a powerful spiritual and psychological container for connecting into the inner wellspring of true happiness and peace.
Join us in retreat and welcome the power of silence as we become aware of who we truly are. Silence is richly nurturing, yet some are initially uncomfortable with it, fearing that unwelcome memories and thoughts will arise. During the sustained silence in retreat we realize that stillness is conscious and all pervading. Silence is also a safe container for more focused forms of practice that help us to become conscious of that which no longer serves life's unfolding.
There are only two things we can become aware of, that which is true in our life and what is false. In retreat we engage practices to help us become conscious of old stories, ideas and habits that recycle over and over. Through guided body movement we release trapped energy that unconsciously has perpetuated old stories and emotional energies. Mindfulness practices take us into the direct experience of the present moment in two ways. The easiest way to become aware of our inner body is by paying attention to the movement of breath. We practice taking our awareness inside the body in other ways; by noticing physical sensations within the body, the beating of the heart and the feeling of energy moving through the body, whatever feels most soothing. The second way of coming into present moment awareness is by focusing on what we perceive through the sensory capacities of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.
During retreat we practice mindfulness and awareness using sound, taste, body sensation, walking meditation, and movement awareness.

There are quiet hiking trails and two lakes that convey a felt sense of peacefulness, stillness and serenity. When making travel arrangements please keep in mind that in order to attend the retreat you are required to arrive on time and stay through the end of the retreat. We offer a limited number of partial work scholarships to retreats for those who need financial assistance.
Because the schedule is a vital part of the retreat container, we require that all attendees arrive on time and plan to stay through the end of the retreat. Rick NurrieStearns, has been immersed in consciousness studies for more than four decades. Mary NurrieStearns, is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher who travels nationally teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation.
This region of Burma has a special connection with Sayadaw U Panditaa€™s early spiritual training.
Foundations for each other, intimacy makes kindness possible, kindness makes inner peace possible. We dona€™t take the time to cultivate the capacities most central to our happiness and wellbeing. We will follow a balanced schedule of meditation, inner reflection, gentle yoga movement and deep rest. Once the inner stillness is recognized we can return to it again and again for inner guidance and wisdom.
Habits, old stories, memories, and anticipations are false in that they stem from thoughts about the past or the future.
For over 20 years he was involved in publishing spiritual and transformational books and magazines.
We will journal our responses to inquiry sessions, express ourselves through art, have thoughtful discussions that give insight, practice skills of being there for ourselves, deep listening, holding our emotions with loving care, calming our nervous systems and more. We learn to witness these inner events and not identify with them which transforms our life. From the unmanifested comes compassion, joy, wisdom, creativity and peace so that they can be manifested in our lives.

Rather than feeling disconnected from our experience, we feel interconnected to life as it arises in the here and now. When their roots grow strong in us, they transform our experience of living, in good times and bad times. Amazingly, we discover that the love and peace we yearn for arises in the midst of practice. This combination of activities gently and safely uncovers our peaceful core and helps us become accepting of and compassionate with our inevitable human vulnerability. Silence is a profound spiritual practice that allows us to move into our inner core and discover its inherent peace and tranquility. The peaceful warmth of silence strengthens us and supports our relaxation into inner stillness. The intelligence that comes through silence shows us what is needed to fulfill our potential. When we tap into the wellspring of happiness, we naturally begin to let go of what is not needed and find the support to do the things that express the wisdom and love we have found within. We can see and feel what comes into consciousness, because we are being held in the embrace of present moment awareness. By paying full attention to our subjective experience of the outer world we realize that we are deeply connected to it. Together they attune us to our spiritual nature, make us more fully human and increasingly grateful for the gift of life. To ensure deep peaceful rest there is plenty of free time for walking, contemplation and resting. We learn to connect to stillness and experience the wisdom, clarity and joy that arises from its depths.
Throughout the retreat, outside of guided group discussions, we maintain silence to facilitate deep transformation.

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