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When you are able to disconnect from the outside world and delve into your deepest inside, a new window can open into a more spiritual universe that often helps resolving emotional and personal conflicts. Nowadays, you feel very often inside a rhythm of life that does not allow you to stop and take a moment to dedicate to interior reflection. If you do not dedicate any time to tranquility and inner peace, it can happen that you forget the reality of the present moment. Meditation cannot only be done for spiritual purposes, but also to help maintaining physical and mental health.
Essential Retreat Organizer proposes you programs where this meditation and spiritual deepening is done by professionals who will guide you according to your knowledge and goals. For years, travelers seeking serenity and spiritual renewal have made their way to India's ashrams and retreat centers to learn the wisdom of ancient practices like yoga, meditation and Ayurveda healing. From by-donation yoga programs at a southern India center to luxury wellness retreats at an upscale Himalayas destination spa, these 10 retreat centers accommodate every budget and level of interest, from the yoga-curious to experienced meditation practitioners.

The Art of Living International Center, a 65-acre campus located on top of the Panchagiri Hills outside Bangalore, is a popular destination for peace-seekers from abroad heading to India for the ashram experience.
Poet and writer Zoketsu Norman Fischer is a well-known Zen Buddhist priest and teacher from California.
During this retreat we can learn, through simple methods, to let go of our habits of anxiety, stress and worry, in order to find the peace and clarity that we need. Some meditation techniques help to improve concentration, memory and the immune system, as well as to relieve stress and tension. We have select programs conducted in beautiful environments and accommodations where you can get the most out of this experience.
Whether you're looking for a disciplined daily meditation routine at a spiritual center or a luxury spa with a focus on wellness and healing, the country's many retreat centers all promise visitors stress reduction, self-discovery and an escape from a busy urban lifestyle. With mountainside trails, gardens, a lake and organic farms surrounding the facility, it's the perfect place to get some peace and quiet.

It is led in English and Spanish, with a mixture of participants from Mexico, US, and Canada, with varying levels of experience. Former abbot of the oldest Zen organization in the West, the San Francisco Zen Center, he is now spiritual leader of the Everyday Zen Foundation. Accommodation options range from dorm-style rooms to comfortable Suites for single or double occupancy.
Guests (who come from all cultures and religious backgrounds) are invited to participate in voluntary service, helping with cooking, cleaning and general upkeep of the ashram. While the practice is intensive, there is a rest time for enjoying the beach and the beautiful natural surroundings.

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