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Arrange a room in your house to turn into your own quiet space, either to meditate or pray, is a good way to find refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Keep a CD player or other music player in the room, along with a collection of relaxing music or inspiring. Place live plants and flowers in the room for meditation and prayer to bring life and a pleasant aroma.
Panoramic Windows in the den – an asymmetrical House Norwegian architects have created exceptional and individual workplace for a writer in Oslo.

Waiting room series - elevation church resources, We're making our series resources available to you.
United methodist church bans intelligent design group from, The united methodist church has rejected an intelligent design group's request to have an information table at the denomination's 2016 general conference.
Think about the things that give you peace and happiness, and apply them to this personal space. Deposit your religious or inspirational books on the table, and all artwork or personal items to help you concentrate.

The music tends to aid meditation and prayer, and can also block the sounds of the outside world. You may also want to place candles and incense on the table to aid concentration during meditation or prayer.

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