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Tu th? ki?t gia (th? hoa sen), d?c bi?t thich h?p cho vi?c ng?i thi?n: Ng?i x?p b?ng t? nhien, dung hai ban tay n?m ban chan ph?i t? t? g?p chan l?i va d?t ban chan len dui trai, got chan ep sat b?ng, long ban chan ng?a len tr?i. Xuong s?ng hoan toan th?ng d?ng, khong nghieng ben trai cung khong ng? ben ph?i, khong cui t?i tru?c cung khong ng? v? phia sau, l? tai th?ng v?i vai va l? mui ngay noi r?n.
Nen chu y b?t c? ki?u ng?i thi?n nao thi xuong s?ng cung ph?i hoan toan ? v? th? th?ng d?ng, khong nghieng ben trai cung khong ng? ben ph?i, khong cui t?i tru?c cung khong ng? v? phia sau, l? tai th?ng v?i vai va l? mui ngay noi r?n. Cac d?o su Yoga cho r?ng v? th? khoa nhau c?a hai chan trong tu th? ki?t gia s? t?o s?c ep len hai luan xa ? du?i cung c?a co th?, khi?n dong nang lu?ng co khuynh hu?ng di len d? nuoi du?ng cac trung tam l?c d?c theo c?t s?ng va ki?m soat toan b? h? th?n kinh. K?t qu? tren cung phu h?p v?i nh?ng ly lu?n c?a y h?c c? truy?n khi bi?t r?ng ? th? ki?t gia, xuong mac ? c?ng chan trai da t?o m?t s?c ep kha m?nh len dung v? tri huy?t Tam am giao ? chan ph?i (huy?t Tam am giao ? ch? lom b? sau xuong chay, tren m?t ca chan trong kho?ng 6cm).
Tren th?c t?, nh?ng quan sat qua di?n nao d? cho th?y ch? c?n nh?m m?t d? lo?i b? th? giac la da gi?m du?c 50% cac kich thich t? ben ngoai. V? di?m d? t?p trung tu tu?ng, m?t v? tri ? vung b?ng du?i ma nhi?u tru?ng phai thu?ng ch?n lam di?m t?p trung khi ng?i thi?n la huy?t Dan di?n, cach du?i r?n kho?ng 3cm. Di?n dan nay du?c m? ra ch? co m?c dich la ph? bi?n,trao d?i h?c t?p l?n nhau nh?ng ki?n th?c v? mon Khi Cong Tam Linh nh?m gop ph?n nang cao s?c kh?e c?ng d?ng. Having the meditation room with all its decor that will be relaxing and calming is a must to accompany you every when you want to do meditation.
Meditation room decor should accomplish some principles including should be calming and relaxing. Meditation room decor should be featured as well by many parties and utensil that will increase its value and function. If you practice yoga or meditation you will know the importance of a place to relax and just be yourself. Ideally the meditation space is isolated from the rest of the house and can be in a separate room (a closet) or even on a covered outdoor balcony or patio. However, you can use a corner in your living room or bedroom to turn it into a beautiful meditation spot.
If your meditation space is a visible corner in a room, pick decorations that fit the interior and supplement it. Respect this area of your home and treat it with as a special, dedicated spot for yoga, relaxation, meditation and practice.
N?u b?n ch?n th?c t?p tru?c khi ng? s? b?t l?i vi b?n s? d? b? con bu?n ng? loi keo ho?c su?t m?t ngay lam vi?c t?n d?ng l?i trong d?u b?n bi?t bao t?p ni?m chua gi?i quy?t. K? ti?p dung hai ban tay n?m ban chan trai g?p l?i, d?t ban chan trai len dui ph?i, keo nh? got chan vao sat b?ng, ban chan ng?a len tr?i. Nh?ng thi nghi?m khoa h?c v? Yoga cho th?y ch? c?n ng?i tu th? hoa sen, du ta khong c? g?ng t?p trung tu tu?ng, v?n co m?t s? thay d?i ? song nao t? nh?p Beta kho?ng 20 chu k? m?i giay xu?ng nh?p Alpha kho?ng 8 chu k? m?i giay. Nhu v?y, trong su?t th?i gian ng?i ki?t gia, huy?t Tam am giao s? du?c kich thich lien t?c. Gi?m cac kich thich giac quan: M?t trong nh?ng y?u t? quan tr?ng d? d? nh?p tinh la khong b? cac kich thich ben ngoai qu?y nhi?u.
Gian m?m co b?p: Ngay nay, khoa h?c da bi?t r?t ro tac d?ng qua l?i gi?a 2 y?u t? th?n kinh va co.
Di?u nay can c? vao hai quy lu?t: Th? nh?t, m?t va hai ban tay la nh?ng vung ph?n chi?u co cac di?m tuong ?ng v?i toan b? co th?, do do n?u thu gian du?c vung m?t hay hai ban tay s? thu gian du?c toan than. Do do, khi t?p trung vao m?t di?m ? vung du?i co th? thi khi va huy?t s? luu chuy?n v? phia du?i, lam nh? ap l?c ? vung d?u, d? d?n d?n nh?p tinh.
Dan di?n la m?t huy?t quan tr?ng trong vi?c luy?n du?ng sinh c?a cac d?o si, cac nha khi cong. Tru?ng h?p nay, nen k?t h?p quan sat hoi th? v?i vi?c t?p trung t?i Dan di?n b?ng cach quan sat s? ph?ng len va x?p xu?ng t?i b?ng du?i. X? thi?n: Sau khi ng?i thi?n, tru?c khi d?ng d?y c?n lam m?t s? d?ng tac d? co th? h?t te m?i va khi huy?t luu thong binh thu?ng. N?u ch? thi?n kho?ng 15 phut ho?c khi co cong vi?c c?n d?ng len g?p thi ch? c?n co du?i hai chan va xoay ngu?i, ho?c l?c c? qua l?i nhi?u l?n la d?.

Hu?ng d?n luy?n t?p Khi cong du?ng sinh mi?n phi tren di?n r?ng cho t?t c? nh?ng ai co nhu c?u t?p luy?n mon nay.
T?t c? m?i n?i dung dang tren di?n dan nay khong du?c phep lam t?n h?i t?i l?i ich c?a dan t?c va c?a c?ng d?ng, khong du?c phep lam t?n h?i t?i s? phat tri?n ?n d?nh c?a d?t nu?c, khong ?nh hu?ng t?i thu?n phong m? t?c c?a Vi?t Nam.
Trinh bay quan di?m ro rang m?ch l?c, s? d?ng van phong trong sang d? hi?u co tinh xay d?ng, khong dung t? ng? khoa truong, d?c bi?t khong dung "ngon ng? ch? bua".
Khuy?n khich nh?ng bai vi?t ma ngu?i vi?t da th?c hanh d? co du?c nh?ng thong tin xac th?c, co hi?u qu? trong ?ng d?ng. N?i dung bai vi?t nao khong tuan th? dung nh?ng quy d?nh tren s? b? BQT lo?i ngay ra kh?i di?n dan.
Every people have the desire to feel better after their hectic day in their life and doing meditation will be as the solution to kill burden in mind for a while at least for getting more relaxing feeling. To accomplish these principles, at first you can consider well for doing some innovative decoration to the room including by having better paint and wall color in it. In your meditation room, you will need the good carpet as the place for sit down while doing yoga. In our homes we have a place to eat, to read, to watch TV, but not many homes feature a place to just be yourself and enjoy concentration, silence and full relaxation. Because it will be easier to quit our minds when we have made the effort to create a special spot for this, just like the desk for working and the stove for cooking.
The living room is a perfect space for such a corner, as it is the place where we usually relax. Some meditation spots also feature a small altar (a table with a cloth on) to place the statue or a central image and create a focal point which helps you concentrate.
Tam am giao la huy?t giao h?i c?a 3 du?ng kinh am: T?, Can va Th?n nen tac d?ng kich thich nay s? co tac d?ng “thong khi tr?”, “so ti?t vung h? tieu” va di?u ch?nh nh?ng r?i lo?n n?u co ? nh?ng kinh va t?ng co lien quan, d?c bi?t la tac d?ng “Du?ng am ki?n T?” va “So Can ich Th?n” ma cac th?y thu?c cham c?u d?u bi?t khi tac d?ng vao huy?t nay. Th? hai, theo h?c thuy?t Paplop, khi t?p trung gay ?c ch? th?n kinh m?t vung ho?c m?t di?m ? v? nao (qua hi?u ?ng thu gian) thi s? ?c ch? nay s? lan t?a gay ?c ch? toan b? v? nao. Nhu da noi ? ph?n tren, thi?n chinh la s? t?p trung tu tu?ng vao m?t di?m ho?c m?t d? m?c duy nh?t d? d?n d?n d?t d?n tinh tr?ng tr?ng r?ng, khong con vu?ng m?c vao b?t c? m?t y ni?m nao.
Tr? giup ki?n th?c co b?n c?n thi?t cho m?t s? ngu?i co nhu c?u tim hi?u v? Th? gi?i Vo hinh d? h? t?ng bu?c hi?u du?c th? gi?i Vo hinh du?i nhan quan Khoa h?c - Tam linh. M?i ngu?i tham gia vao di?n dan c?n ph?i co thai d? nghiem tuc, bi?t ton tr?ng b?n than minh va ton tr?ng nh?ng ngu?i khac. There you should have the good room as well specialty for doing meditation in which there you can do the meditation every when you want. At first you should decide the best color for your meditation room that will bring the relaxing feeling to the room entirely. A good carpet made of wool will be added there, with a pillow as the additional feature that will be used when you are meditating.
Home offices, kitchens and dining rooms are not suitable for a meditation corner, because they are the busiest spaces in our home. This is a space to concentrate, so do not overcrowd it with decorations to avoid distraction. Di?u n?y co nghia la t? than tu th? ki?t gia da co cong nang lam em d?u th?n kinh chua k? d?n nh?ng c? g?ng khac c?a vi?c ng?i thi?n. Nh?ng ngu?i co d?u hi?u cang th?ng th?n kinh, nh?ng b?nh nhan “Am hu h?a vu?ng” hay g?p cac con b?c h?a v? chi?u va nh?ng ph? n? dang ? tu?i man kinh s? d? dang c?m nh?n du?c hi?u qu? khi ng?i vao th? ki?t gia. Ngu?c l?i, n?u di?u hoa truong l?c co b?p ? m?c thu gian thi th?n kinh cung s? du?c ?n d?nh.
D? thu gian th?n kinh ho?c d? ch?a b?nh, ch? c?n duy tri tinh tr?ng t?p trung vao di?m ho?c vao d? m?c t?p trung trong m?t th?i gian nh?t d?nh la d?.
Tuy nhien, cac cong phu c?a d?o gia noi chung va vi?c phat sinh n?i khi d? chu?a b?nh noi rieng d?u d?a vao bi quy?t “h?i quang n?i th?” ho?c “ngung th?n nh?p khi huy?t”. Hu?ng d?n luy?n t?p nang cao d? t?ng bu?c kich phat du?c ti?m nang con ngu?i, dung nh?ng ti?m nang ?y ph?c v? cho m?c dich hu?ng thi?n va vi l?i ich c?a d?t nu?c.

Well, it will no longer be difficult anymore because here we are going to discuss more about meditation room decor. There we work, cook and gather with the rest of the family, so it will be difficult to find stillness in areas associated with high activity. The traditional accessories for a meditation spot are statues and images of the Buddha, candles, bowls with water and flowers, lamps for essential oils. Hai ban tay buong l?ng d?t tren hai dui ho?c dan cheo nhau d? tru?c b?ng, mi?n sao hai tay c?m th?y tho?i mai, d? gian m?m co b?p la du?c. Tam khong duyen ra ngoai, hu?ng doi m?t vao trong g?i la h?i quang, t?p trung th?n vao ben trong co th? g?i la n?i th?. Gop m?t ph?n lam sang t? nh?ng hi?n tu?ng l? ma du?i nhan quan Khoa h?c - Duy v?t va c? Khoa h?c - Duy tam khong th? gi?i thich du?c. White, bluish and creamy color are the popular choice that you can consider and those are also applied by many people for their own meditation room decor. It can be obtained through having good painting with flower or plants picture with fresh green and some sweet painting in it. Her dream is to own a micro, rooftop apartment in a city with distinct charm and atmosphere. Trai l?i, khi co t?p ni?m xen vao ho?c luc lo au cang th?ng, s? phan doan s? kem chinh xac. Khi t?c gi?n, gan c? n?i len, co b?p cang c?ng, ban tay n?m ch?t…; do la luc th?n kinh qua cang th?ng.
Di?u quan tr?ng ? day la t?p trung quan sat d? bi?t ro ta dang hit vao hay dang th? ra thong qua chuy?n d?ng ph?ng len hay x?p xu?ng ? b?ng du?i. Giup cho m?t s? ngu?i dang di vao con du?ng me tin d? doan t?nh ng? d? cho h? khong b? t?n kem ti?n c?a va cong s?c m?t cach vo ich. S? cang th?ng s? lam m?t b? nao, co th? tieu phi nhi?u nang lu?ng ma vi?c gi?i quy?t cong vi?c l?i kem hi?u qu?. Sau m?t th?i gian, khi nao b? da ghi nh?n thoi quen thi?n thi vi?c ng?i vao tu th?, nh?m m?t, vi?c d?u lu?i ch?m nh? nu?u rang tren ho?c am th? gian m?m co b?p s? hinh thanh nen nh?ng ph?n x? co di?u ki?n d? dua ngu?i t?p vao tr?ng thai thi?n d?nh.
Lau d?n chan khi du?c sung man s? khai thong cac kinh l?c b? t?t ho?c b?i b? cho ng? t?ng d? tang cu?ng s?c kho?. S? di ch?n quan sat hoi th? ? b?ng du?i ma khong ph?i ? d?u mui ho?c ? ng?c la nh?m t?o quan tinh th? sau k?t h?p v?i vi?c phat sinh n?i khi ? Dan di?n nhu da d?n ? ph?n tren. D?u tranh ch?ng l?i nh?ng k? l?i d?ng vao long tin c?a dan chung d? muu c?u l?i ich ca nhan, gi? danh Th?n Thanh ma lam b?i ho?i thu?n phong m? t?c c?a dan t?c. Don’t forget also to add the touch of lighting with chandelier or decorative bulb with LED lighting.
Luc ngu?i nay thi?p di la luc th?n kinh ? m?c thu gian, tam khong con ghi nh?n y ni?m gi c? th? va co b?p cung gian m?m nen d?u d? dang ngo?o sang m?t ben.
Vi v?y, trong qua trinh hanh thi?n, vi?c ch? d?ng gian m?m co b?p s? thuc d?y nhanh qua trinh thu gian, nh?p tinh. M?t nha nghien c?u ma tinh th?n khong ?n d?nh s? kho co th? hoan thanh cong trinh c?a minh. Ch? c?n khi nh? ra hay t?p trung tr? l?i Dan di?n ho?c ti?p t?c quan sat hoi th? vao ra la d?. Ngoai ra, trong di?u ki?n phat tri?n c?a n?n van minh cong nghi?p v?i tinh c?nh tranh cao, con ngu?i luon ph?i d?i m?t v?i nhi?u lo?i ap l?c thi vi?c ph?i ganh ch?u stress lam gi?m s?c d? khang va d? d?n d?n nhi?u b?nh t?t la di?u dang lo ng?i.
Lau d?n, nh?ng t?p ni?m s? b?t di, th?i gian t?p trung s? dai hon, hoi th? s? d?u, ch?m va nh? hon, cho d?n luc khong con y ni?m va quen luon c? hoi th?. Khong ch? la khong b?nh t?t ma con la s? t? tin, c?m thong va hoa h?p d? d?n d?n d?t d?n di?u ma ngu?i xua g?i la thien nhan h?p nh?t.

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