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The new Meditation Room at Douglas County Hospital in Alexandria provides a space for patients’ families to gather, visit and find some comfort.
There’s a healing energy present in the new Meditation Room at Douglas County Hospital (DCH). The new room is painted and furnished with a nature theme to create a place of comfort in the middle of the hospital.

At the center of it is a meditation room, which provides separation between the two programs housed in the building, and allows each of them to have a distinct lobby space with different feels. Early on in the project, we realized that we couldn’t plan and design a building to one client and not the other. We conducted patient focus groups to advise us on what they wanted to see in our new building.

Not only did we consult with them before we started, but we also showed them plans as we developed them to allow for feedback throughout the entire process.We underwent a similar process internally, with our nursing staff and our physicians.

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