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33 Minimalist Meditation Room Design Ideas - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Located in SFO's Terminal 2, the 150-square-foot airport yoga studio is the first of its kind. But having a dedicated room or space in your abode for quiet reflection is a way to make it easier to keep your practice going. And while many are building detached private oases in their backyards, not all of us have that luxury.
Visitors can set their luggage aside and enjoy a few relaxing asanas in the former storage room.

And of course, a meditation area can be used for yoga, dance, stretching, massage, or other relaxing activities.There are many ways you can approach a space for mediating—minimalist, maximalist, colorful or monochrome. And it's impossible to miss, with directional signs featuring a yogi in a lotus pose now scattered across the airport. You may do that at any place but a special one is better, it would help you to relax faster.
If you need a little inspiration, just take a look at the eight spaces below that would make great meditation rooms. Meditation room is a cool idea for those who got used to relaxing every day and gaining their spirituality.

While the altar with statues is all-weather and can be left out, the rugs and cushions can be brought in at night or during inclement weather.The overlaying of patterns keeps things interestingKeep sun from burning your skin with white curtains woven into an overhead trellis. Create a minimalist space in calm colors, there’s no need for many things, just a cushion, a candle, maybe a seat.

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