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A couple of days ago, the Guardian asked for input from readers about what they think needs to change in education, given that it’s likely to be a key battleground for the 2015 election.
This jogged my memory back to an article I read earlier in the year about rough schools in San Francisco implementing a project called ‘Quiet Time’, where the kids would meditate twice a day. It can be and often is a completely secular practice, and one that can improve confidence and self-esteem, as well as reduce anxiety and stress. It’s not just in California that these ideas are beginning to gain some momentum; 13 states across the country are implementing similar projects.
Check out this cool infographic, made by the people at Edutopia, illustrating the benefits meditation has brought to US schools.
I know it’s short notice but I will be submitting tomorrow and presenting on the 9th of March 2016. Based on experiments and clairvoyant observation, a sick person has energies within the energy body that look like dirt.
Surrender to Supreme Being means that a believer completely gives up his own will and subjects his thoughts, ideas and deeds to the will and teachings of a higher power.
During a Vital Life Force Healing or Prana Energy Healing session, the patient has only to keep an open mind and sit or lie down in a relaxed position. It is important that the patient does not resist the treatment and on the other hand, the healing is extremely effective if the patient is open or receptive to healing. The first response from Camila Batmanghelidjh, a psychotherapist and founder of Kids Company, struck me.
There are many aspects of education that are clearly in need of serious reform, and as such the discourse surrounding schools tends to focus on these issues; the nature of assessment, teaching methods, the curriculum, and so on.
In Quiet Time’s first year, suspension rates dropped by 45%, and within four years it was one of the lowest in the city.
Thankfully, as knowledge of this is spreading, we’re gradually coming around to the idea that meditation can be a worthwhile exercise that doesn’t have to have anything to do with hippies, drugs, or even the broader ideas of religion and spirituality. Moreover, it can lead to increased focus and concentration, doing wonders for kids’ ability to learn as well as the teacher’s ability to teach. Moreover, The Guardian featured ‘Mindfulness and the Art of Chocolate Eating’, a popular technique introduced to schools by an organization called ‘Mind Space’, on their top teaching resources list for 2013. There are wider systemic problems that need to be addressed irrespective of how many kids or teachers are meditating.

Scott Center in Hathaway House, between the admissions office and Porter House.  More on Prajna from Addie Cleveland after the jump. Whether trying to make sense of a loaded weekend or get things organized for the next four days, students often feel a little bogged down. One of the major roadblock is that people start to initiate good karmic deeds mechanically. Some times you go and ask other people, but deep inside your heart you know the solution to your own problem.
She noted that some children are so disadvantaged that it affects their brain functioning to such a degree that they struggle to sit still and stay calm in school, never mind pass exams. But as a result, we often neglect a more fundamental issue and one that is surely of equal importance. Now before you make an assumption about those Frisco hipsters and what might seem to be some sort of nostalgic throwback to the halcyon days of flower power and the counterculture, just hear me out.
Perhaps most significantly, in the annual California Healthy Kids Survey, these middle school youngsters were the happiest in all of San Francisco. A theme throughout Guardian responses was the need to attract and keep hold of the best teachers and head teachers. Mind Space’s ‘Meditation in Schools Program’ has been introducing meditation for teachers and students across the UK.
This is not a call to side step these very important issues however, rather it’s a reminder that by getting caught up in arguments that are so often tied up with ideology and political one-upmanship, we can forget the more fundamental stuff.
Always gearing up for the next big thing (test, presentation, lab, practice, meeting, meal, bla bla bla), we rarely take the time to sit still, slow down, and focus on the present moment. The Meditation Club gets together every Monday evening to take a break from the books and just breathe. As in, if someone is told to donate food to charity for 10 kids, then the person might start off mechanically at first. Understanding the ailment can help us address the cause and thereby riding the body of the disease.
If the patient regularly practices the meditation and breathing techniques that are taught to him or her, and also, where required, does some simple exercises and is in control of the diet, recovery is extremely fast; in many cases, almost miraculous. And not only that you also know the root cause of the problem but you just do not want to admit it. Prana Energy works by cleansing or removing the dirty energy from the energy body and by energizing – transferring vital energy to the patient.

Unsurprisingly the school suffered greatly from disciplinary problems; fighting, shouting, vandalism, low attendance and so on, all of which contributed to its poor academic performance while creating an environment counterproductive to learning. De-stressing the school environment would make it a lot easier for teachers to do their jobs, and develop professionally.
Kids and teachers are human beings – their ability to learn, share and engage, is dependent on their emotional wellbeing, and so its something that should form a more serious part of the debate. Everyone’s experience with seated meditation is different, so generally we sit together at the beginning for a shorter period of time (10 minutes).
All too often, however, the patient expects that just visiting a healer twice or thrice a week is sufficient.
Several gurus teach their disciples the importance of surrender to God or to themselves, as part of the guru-disciple relationship. On the California Achievement Test, twice as many pupils in Quiet Time schools became proficient in English, compared with similar schools without the program, and the gap in maths abilities was even greater. Studies in the United States have also demonstrated that training teachers in mindfulness meditation can reduce their levels of stress and increase organisation and compassion. Every once and a while, I’ll guide the first session with a body scan or suggest different methods to help calm the mind and feel attentive and present.
When we are stuck inside it we don’t know the way out but if you see the same puzzle standing some where at a high altitude you know how to come out of it. The healer scans the energy field of the patient and depending on his or her level of skill, may look for imbalances in different parameters. A few years back David Lynch made an excellent documentary about his project to introduce transcendental meditation into an elementary school in Iowa, the results of which were also pretty transformative. We share a batch of freshly brewed chai tea, sit in a circle, chat about our experience, and then sit once more at the end of the hour (sometimes a little longer, but around 10-15 min).
On paper, the club is known as Prajna, which is a Sanskrit term that translates to mean wisdom, understanding, or discernment. In all honesty, meditation is much easier to pronounce, and it gives people a clearer idea of what we’re up to.

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