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Arsenic is not the only element which threatens the health of millions along Gangetic plains.
Thirty eight districts of Bihar, with around one crore population living in 24 districts, are inadvertently consuming this lethal mix of one or all of the elements. Dental fluorosis is prevalent in children from eight-nine years onwards when permanent teeth are formed.
While the prevalence of this assortment of poison is widespread, the effects become visible in extreme cases or when the damage has already been done. About 203 districts in 20 states of the country are affected with fluoride including Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan and West Bengal.
Experts now say that the water of the Ganges basin has been polluted during the last 200 years. Over the years Jamalpur Workshop has been actively involved in the rehabilitation of Accident damaged locomotives.
Various PSUs such as NTPC, CPT, SAIL are having locomotives, which are critical for their outturn. Cycle Time for POH of Diesel Locomotives reduced from 57 days in 06-07 to 46 days in 07-08 in terms of calender days. Apart from above mentioned trains one can use Muzaffarpur Inetrcity Express while comming from NE and NF side at Muzaffarpur or Barauni, and from Ranchi side Vananchal Express is comming to JMP directly or to BGP. Also lot many trains stops at KIUL from where Jamalpur is just 60 to 75 minutes journey by train. JAMALPUR (BIHAR): Defending champion Bengal downed Bihar 4-0 in the second semifinal of the National under-21 football tournament, for the Manindra Dutta Ray Trophy, at the Jamalpur Sports Association Stadium here on Tuesday.
Bengal swamped the host with a deluge of attacks and the margin of victory would have been bigger had its forwards been more sharp during the second session. Bengal captain and striker Seikh Tarif Ahmed was the hero of the match, scoring three of the team's four goals.
Stung by the early reversal, Bihar coach Krishna Nand rushed out of the technical area and cried foul against the assistant referee Prabir Kumar Roy of Assam.
Bengal widened the lead in the seventh minute, Tarif finding the net again with a spectacular volley. The second session did not witness any change in Bihar's performance, while Bengal added another goal in the 55th minute. Kolkata, December 2: Dr Prasanta Banerji needs no introduction in the the world of alternative medicine.
Dr Banerji's lineage can be traced back to the great Indian reformer, Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar. Homeopathic treatment found its way in Banerji's family with his father being an active practitioner in his times at Mihijam in Bihar. Born in Jamalpur, Bihar, on October 1933, Banerji graduated from the Mihijam Institute of Homeopathy established by his father.
Banerji's acumen lies in bringing scientific knowhow in homeopathy, and he is perhaps among the very first to present scientific papers in many international homeopathic conferences.
His most acclaimed work till dateis his effort to completely cure brain tumour cases by homeopathy only.
He set up PBHRF in 1992 which is presently doing collaborative research work with American institutions on the action of homeopathic medicines on cancer.
Some times a question hunts the mind why a place like Jamalpur was selected as a site for EIR Company's Locomotive Workshops. Jamalpur was at a very far distance from the Bengal and Bihar coalfields, which was the most important criterion for selecting the place for locomotive workshop way back in 1860s. When the selection was made it was probably thought that Jamalpur would be on the proposed mainline A of EIR which was subsequently changed and was directed to Delhi via Ranigunj, Gaya, Mughalsarai, Allahabad and Kanpur. Initially, Jamalpur was only a engine changing station and light repairs were done in the running shed there. At the early stages different narratives have stated that there were 26 foremen and A Asstt.
The Gymkhana at Jamalpur which later became a renowned school of Railway officers was started during this period for the recreational facilities.
Among the hectic activities during early 1900, the workshop was equipped and developed in manufacturing of locomotives, in addition to several other small jobs for Engineering Stores, Collieries ( EIR had its own Collieries at this time ) Carriage & Wagons Departments, cast iron sleepers, all signalling and interlocking gears, posts, cranes, etc.
STEEL FOUNDRY : The first in India was commenced in 1898 and had a capacity of 10 tons per day. SIGNAL EQUIPMENTS SHOP: More popularly known as "Points and Crossing and Interlocking shop" was started in 1894. Jamalpur Shops had their own Power House, and produced Electricity for the entire Workshop and the Staff Qrs. As a way to exhaust the mental reaction created by this axe-murder, the son was reborn as a tree with a cleave down its middle.
Alighting from your train at Jamalpur Junction station of the Eastern Railway and making your way through the market adjacent to it,you are not likely to be impressed.Turning right at the end of what could well be called the station road,you cross an over-bridge and enter the Railway East Colony.
Standing between these roads, you see a vast expanse of a rolling green maidan stretching towards a right that seems to cover your entire field of view.This maidan is the Golf Course,a small but reasonably well kept 9-hole course,that is perhaps the cheapest in the world to play golf on. The answer lies in the history of the area and the nearby town of Munger (earlier Monghyr). It is not a coincidence that Monghyr was often referred to as the "Birmingham of the East" in those days. Jamalpur has the distinction of manufacturing locomotives well before Chittaranjan Locomotive Works were set up. Jamalpur has always attracted visitors who could well be a Who's Who of the land.A sampling of the messages recorded in the Visitor's Book of the Workshop can be seen in this write up. Jamalpur Workshop has the proud privilege of being the only railway workshop , where broad gauge cranes for railway's use are manufactured.
This workshop has completed over 140 years of glorious performance and dedicated service to the Nation. This is the only workshop in Indian Railways to have been equipped with its own 5 MVA power house. The first to have set up a rolling mill not only on the railways, but probably in the country in 1870.(now closed)The first to establish a railway foundry in the year 1893. The first to manufacture high capacity synchronised electrically operated lifting jacks popularly known as "Jamalpur jacks" in 1962 and ticket printing, ticket chopping, ticket slitting and ticket counting machines. Alternatively, on the Eastern side Kolkata is the nearest airport from where Jamalpur can be reached by Rail.
Till 60 metres, the level of arsenic is high which reduces till 200 metres below the ground level and is found in negligible quantities at the level of 220 metres. In rocks, it takes the form of a carbonic material which get deposited at the bottom of the river bed through mud brought in by soil erosion.
Khaira village, Kharakpur Haveli block of Munger district, Bhupnagar village, Aamas block in Gaya district and Ismailpur Tola Chunavpur of Churi village panchayat in Gaya are all badly affected.
About 66.62 million people in these states (6 million children below 14 years) live under this ominous shadow. The effects of excessive fluoride in groundwater first came to notice as dental and bone diseases in cattle in Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh in 1930.
After closure of Steam loco activities, it has become one of the major activities of the Workshop catering to the full demand of Eastern Railway.

Both Railway and Public Sector locomotives, which are badly damaged, are commissioned successfully.
This workshop, being a specialized loco repairer, caters to the needs of all PSU's in the eastern region. With this win, Bengal reached its 13th final in 14 editions and will clash with Punjab on Thursday in a replay of the final at the same venue in 2004. Tarif put the team ahead, providing the finishing touches to the attack initiated by left-back Avishek Aich and aided by Lalhmangaihzala.
The Bihar midfielder's pile driver beat Bengal goalkeeper Bhaskar Adhikary, but the ball bounced off the crosspiece. Tarif struck his third, as Lalhmangaihzala did the spadework to set the former up with a perfect through pass. The school building is situated in natural surroundings of Khirkhirya Mountain range and it is on the southern side of the Golf Ground giving a nice view of its physical appearance. For his dedicated and diligent work in the field of homeopathy, Dr Banerji was honoured by the P B Homeopathic Research Foundation (PBHRF), at Birla Sabhaghar today. The homeopathic doctor is incidentally the grandson of Ishan Chandra Banerjee, the younger brother of Vidyasagar. The original headquarters of the locomotive department of EIR was located at Howrah had a great draw back because it was too confined for extensions as and when needed. Campbell A was returning from weekly meeting at the Agents Office (29,Theatre Road) happened to call at Wilson's Coffee Room for Tiffin and their he found three of his Principal Workshop Foremen and two Engine Drivers enjoying themselves in rather a boisterous manner.
Foreman and about 180 Europeans and East Indian Mechanics of which a large portion was recruited directly from England. It had 3 mills , steam driven Power hammer, fish plate machine, billet shears, The mill was driven by steam from boilers placed on the top of the furnaces and heated by gas from the furnaces.
The epitaph on the tombstone tells you the gory tale:a 27 year old Foreman of the Erecting Shop was killed by a tiger near the spot two years after the workshop had been established in 1862. The inhabitants of this town and the surrounding areas had always been a reservoir of skilled craftsman in mechanical fields like ironware - notably guns ,pistols ,spears, and other weapons. It will also not be out of place to record that Jamalpur was on what was then intended to be the mainline of the Railway,had good water supply and congenial surroundings.
This is the only railway workshop where large, microprocessor controlled 140-Ton capacity break down cranes for Indian Railways are manufactured indigenously with very little import content.
Ironically it stands alone in the Industrial desert of the northern part of Bihar in general and in Munger District in particular. Microbes present in muddied depths of the river bed create arsenate compounds soluble in water. In northeast Bihar, the iron content is unacceptably high in vast water sources dotting the land. In vast tracts in Bihar, the prevalence of physical deformity is a chilling evidence of excessive fluoride.
It is also found in adults leading to pain in the gums, weakening and untimely loss of teeth.
Special Repairs to accident locomotives and POH and repair of locomotives owned by Public Sector Undertakings is also carried out. The 55th rehabilitated locomotive was successfully put in service in October 2000 after extensive repairs and complete overhaul. Starting from a very humble beginning in the year 1987, the activities of repair of PSU locomotives came to a firm footing by 1996-97. Bisht and the local organisers rushed in to prevent the anger from pouring out into the stands. Meanwhile, Ralte took the game further away from the host, scoring the third goal for Bengal in the 27th minute. The town Jamalpur is adjacent to the city and district a€“ Munger which waskonwn as Anga Pradesh in ancient time of Great King a€“ Karna (Mahabharata Times ).
He was being felicitated for completing 50 years in making homeopathy the medicine of the masses.
He ensured that the under-privileged sections of society were not deprived of the healing touch of homeopathy.
At Howrah, the original workshop was supposed to handle building of locomotives, carriage and wagons.
The whole staff was housed in quarters built by EIR at Jamalpur and live within easy distance of the workshop. The Generators were driven by STEAM at 150lbs pressure supplied from a battery of 14 boilers. In the tranquil serenity of the present maidan, tigers had roamed in the not too distant past.
This water contaminated with arsenic is used for agriculture thus finding its way into the food cycles and eventually being deposited in the bodies of human beings. Those suffering from fluorosis complain of fatigue and typically the bones of the backbone, neck, hands or legs of the affected person become fragile and lead to deformity. The quantity of fluoride in water sources of Kachariadeeh Muslim tola has been found to be 2 ppm to 7 ppm, (parts per million), far higher than the surrounding villages. Jamalpur is important in national map for Diesel Engine work shop and Indian Railway institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering i.e. What he said in reply has never been recorded, but the men there quickly retired and after that Mr. There were also other buildings, a church, Roman Catholic chapel, A Mechanics Institute, Swimming Bath, Hospitals with separate buildings for infectious diseases. Campbell never rested until he had the workshops and the locomotive workshop officers removed from Howrah to Jamalpur. The Vidyalaya is spreaded in 10.5 acres land and it is structured in c a€“ type building constructed by KVS in 1980. Campbell decided to remove the workshop to Jamalpur and this was because the drivers and fitters giving troubles. There were also a building house in which 40 Europeans and East Indian Apprentices could be lodged and cared under the charge of resident Master and Matron.
They were all covenanted men from England who had left their families, and hotels and billiard rooms were their only amusement. It was for the first time in India that a system of training indentured apprentices was conceived and implemented.
It was not in common for them to leave the shops during working hours and adjourn to a hotel "then situated opposite the Railway Station, Howrah". Initially, recruitment of sub-ordinate A services A grade was done by introduction of men from England that gradually suitable staff trained in the workshop were inducted to take the appointments and expenditure of importing men was saved. Kept by a very old Ship Steward named Bobby Deans who could always give them something to eat as well as something to drink and a game of billiards. Jamalpur was also the headquarters of East Indian Volunteer Rifles with about 2300 strong personnel and necessary armoury A and headquarters staff in Jamalpur. There were also several other places of amusements in Howrah and Calcutta to which men could go and among these, was a place known as Wilson's Coffee Room.

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