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Meet your neighbors, make new friends, and discover all that this beautiful area has to offer. We try to schedule a variety of meetups, and we encourage our active members to suggest meetups as well! Membership dues are just $5 per year, to cover the fees that Meetup charges us, as well as any additional expenses such as fliers, signs, etc. If you do not wish to host the event, and you are just letting people know about something interesting that is happening, include "No-host event" in the title.
Chakra candles are made from highly refined waxes so pure that they are considered food grade, wicks constructed from cotton and paper and essential oil blends. The UHC rankings look at how academic medical centers are doing in multiple dimensions of quality and safety and are traditionally regarded as providing the best, most nonbiased national quality measurement system available.
Five years ago, senior leadership in Emory Healthcare added UHC data to the organization's system-wide scorecard, and since then the system has embarked on a mission to make quality improvements. Lily Yang is currently principal investigator on two recent grants, one exploring nanoprobes for intraoperative breast cancer margins and another to develop nanoparticles for treatment of pancreatic cancer. Emory University School of Medicine received $348.4 million, or approximately 65% of the total dollars awarded. School of Medicine funding in the Department of Pediatrics in particular benefited from a new research partnership between Emory and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, the Emory-Children's Pediatric Research Center. The Rollins School of Public Health received $76 million, an increase of 18% over FY10, and the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing received $10 million, an increase of 36% over last year.
A little over a year ago, care providers on the sixth-floor medical-surgical unit at Emory University Hospital (EUH) made an important change in the morning routine of seeing patients. SIBR-ing, which takes about an hour for the entire unit, encourages questions from patients and family members, and it allows the entire multidisciplinary care team to be present for the review and planning of each patient’s daily progress. SIBR teams include bedside nurses, nurse managers, social workers, pharmacists, palliative care specialists, and attending physicians.
On each bedside round, which typically lasts about five minutes, the team follows a standard protocol and script that is constructed to ensure the following: each team member is introduced to the patient and family (and thus in the process to each other), the patient and family are given multiple opportunities to ask questions and express concerns, and checklists are run through (Does the patient have a urinary catheter?
Hospitalist Christina Payne says the SIBR model leads to better coordination of care, distributes responsibility for complex care among a larger number of people, and thus strengthens the safety net for patients. In addition to enhancing patient care, SIBR increases employee engagement and satisfaction, according to hospitalist Jason Stein, associate vice chair for quality for the department of medicine in the medical school, who helped inaugurate the model on the EUH unit and who is currently in Australia helping implement SIBR in several hospitals in cities throughout that country.
SIBR got its start at Emory two years ago, says Hal Jones, EHC care transformation director, who helped coordinate a collaborative effort led by two nursing leaders (CNO Susan Grant and associate CNO Becky Provine) and two physician leaders (clinic director Doug Morris and hospitalist Jason Stein) to launch SIBR in pilot units.
Douglas Morris has been appointed as director of The Emory Clinic by the Emory University Board of Trustees. In his role as leader of Emory's physician group practice, Morris has issued a thought-provoking statement to physicians sharing his observations on the changing health care environment, the future direction of The Emory Clinic, and the actions physicians must take to ensure that Emory remains a leader in patient care and discovery. Emory radiologist William Torres (left) used CT imaging to allow conservators to see what was underneath the wrappings without having to disturb them. Where does one start putting back together a 4,000-year-old mummy whose head has fallen off and whose bones aren't where they are supposed to be? When conservators at Emory's Carlos Museum began restoration on the oldest mummy in the Western Hemisphere, now on display at the Carlos, they had many unanswered questions, according to lead conservator Renee Stein.
The Carlos enlisted Emory radiologist William Torres to help answer those questions about the mummy, which had lain in storage in the museum's collection since 1921. Torres, who serves on the board of the Carlos and is an art collector, previously had examined a cache of mummies for an earlier Carlos exhibit that included Pharaoh Ramesses I. From the physical evidence, Emory anthropologist George Armelagos surmised that this man had enjoyed good health with access to a good diet and social advantages. Because the mummy was buried at a holy site in Abydos, Egypt, he was likely a member of the elite class and a person of means, says Peter Lacovara, the Carlos' curator of ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Near Eastern art.
When students in the Rollins School of Public Health gain access to field experiences in the community, there's a good chance that Kristin Unzicker, RSPH's director of leadership and community-engaged learning, had something to do with it. Unzicker was one of the first students in RSPH's Masters International (MI) program, established in 1999 to prepare MPH students to enroll in the Peace Corps. For help, she turned to the growing number of RPCVsa€”returning Peace Corps volunteersa€”who have brought what they learned in the Peace Corps back home. The MI students' work with local refugees through these partnerships benefits all those involved, says Unzicker.

The MI program has grown in recent years, and the number of RPCVs at RSPH likewise is growing, thanks to another program Unzicker helps oversee. In addition to resources like the RPCVs, Unzicker works closely with Emory's Office of University-Community Partnerships, which provides funding to enhance the infrastructure at RSPH for community-engaged learning.
Unzicker makes sure that RSPH students are engaged with partner organizations in the community from virtually their first day on campus. For her work in connecting Emory with the community, Unzicker was recognized with the 2011 Emory University Award of Distinction this past spring. WHSC has six LEED-certified buildings, including the Winship Cancer Institute, one of the few LEED-certified cancer centers in the country, and the Yerkes Field Station, Yerkes Neuroscience, the Whitehead Biomedical Research Building, the James B. But even if you don’t happen to work or study in one of our LEED-certified buildings, there are still a wealth of sustainability initiatives going on across campus in which you can participate and of which you can be proud. These and other efforts make Emory and WHSC innovators in reducing the negative health impacts that result from climate change and energy use.
Thanks for all that you do in your own unit to help promote a healthy Emory and a healthy planet. The nursing school has 237 new students (114 BSN, 90 MSN, 28 accelerated BSN, and 5 PhD), including 22 men.
Public health set a record for new enrollment this fall, with 530 incoming MPH and MSPH students.
The medical school recently launched a new Academic Health Professions Program in Genetic Counseling.
The two-year program is housed in the Department of Human Genetics and is directed by Cecelia Bellcross. More than 500 public health students, staff, and faculty took part in public health's fifth annual Rollins-teer day of service on Aug. Campus Services and the Environmental Health & Safety Office recently cleared out an entire floor on the Briarcliff campus previously used by the medical school.
A new book by Susan Bauer-Wu, Leaves Falling Gently: Living Fully with Serious and Life-Limiting Illness Through Mindfulness, Compassion, and Connectedness, offers practical guidance on using meditation for coping with serious illness. Ann Critz, medical director of nurseries and chief of pediatrics at Emory University Hospital Midtown, was awarded the 2011 Lifetime Heroic Achievement Award from the Georgia Hospital Association for her work in neonatal intensive care over the past 30 years.
Kate Heilpern (chair, emergency medicine) is serving as interim chair of the family medicine department.
If you have any trouble with paying online through Meetup, please contact me to arrange an alternate method. Usually the only reason it would not be approved is if we don't know you yet, or the event conflicts with another proposed event. So, in your meetup description, state clearly, where and when you will meet, how long you will be in the meeting spot, and how they can find you.
Crystal Journey Chakra Pillar Candles are ideal for use in meditation, chakra rebalancing, relaxing to music, or sitting in your sacred space. Formed in 1984, UHC is an alliance of 114 academic medical centers and 255 of their affiliated hospitals, representing approximately 90% of the nation's nonprofit academic medical centers.
This was not just to impact rankings, says John Fox, Emory Healthcare president and CEO, but more important, to redefine the care provided. NIH funding represented 86% of total federal dollars awarded to Emory and more than 59% of all funding received. Total pediatrics extramural funding, including funding from the Children's Pediatric Research Trust, reached nearly $40 million, an increase of 57% from FY10. The entire care team, not just physicians, assembled and went together from room to room to meet as a group with each patient. If other providers, such as rehab or respiratory therapists, are present at the time of rounding, they also are encouraged to participate. The appointment reflects Morris's exemplary leadership over the past year in the role of interim director, during which time he has managed all facets of the clinic and served as the executive physician liaison for integrating clinic physician services across Emory Healthcare hospitals and affiliates.
Since that time, he has served Emory in many leadership roles, including director of the Emory Heart and Vascular Center and vice-chair of the Department of Medicine. Torres used CT imaging to view the bones and their locations and prepared a 3D reconstruction that allowed the mummy to be rotated and viewed in a variety of positions.
The person had experienced no head trauma, and most likely, was male, with a large and wide skull and a brow ridge (usually lacking in women). The mummy's brain remains intact, with a walnut texture these 4,000 years later, and he still retains some teeth that are in amazingly good shape. In addition to mentoring and sharing their experiences with MI students, the RPCVs helped establish partnerships with local organizations serving refugees in Atlanta. In 2007, for example, she founded the RSPH's annual Rollins-teer Day of Service (see related item), in which every entering student is connected to a volunteer organization to help those in need.

For example, Emory Healthcare is changing the concept of hospital food by incorporating local and sustainable choices.
Last month, Emory received a gold rating in the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS)—a sustainability evaluation tool with broad participation from the higher education community. The school now has 20 students overall in its doctoral program, the largest number to date. More than 100 of them are international students, including the first eight King Abdullah Fellows from Saudi Arabia.
More than 60% of them are nontraditional students, with a year or more interim since attaining their bachelor's degree, and 63% hold science or engineering degrees. The first class will be enrolled for summer 2012, and graduates will receive a master of medial science in human genetics and genetic counseling.
The department, which has included this specialty for more than 11 years, has the largest academic hospital medicine program in the nation. Lesesne went to medical school (class of 1996) and did residency training at Emory and has served on the faculty since that time.
Herrick Award for Outstanding Achievement in Clinical Cardiology from the American Heart Association Council on Clinical Cardiology. As a general rule, it is not a good idea to email people from the group without their permission, and especially don't make others uncomfortable. Try to think of questions a new person might have, and include that information in your description. This included $17 million in pediatrics funding from the NIH, an increase of 10% over FY10. And because the EUH sixth floor unit is a teaching unit, the SIBR team in this case includes medical students, interns, and residents. But it also standardizes our work, improves our reliability, fosters accountability, and helps us re-discover the professional satisfaction of caring for the patient as a team.
These techniques allowed the conservation team to see what was underneath the wrappings without having to disturb the fragile linens from antiquity. Coverdell Fellows Program offers financial assistance to RPCVs pursuing a graduate degree while working in underserved American communities.
Sites have included the Atlanta Union Mission, Senior Citizens Services, Project Open Hand, and the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless.
Sustainability has been an important part of our care experience for years, from the buildings in which we work and learn to the groundbreaking sustainability efforts being performed throughout our units. We have a mercury elimination program, use reusable surgical gowns and towels, consolidate our freight deliveries to reduce traffic, reuse ice packs and Styrofoam containers from our labs, have the largest private transport fleet in Atlanta that runs on recycled cooking oil from our kitchens, and more.
In fact, Emory was one of just 14 of the 170 universities registered in the program to be rated STARS gold, and the innovative buildings and cutting-edge sustainability practices here in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center were important contributors to this achievement.
Former Grady CEO Michael Young stepped down earlier this year to take a position in Harrisburg, Pa. Participants volunteered with 25 charities, including AID Atlanta, MedShare International, Senior Citizen Services, and Project Open Hand. The recyclables filled four construction dumpsters, and only 20 to 25 bags of trash were sent to Georgia landfills. Please share your real name (first only is ok) and share a picture of you (not just your animals or a sunset for example) in your profile so we can all have a deeper level of safety. Anticoagulant medication?) to help all team members appreciate the full scope of the patient's condition and special risk factors. This team awareness translates into actions that can reduce preventable hospital morbidity and mortality.
LEED-certified buildings must meet high standards for energy and water conservation and indoor air quality. The day gives students the opportunity to connect with the Atlanta community and experience aspects of their field that may not be apparent in traditional coursework.
In addition, the group collected nearly four pallet-sized boxes of lab supplies that will be given to MedShare. A significant percentage of the building materials must be recycled, renewable, or locally sourced.
Research supports the health benefits of LEED-certified buildings, so ensuring that all of our facilities are healthy spaces is a priority for WHSC.

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