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Whether you are an experienced or novice meditator join for open group meditation and experience the power of the gathering as we collectively explore the inner landscapes of stillness, bliss, and pure spiritual love.
Cost: All classes, lectures, programs and events are offered free as a service to the community. A televised program designed to spiritually uplift, nourish and enlighten those who would rather soar than survive. This is your opportunity to receive both Reiki healing and Sound Healing together in one session! Reiki (Rei- Universal Life Force Energy and Ki, your own prana or chi) is a gentle Japanese healing art which helps to clear the body’s energy system and chakras, promotes healing, reduces stress and increases relaxation.
Join Eluv and Sue Pike as together they facilitate this unique opportunity for you to heal, transform and re-balance your body, mind and soul! Eluv & Sandra bring you this special combination of Crystal Singing Bowl Sound healing and a special Breath Meditation for optimal energy alignment and healing.

This entry was postedon Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 at 8:30 pmand is filed under Events, Sound Healing. We will explore the inner landscapes through a blend of guided meditations, instrumental music, and silence. We are sustained by the generosity of volunteers and those who have received benefit and would like to make these available to others. As Eluv plays the beautiful singing bowls, Sue will give each individual Reiki healing energy.
The bowls clear, balance, energize, re-align deeply relax and gently heal as they emit their healing tones to every part of you. Just as a diet and exercise plan are important for your physical well-being, as important is the diet of thoughts we feed the mind and the exercise of meditation for our spiritual well-being. A blend of weekly lectures, workshops, group discussions, meditations and explorations into our inner world will nurture our personal development and individual growth.

We will regularly also meetup for conversations, talks on methods and tools to enhance your meditation experience.
Thata€™s why wea€™ve packed this show with tips for spiritual living and delivered it to your cyber doorstep. Each Sound Journey is unique and can facilitate moving to higher levels of well-being and health from the very first session. The Crystal Singing Bowl sound healing combined with Reiki Healing is the ultimate healing experience.

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