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The Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation trains and qualifies you to run meditation groups and teach meditation techniques.  You will learn a powerful combination of Meditation techniques and develop the trust and confidence required to create and deliver original meditations in any environment. Upon successful completion of the course you will be eligible for International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT) and  Membership and Professional Insurance with OAMPS insurance brokers. Watch this 5 minute video by Lisa Forde, course author, detailing the content, philosophy and teaching style of our Accredited Meditation Teacher Training.
In next short video, Lisa explains the electives available that allow you to customize your study. In this course you learn by doing and the emphasis is on a practical learning experience that helps you develop confidence and grace when facilitating guided meditation for others and a solid understanding of technique in order to teach others.
The course is suitable for psychologists, counsellors, teachers, hypnotherapists, fitness instructors, yoga teachers, social workers, massage therapists, group facilitators, team leaders and even for people who want to guide their family or friends through meditation.
The Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation can be completed at your own pace and in your own time, and close contact is maintained with your personal coach through one on one tuition and the course facilitator Lisa Forde through regular online class meetings. For full course delivery, units of study, cost and assessment details enter your name, email address and contact number in the opt in box on the home page so that you can access our full course prospectus.  You will also be able to access free guided visualization meditations so that you can experience the technique that we teach in this course. This course is enjoyable, relaxing and enlightening and so many people have benefited from this type of meditation. Teaching meditation begins with personal experience of meditation and therefore this teacher training course emphasises personal practice alongside the teaching of theory and exercises. As you gain knowledge about meditation, and learn the experience of meditation, you will realise how you could offer others a similar experience of expansion. Teaching others is based upon knowing on a personal level and therefore this third learning outcome will be applied when the first two have been covered. These three learning outcomes (and corresponding Modules), offer a process of transformation. It will create a shift from a mind that is constantly busy and scattered into experiencing a mind that is focused and connected to the moment.
The Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training Certificate teaches individuals and health professionals to become qualified instructors of meditation.
The three Modules are structured as a gradual process where you progress from theoretical knowledge (Module 1), into personal (and practical) experience (Module 2), ending the journey with the skill of teaching others both theory and practice of meditation (Module 3). Providing you with the theoretical knowledge, origins, and context of meditation, while emphasising the benefits, for body and mind, of regular meditation practice. Inviting you to demonstrate your ability to lead a meditation session and give a talk about the theory and benefits of meditation.
The Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training Course has been approved and validated by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association). Assessment of theoretical knowledge: Delivery of 10 minutes presentation of meditation’s theoretical background and benefits.
Assessment of Practical Skills: Delivery of 10 minutes of meditation teaching using a minimum of two different meditation techniques.
Questions and answers: In all sessions on the three modules students are encouraged to ask questions which will reflect their level of understanding. Group work: In these sessions students exchange knowledge, understanding, and practical tools. For the last 15 years Dr Ivtzan has been running meditation seminars, workshops, and retreats, in the UK and around the world. This professional online platform allows us to conduct teaching of theoretical materials, practice meditations together, have lively group discussions, and all of that from the comfort of your own home.
During the session we will have dedicated time for you to ask questions, share your thoughts, and get to know your fellow students. Cost includes 3 days intensive tuition, handouts creating a workbook, and certificate on completion. Nowadays many styles of Yoga cater only to the body, focusing on flexibility, health and wellness. Direct personal experience as our most important guide allows us to bring all the benefits of spiritual practice right into this moment.
Our approach of Surrender applies to both, each individual Yoga practice and life in the broadest terms.
The Love A· Evolve A· Awaken YTT (accredited by Yoga Alliance for RYT-200 certification) takes you on a profound journey into the ancient mysteries of Yoga while making the connection to our modern ways of living and specifically addressing many common challenges we are faced with in everyday life.
As we deepen our practice we can clearly recognize where we belong and what we are called to do with our lives. From this place you will be able to share your gift with others, becoming first a Yogi, then a Yoga Teacher, just like it was done traditionally. We will explore a proper academic curriculum based on the traditional Eight Limbs of Yoga ('Ashtanga') and Advaita Vedanta, the non-dualistic Yogic philosophy of India, further enriched with gems of Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism and Mysticism.
Instead of an overly gymnastic approach, our classical style of Hatha Yoga focuses extensively on Stillness of body & mind in each posture allowing us to explore each pose as a specific meditation to reveal our ultimate nature. You will learn simple, yet effective age-old purification techniques (kriyas), the necessary anatomy and physiology background knowledge and how to properly correct the alignment of each posture, completed by valuable advice on how to kickstart your career as a successful and inspiring Yoga teacher. All of this comes integrated as an easy-to-follow all-round tune-up for body, mind, heart & soul in the lush and picturesque scenery of incredible Lake Atitlan, the ancient sacred vibration of Mount Arunachala and the synergistic community atmosphere of each ashram. This course is limited to just 20 sincere students a€“ to secure a place in the program and the desired accommodation choice we encourage you to book as early as possible. IMPORTANT: On the payment confirmation page, Paypal will show the link to our application form.
Every morning we will start the day with a guided session of meditation to explore our true Self with ever-growing awareness & love. We will hold two sessions of Hatha Yoga each day, one in the morning, suited to wake up and energize body & mind; one in the afternoon to build our sensitivity and radiance. In every morning and evening session there will be lectures on the different aspects, stages and practices of Yoga and related spiritual traditions and how to teach them successfully and inspiringly.
The course consists of four blocks of 5 days (with one day off in between), class times are 7 am - 1 pm and 3.30 - 6 pm, plus a 4-day Silent Meditation Retreat to integrate the teachings more deeply. Many other TTC's offer quicker programs (over three or even two weeks) with less actual 'contact hours' in the classroom, requiring students to complete many hours by themselves to reach the 200 hours required for certification.
A· We do not consider it appropriate for a Yoga teacher to smoke at all, so if you are not able to give up such habits over the course of the YTT, we will not be able to issue a teacher's certificate. A· We reserve the right to terminate any student's course participation on grounds of being unfit to become a Yoga teacher. A· Should a student leave the course at any point on their own accord, no refund will be offered.
A· Should a student not pass the final exam of the YTT, they will have the chance of taking the exam a second time. A· The ashram is located near a traditional Mayan village in the Third World, which may cause noise and other occasional inconveniences. Participation is limited to 12-21 students (depending on the venue) and subject to approval by the teachers.

Once enrolled, switching to a different course is possible for a $250 fee (plus any difference in the course rate). A· Personal guidance during and after the course to ensure a successful start into one of the the most exciting professions in the world. The Early-Bird rate applies if paid in full at least three months prior to the beginning of each YTT. It is worth noting that this teacher training is priced lower than all other similar trainings in Central America, as we aspire to provide an authentic ashram experience accessible to as many people as possible. The headstand is known as the 'King of Poses' for its numerous beneficial effects on body & mind. Garuda is the mythological griffin vehicle of Vishnu, the preserving force of the Universe. Arjuna has been studying & practicing eastern spiritual traditions in India, Thailand, and Europe for over fifteen years starting his path and deep soul-journey in his early twenties when he discovered Theravada Buddhism and Vipassana meditation along with Shivananda Yoga.
After growing up in Berlin and leaving behind a promising academic career as he started to dedicate more and more time to Self-reflection and Inner exploration, he completed dozens of retreats in the Buddhist, Yogic and Advaita (Non-Duality) traditions, some of them in solitude and complete darkness.
Arjuna believes in spirituality and evolution of the Self integrated with our "normal" life, seeing challenges & mistakes as opportunities for refinement and transcendence.
Apart from being a registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500, Yoga Alliance, USA) he holds a degree in conventional & naturopathic medicine (ND). Since her childhood Arpita lived in the reality of complete wonderment of the Universe and Life itself. Looking for answers she studied Western Philosophy, Latin, Ancient Greek, Cultural Anthropology, and Theory of Religion while in the meantime in her early 20s, guided to the depths of Theravada Buddhism and Vipassana meditation, she experienced her first states of overwhelming expansion of Consciousness, Unconditional Compassion and Complete Oneness. After a few years of committed meditation sadhana (spiritual practice) and completing a master's degree on Hinduism and Buddhism, seeing a picture of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi made her heart recognize the Guru and teachings she was waiting and longing for which brought forth prolonged and more well-integrated states of recognition of the Ultimate Eternal Self that we all are.
Arpita dedicates her practice and entire being to service of her teacher and all beings, holding meditation groups and Tantra workshops while foremostly taking care of Mahadevi Ashram & its residents and being available for spiritual guidance, advice and counseling for everyone in need, knowing by her own experience that there is nothing more precious and fulfilling than supporting others on the path of Self-realization. From the stunning views of Lake Atitlan and its volcanoes, to the superb teachings and deeply transformative practices, to the delicious and festive meals that I was able to collaborate with other attendees in the making of, staying at Kaivalya brings a state of serenity and depth that lends itself beautifully to the cultivation of stillness and meditative silence, the flourishing of creativity and authentic expression, and the strengthening of heart-centered living and loving relationships.
Mahadevi Ashram is a sacred space dedicated to the awakening of our higher Self and Potential through spiritual practice and ancient wisdom.
Kaivalya is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School resident at Mahadevi Ashram, but also offering courses at other locations around the world.
Our village Tzununa, right outside San Marcos La Laguna is a quaint community of Mayans and foreigners on the sunny northern shore of Lake Atitlan.
You can easily reach other lake villages by boat or tuctuc (Indian autorikshaws) and all destinations in Guatemala & beyond via convenient, safe shuttle services. International flights to Guatemala can be surprising affordable,especially if you book early or last minute. Please note that your arrival has to be on the arrival day of the course by 6 pm at the latest for the compulsory pre-meeting. From the Airport in Guatemala City take the shared shuttle right outside Arrivals to Antigua ($10), a lovely colonial town 45 min away.
If you prefer, a direct private shuttle from the airport (3-4 hours) is available for $125 extra (per direction). Have been spending this year getting healthy and a retreat to relax and focus would be wonderful. YOGA TEACHER TRAINING AT OM YOGA CENTRE, yoga courses, yoga teacher training, reiki courses and meditation by Dr.
Enjoy a weekend or some substantial sessions of relaxing and nurturing meditation practice and inspiring dialogue?
The Meditation and Relaxation home based weekend retreat is designed to help you relax, reconnect and deepen your relationship with yourself.
A variety of techniques will be experienced and each participant is welcome to work at whatever level suits them, from beginners to advanced. The retreat is facilitated by Lisa Forde, director of the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies and author of the Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation. Receive the nurturing and rest your mind, emotions and body deserve by attending this beautiful retreat with us. You can choose to enjoy your retreat in small sections over a period of days, or you can choose to enjoy the retreat over a whole weekend. At a fraction of the cost of attending a weekend retreat, why wouldn’t you make this a regular part of your winter nurturing time?
To attend this wonderful retreat you would have paid over $400, but here it is for you to access in the comfort and ease of your own home and time for only $179! We invite you to create this self loving time and enjoy the necessity of self care and peace. Get Mindfulness Tips on Facebook Please like the Mindfulness Meditation Zone page on Facebook and get our latest updates, thoughts and Mindful ideas!
You are welcome to contact the Centre for further information about any of the courses and to check for availability. By the end of the course, you will be able to conduct and teach meditation in a variety of settings.You will have the ability to create meditations that are suitable for corporate group relaxation and stress management, meditation therapy, community groups, children and support groups. No discussion of meditation would be complete without exploring the benefits of meditation for spiritual growth and insight, however holistic in this context is non-denominational. It facilitates a deeper feeling of peace and calm while at the same time allowing you to engage with yourself at deeper levels.
A variety of meditation techniques will be taught to provide you with an intimate experience of different meditation-based exercises. By engaging with the material on a theoretical level (learning outcom 1) and practical level (learning outcome 2) you will realise how to apply the tools you have learned so that you could teach others. This learning outcome will provide you with the theoretical and practical tools that would allow you to teach others; Module 3 reflects the topics covered as part this learning outcome.
As part of that transformation you will be able to gradually build higher levels of presence – being able to bring your awareness to the “Here and Now”.
Finally, the course would enable you to share and teach this knowledge; there is great pleasure in inviting others to grow and transform. It is a highly practical course that has been designed to give you the knowledge and experience you need to be a competent teacher of meditation. If you have missed a session you will still have access to the recording and could therefore complete the course.
However, he ancient science and practice of Yoga was developed to pursue a much greater goal: To reach our highest potential on all levels of being.
We offer clear guidance in how Yoga can improve many aspects of our lives in a profound & sustainable way and even lead us back to the source of our very existence - Oneness of All. Instead of struggling and pushing for certain expected results as quickly as possible, we give way to the individual expression as it appears in the body, the heart, the mind and on our path. Lack of health, confidence or vitality, emotional upheaval, creative blockages or issues with communication and understanding of our place in the world are common in modern society and all are examples of where Yoga can help immensely and change our lives from the bottom up.

We uncover and manifest the 'highest version of ourselves' to live fulfilled, content, even blissful lives, inspiring ourselves and others during every step of the journey into love and completeness. During this course you will be equipped with knowledge & practice, skill & opportunity to share from the Heart what you have learned. You will learn a variety of down-to-earth tools and techniques to assist yourself and your future students in making life a more successful and inspiring experience, a journey integrating the outer and inner realms of existence. We receive more than twice as many applications as there are spots, so we will return your deposit in full if your form indicates that you are not quite ready for this training.
Our course features over 200 contact hours, ensuring that you will be adequately prepared to guide future students confidently and successfully. In order to receive the Yoga Instructor certificate we require successful completion of the whole course (with at least 95% attendance) and passing of the final exam.
We invite you to maintain this sattvic attitude throughout the teacher training course even outside the ashram. This decision will be at our discretion (but not made lightly or without consultation with the student in question) and has never happened so far. To secure your spot, a deposit of US$500 is required (and deducted from the applicable rate), payable either via Paypal or a transfer to our German or US bank accounts. Fascinated by working with the higher energies of the body he dedicatedly spent years of diving into the depths and knowledge of Hatha Yoga seeing the body as an instrument on the way of reaching and abiding in our Divine nature and potential. He offers students a variety of approaches adapted to the western rationalistic world view, but also inspired by poetry and devotion. From the Heart he would like to offer his deepest gratitude to all his beloved teachers across the world & the years. In her late teenage years she started a formal practice of yoga as a student in the Satyananda tradition which inspired her with its traditional approach to the ancient science and wisdom of Yoga. He is an extremely patient teacher and you'll never find a more optimistic cheerleader when you're having a tough time.
As an ashram it serves as a safe sanctuary for those interested in the subtler aspects of reality.
For the best prices from the US try Volaris or Spirit Air, from Europe Jetairfly, Wamos or Thomas Cook. From here, either on the same day or later, take another shuttle directly to Panajachel on Lake Atitlan (~$10), where you switch to a boat to Tzununa (25 min, $3). Meditation provides a wonderful, supportive setting in which to experience soulful meditation that inspires and uplifts. There is an extensive elective available for creating meditations for children and for running your own workshops and meditation classes. In addition, meditation has been scientifically researched and the results are clearly indicating the important benefits of the practice. This course would allow you to psychologically and spiritually grow while engaging with these meditation techniques. The course is ideal for individuals already practicing meditation or another yogic discipline, qualified yoga and pilates teachers, alternative therapists, life coaches, counsellors, and others who want to expand their practice or career to include meditation teaching, theory, and methods.
He is a positive psychologist, a senior lecturer, and the program leader of MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) at the University of East London (UEL).
Happiness, clarity, integrity, courage, compassion, love and wisdom are declared objectives according to the original scriptures of Yoga. An integrative understanding of our being, once properly applied, reveals to us which parts of our personality are in need of support.
Following the famous saying "There is no path, you make the path as you walk", we recognize that each person comes into life and spirituality with a unique set of beliefs, past experiences, talents, and weaknesses (in short: "karma") and develops their personal way of growing and thriving. We will encourage you to find your voice & strength, so you can empower others to walk the path of Self discovery with beauty & grace. We keep awareness phases after each practice to integrate effects in the most beneficial way.
After we issue your certificate you are entitled to apply with Yoga Alliance to be added to their directory (their fee applies).Please see the Disclaimers below. In such cases a refund will be given proportionate to the part of the course that was taken (e.g. He recognizes the latter as an indispensable part when rising to higher states of consciousness. I can honestly say that Kaivalya distinguishes itself from everything I've experienced beforehand, and I could not speak more highly of it. July and August are getting a lot less rain than the rest of the rainy season (May-October).
Expanding your meditation experience in this way opens you up to an expanded experience in your personal meditation practice as well. Research is showing that meditation increases psychological wellbeing factors such as acceptance, meaning, happiness, and compassion, while decreasing levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.
This learning outcome will provide you with the subjective experience and practice of different meditation techniques; Module 2 reflects the topics covered as part of this learning outcome.
This course will teach you an engagement with meditation that will allow that presence to penetrate whatever it is you do during the day.
He published many books, journal papers, and book chapters and his main interests are mindfulness, meditation, spirituality, meaning, and self-actualisation. Those qualities can be cultivated by any dedicated seeker and this is what the Love A· Evolve A· Awaken Yoga Teacher Trainings are all about. The balancing and energizing effect of posture, breathing, concentration and meditation strengthens these weak points and allows us to 'get back into our power'. At Kaivalya Yoga School we aspire to provide powerful tools for awakening, paired with a safe and inspiring platform to explore just how deep the rabbithole of existence goes.
Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.
This Learning Outcome will provide you with the knowledge and understanding surrounding meditation; Module 1 reflects the topics covered as part of this learning outcome.
Flexibility and physical strength appear as side effects of Yoga, but should not be confused with the main purpose. To be able to spend a day in extended meditation allows the mind to become increasingly still and everyday concerns to melt away. Our traditional approach implements the safe way of practicing Yoga as it has evolved over thousands of years.
A range of meditation practices will be used to achieve this effect so it is preferable that those who take part have already attended an Introduction to Meditation.

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