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The Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation trains and qualifies you to run meditation groups and teach meditation techniques.  You will learn a powerful combination of Meditation techniques and develop the trust and confidence required to create and deliver original meditations in any environment.
Upon successful completion of the course you will be eligible for International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT) and  Membership and Professional Insurance with OAMPS insurance brokers.
Watch this 5 minute video by Lisa Forde, course author, detailing the content, philosophy and teaching style of our Accredited Meditation Teacher Training. In next short video, Lisa explains the electives available that allow you to customize your study. In this course you learn by doing and the emphasis is on a practical learning experience that helps you develop confidence and grace when facilitating guided meditation for others and a solid understanding of technique in order to teach others. The course is suitable for psychologists, counsellors, teachers, hypnotherapists, fitness instructors, yoga teachers, social workers, massage therapists, group facilitators, team leaders and even for people who want to guide their family or friends through meditation. The Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation can be completed at your own pace and in your own time, and close contact is maintained with your personal coach through one on one tuition and the course facilitator Lisa Forde through regular online class meetings.
For full course delivery, units of study, cost and assessment details enter your name, email address and contact number in the opt in box on the home page so that you can access our full course prospectus.  You will also be able to access free guided visualization meditations so that you can experience the technique that we teach in this course. This course is enjoyable, relaxing and enlightening and so many people have benefited from this type of meditation.
A number of unscrupulous individuals have started creating meditation certifications online as a way to make money off of would-be teachers.
As a practitioner and teacher it saddens me to see that certain websites (which shall remain unnamed) have begun to use the tradition as a way to make money illegitimately. These courses (which sadly are the majority of online courses) are only interested in making money and will not offer any kind of officially recognised certification. The only safe way to find an officially recognised course is to contact people or institutes you know you can trust. Ask websites you KNOW you can trust: A website with a very high authority (a website which has been around for a long time and has a large following) will almost certainly not lie to you. On successful completion of this course you will have received professional training at level 3. On successful completion students will receive dual awards: Award 1- The professional BSY Meditation Teacher Diploma and will become a Registered BSY Meditation Teacher. If you are a former or current student of this course and would like to write a review, email us. Having progressed through each lesson you can take your final examination at home, and at a date and time that suits you.

Our friendly course advisors are able to assist you on choosing the right course, answer any questions you may have or help you to enrol. Enrol on this course and you will receive a complimentary issue of Health & Harmony, our inspirational full colour magazine. Once you have successfully completed this course, you will be eligible for Professional Indemnity Insurance which protects you as a practitioner against professional public liability and malpractice. THE HOLISTIC MEDITATIONA® 8 Week Distance Diploma, is a self-paced course designed to give you the tools you'll need to be a competent and effective meditation teacher, helping both yourself and others down the path toward Holistic MeditationA® practice. There are many types of meditation and we do not assume you have decided which kind is best for you.
This certification programme is accredited by Yoga Alliance International and the prestigious Complementary Medical Association UK (CMA), the worlda€™s leading authority in complementary medicine. Upon completion of the course, graduates will be eligible to apply for membership with the CMA and apply for Professional Insurance with OAMPS insurance brokers. Graduates will also benefit of lifetime listing on the Yoga Alliance (Australia) Holistic MeditationA® teachers online directory and one year profile Free listing on The Use Nature Directory for Natural Therapy Practitioners, one of Australia's highly regarded online Natural Therapy and Lifestyle Directory. Unlike other techniques, Holistic MeditationA® involves no religion believes, chanting, mantras or concentration, contemplation or control of the mind. The Training Programme focus on a single method and approach for the integrated development of the self from the basal level. For individuals wishing to apply meditation to yoga practice or become meditators and instruct others in meditation techniques. Suitability: Suitable for psychologists, counsellors, teachers, hypnotherapists, yoga teachers, social workers, massage therapists, group facilitators, team leaders and for anyone interested in teaching meditation to others. Prerequisites: Previous Meditation experience and practice be helpful although not necessary. Accreditation: Yoga Alliance InternationalA® and the Complementary Medical Association UK worldwide.
Professional Membership: Complementary Medical Association UK (CMA) and lifetime listing on the Yoga Alliance Australia online directory. By the end of the course, you will be able to conduct and teach meditation in a variety of settings.You will have the ability to create meditations that are suitable for corporate group relaxation and stress management, meditation therapy, community groups, children and support groups.
No discussion of meditation would be complete without exploring the benefits of meditation for spiritual growth and insight, however holistic in this context is non-denominational. An individual creates a website marketed to make it look like an official site (the sort of site that would be able to give a widely recognized certificate in meditation).

It is not hard to take a picture of, for instance, the Better Business Bureau’s logo and to post it on a website.
It is significantly less likely that you will be given incorrect or deceitful information in person.
LOTS of people online are only interested in quick money and will use any old fraud to get it. If you have any questions, or would like feedback or encouragement about your course or your studies then you can contact our friendly tutors by phone, email or post.
Completing these can aid your learning and help you master each step before moving on to the next.
Giving complementary and natural health updates and news, it also includes student profiles, lists the most recent award winners, and provides interesting articles and short stories. This insurance cover is considered essential in protecting the interests of both practitioners and the public. Any natural holistichealth care information provided should be regarded as complementary to, not a substitute for, conventional health care. If the course cannot be completed within the fixed time, extra time can be purchase (included in the fees). There is an extensive elective available for creating meditations for children and for running your own workshops and meditation classes.
Holistic MeditationA® is appropriate for anyone, beginner or experienced, a simple, direct method designed closely to Holistic Specifications mind and spirit with nothing added. Visit Alexa (a website which measures the authority and popularity of other websites, and which in itself is very highly regarded). Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness. After all, who wants to spend $1000 and take a 60 hour course only to find out their new “qualification” is utterly worthless?

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