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The more we can encourage our community to practise mindfulness and meditation… the more peaceful our world can be. I’ve read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you some interesting things or suggestions. The Venerable Ajahn Tong Sirimangalo is the head vipassana meditation teacher of north Thailand and one of the most respected teachers in Thailand. Phra Ofer Adi is a monk who has been practicing vipassana meditation since 1989 at Wat Lampang and Wat Chom Tong in Thailand under the instruction of Ven. In 2006 he was invited by the Newman Society to teach in Israel permanently, and until 2010 was residing and teaching in the Society’s various temporary centers. Since 2010 Phra Ajahn Ofer resides and teaches in the new Newman society vipassana meditation center in Yavniel, Israel. In 2010 Phra Ofer received an award for his support in Buddhism and it’s teaching in the world from the governor of Chiang Mai province in Thailand. In 2010 Hildegard received an award for her support in Buddhism and it’s teaching in the world from the governor of Chiang Mai province in Thailand.
Martin has been meditating since the age of  15, but started practicing  this style of vipassana meditation in the Ajarn Tong tradition in May 2002.

Many of these gentlemen have a general idea of what they can offer to these potential single eastern european women. His meditation method has become widespread throughout the world , especially in northern Thailand.
Ajahn Tong has been teaching vipassana for nearly 50 years and heads over 50 temples and meditation centers in north Thailand and the world. He also teaches in various places in the world, mostly in the Buddhist temple near Frankfurt and Dhammacari Vipassana Center near Munich. In 2009 during Asher’s visit in Chom Tong, he was officially authorised as a teacher by Ven.
In 2008 Martin was asked by his teacher to try and set up a venue for vipassana meditation in the mountainous region of Pai. He currently resides and teaches vipassana at the Wat Phradhatu Sri Chom Tong Voravihara temple in north Thailand. Phra Ofer taught for several years in Israel before becoming a monk in Thailand 10 years ago, followed by several years as a monk and a teacher at a Buddhist temple near Frankfurt, Germany. Thanat established and manages the meditation center for foreigners (non Thai ) at Chom Tong temple in north Thailand where he teaches and trains students and teachers.

Ajahn Tong on teaching tours and has published several translations independently, including “ The Only Way – an Introduction to Vipassana Meditation” by Ven. Thanks to the kindness of Kun Charlie and Lek who own Pai Laguna, Martin was able to rent the venue and start the first vipassana teaching in the style of our venerable teacher Ajarn Tong Sirimangalo. Thanat speaks Thai, Chinese and English and is married to Kate (Kathryn Chindaporn) who speaks English and Thai and is a senior vipassana teacher. Martin has also organised and taught retreats in Northern Italy, France, Austria and England. In 1954 he was invited to the Wat Mahadhatu temple in Bangkok where he completed basic training in vipassana meditation, followed by 2 years and 7 months of further practice in Burma under Ven. Thanat began training as a novice in Bangkok aged 18 followed by short periods of temple life at Chang Mai. Mahasi Sayadaw (dec.) and Abhidamma studies with several well-known teachers of the time, then returning to Chiang Mai in north Thailand.

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