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Serenity Moments® is a new brand of scenic relaxation videos which are ideal for stress relief or or meditation and are produced by Real Art Studios.
Other titles now available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc include Glacier National Park, The Canadian Rockies and more. The Serenity Moments relaxation DVD and guided meditation video series was designed for stress relief, relieve PTSD symptoms as well as relaxation therapy for anxiety management.
The Serenity Moments relaxation videos feature spectacular scenery enabling you to escape to a virtual vacation in paradise as often as you like while lulling you into a state of deep relaxation. The Hawaiian Islands relaxation DVD also includes an optional guided meditation soundtrack. Our guided meditation script is based upon brain research and was developed with the cooperation and approval of clinical psychologists and is doctor recommended.
Plug in your stereo headphones to your computer and listen to the beautiful meditation music which includes Alpha waves and nature sounds. To learn how to meditate it is best to experiment and find what works best for you We have found that meditating with nature in a quiet place is one of the best methods for deep relaxation. Continued use of our guided relaxation product may facilitate brain wave entrainment, or training your brain to remain in more relaxed state for extended periods of time. Brain researchers and neurophysiologists have discovered that with continued use the brain becomes entrained into remaining in this relaxed state. Our beautiful relaxation DVDs with nature sounds and soothing relaxation music make excellent ambient video for waiting rooms, lobbies, or dentist offices, hospitals, hotels spas or as a house party DVD.
Yoooo. In my Meditation blog last week, some of you wanted to know more about Chakra Meditation.
Here’s the resources I use for my own chakra-based meditation as well as what I do to meditate without any add-ons.
I personally love how much chakra healing and meditation relies on imagination and visualisation. However, if you rather do the classic sit-and-just-be type meditating, this might not be your favorite thing to do. And finally, from a different YouTube channel I like the Balancing and Healing the Chakra meditation too. I was trying to find something like what Rockstar Shaman played in our meditation session (but that has proven impossible so far) but I did find all these different meditations and playlists you can put on if you want to meditate. I did not know there were spiritual-type playlists on Spotify!
This playlist is my favorite, because it’s very chill and pretty and for the most part just music. This album actually has an 4-minute guided meditation per chakra as well as tones per chakra.

A very simple one I use is to relax, count back from 10, and focus on the spot of the chakra in your body. Sound energy is an ancient science, which determines how people react to sound vibrations, language, singing, chanting and healing.
Sound energy is very effective and proven to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace within us.A  This state of consciousness would lead to a peaceful, healthier lifestyle. Secret Of Meditation generated by Alex Lee is a comprehensive guide that introduces to people deep meditation techniques and self healing tips to reduce stress and create emotional stability naturally and quickly. Secret Of Meditation is an informative program that covers deep meditation techniques to help people improve their mental health dramatically.
Secret Of Meditation created by Alex Lee is a breakthrough program that includes deep meditation techniques and mind power techniques to help learners achieve good health physically, emotionally and spiritually. To know more information about Secret Of Meditation, get a direct access to the official site. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Our relaxation DVDs are earth friendly – our Hawaiian Islands DVD artwork is printed on paper from well managed forests regulated by the Forest Stewardship Council. Our tranquil and serene scenic relaxation DVDs include soothing relaxation music, ambient nature sounds and Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies—a clinically proven method of helping the brain to enter a deeply relaxed state via brain wave entrainment. If you'd like to learn how to meditate you might appreciate the optional guided meditation soundtrack offered in our relaxation videos. This can result in recovery from the symptoms associated with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic stress and other anxiety related illnesses. When the brain is in Alpha or Theta wave states the brain increases the production of serotonin which is an extremely beneficial neurotransmitter that facilitates mental and physical relaxation. I get that, I like to know what kooky shit other people get upto in the privacy of their own head just as much as the next person.
If you are initiated in Reiki, I really think you should give it a try: I find this about as relaxing and energising as the regular Reiki routine.
The system provides people with easy-to-follow instructions on how to get rid of limiting belief, mood swings, and negative thoughts naturally. Furthermore, this program takes people step-by-step through an amazing process of discovering how to create the ability to heal themselves and become a facilitator to heal other instantly, and how to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and face their life with positive attitude. Additionally, when ordering this spiritual growth plan system, people will receive two free bonuses which are “The Book of Lights” manual and “Thought Forms” manual. The site supplies people with tips, ways, programs, methods and e-books about many topics including fitness, health, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Our relaxation DVD has been hailed as a major medical intervention by a leading clinical psychologists in clinical trials and with continued use can be a useful brain entrainment tool and healing aid. Slower brainwave frequencies such as Alpha and Theta waves produce endorphins that make you feel better for a natural "high". I’ve only listened to the Chakra ones so far, but if you’re into other types of Guided Meditation he might be a good one to check out! I also imagine an uninterrupted white light type of energy flow from one chakra to the next one, from bottom (root chakra) to top (crown chakra). I know roughly what the chakra I’m focusing on represents and I try to breathe mindfully, observe my thoughts and see if any thoughts or emotions come up regarding that chakra, that part of myself or that area of my life. Vooral spotiy play list even checken, vind goede meditatie dingen daar vaak lastig te vinden.
Is idd een heerlijke manier van mediteren, net wat makkelijker dan focus op ademhaling bijv.
In addition, in the program, people will explore how to develop their emotional stability, boost their intuitions, and stimulate their sixth sense effortlessly.
Moreover, in the e-guide, people will learn how to naturally cure their insomnia and depression, and how to have better understanding of the nature of consciousness and creation. In other words, the product also offers people a full money back guarantee if they are not happy with the result.
Brain research has indicated that relaxed brain wave frequencies can help strengthen the immune system and aid in healing from a variety of illnesses. For example, the Root chakra has to do with grounding, your sense of security and being able to trust.
The program is suitable for most people regardless of how skillful they are in the art of meditation. Thanks to this system, people will clear their mind from negative thoughts and go into the deepest state of meditation.
You’re emotional and spiritual health is vital to your physical well being so be sure to nurture your mind with our scenic relaxation videos.
After Alex Lee launched “Secret Of Meditation”, he got a large number of positive comments from clients regarding their success with the program.
The relaxation DVD is also used by cancer treatment clinics, dentists and hospitals to help patients relax during treatment and recover after surgery reduce stress techniques.

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