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For many, many years, Easterners have used meditation as a tool for their spiritual practices, but also as a tool for relaxation. The truth is that meditation itself is not affiliated with any religious practice and therefore, anyone, anywhere can use and benefit from the incredibly calming and relaxing benefits received by practicing meditation.
But the cool thing is that not only is it great for you mentally, it's also been proven to be great for our physical bodies as well.
As I mentioned before, not only is meditation great for our mental well-being, it can also benefit our physical well-being.
If you are someone who struggles with sitting still (which is a main component of most types of meditation), walking meditation could be a great alternative for you. This type of mediation is great for beginners because it is simple and you don't need any guidance or instruction. This is a very common technique and it is used by many different people (including medical professionals) to relieve stress.
This type of meditation is similar to a relaxation technique known as body scanning, yet when used in mediation, there are some distinct differences. This is one of the more interesting techniques, in my opinion, simply because of the way it is practiced.
Click on this article to browse through a list of some of the most common types of meditation to relieve stress. Learn how practicing meditation can positively effect your health, your stress levels, and your life! Depression is a serious condition that affects people in a variety of ways, but ultimately can have a powerfully negative effect on our lives.
The information presented on this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.
Please follow Healthy & Natural World on Facebook to be updated every time we publish a new article on how to improve your health and on a how to make natural products using natural ingredients. You may be surprised to discover that many of the most effective meditation techniques can be done without actually sitting down to meditate.
I’ve already written in the past about natural remedies for stress and anxiety, but you can also effectively reduce stress using meditation without actually sitting down to meditate. The next time stress threatens to derail you try breathing slowly and deeply to center yourself.
When you tune into your body on a regular basis you nip stress in the bud before it has the chance to rage out of control. Feed your mind with positive thoughts by creating a few simple affirmations to repeat throughout your day.
When you are stressed there is a tendency to scrunch your shoulders, and to tighten muscles in your jaw, and stomach.
When you bring meditation into your everyday life, you begin to notice yourself responding differently to stress. This is a guest post written by Mary Meckley, a meditation teacher who shows you how to make meditation easy. Meditation is an excellent way to relieve stress and improve your health while giving yourself a sense of control and well-being. Thank you, kindly for all the valuable information we can use daily to improve the quality of life we have.
This website is designed for educational and informational purposes only, and the content herein should not be mistaken for professional health advice. Walking is good for you physically—it also reduces stress, improves the immune system and has extensive cognitive benefits.
So, there you are…five different ways to meditate, and am sure you can probably add to this list.
The most basic and accessible of all meditation techniques, focusing on your breathing has numerous beneficial effects. Without trying to change anything, simply take about one minute to observe your breathing. Next, count to five silently while slowly drawing in your breath; then slowly exhale to a count of five. As you breathe, your body will begin to relax and your heart rate will slow down a little. If you fall asleep, that's fine; it's just your body's way of telling you that it needs more rest. Once you've mastered the process of controlled breathing, visualization meditation is easy and revitalizing. Follow steps one through four of the above breathing exercise for a few minutes in order to get your mind in a quiet, peaceful place. An easy way to start visualizing through meditation is to imagine each stray thought as it drifts through your mind. Visualizations are very flexible and can be used to improve concentration or even communicate with your own subconscious. A good subject of visualization would be to recall a pleasant memory of a relaxing place in nature that you have experienced. Normally, doing this for between 10-15 minutes is sufficient in most cases to reduce stress and bring in relaxation. Employing these basic meditation techniques is a great way to relax the body, clarify the mind, and combat the stress that you deal with each day. Our quick stress reduction meditation technique will have you relaxed and calm in just a few short minutes.
This is a very easy meditation technique that helps in reducing stress and also makes you more satisfied in life. This form of meditation is also called the guided visualization or imagery technique where you form mental pictures of situations and places that have a relaxing effect over you.
Chocolate meditation is a very fulfilling meditation technique for stress relief that just takes few minutes of your time.

Mantra meditation is very helpful for people who find it difficult to keep their mind quiet and free of thoughts. Breathing meditation is the most commonly used and popular meditation technique to relieve stress. Stress reduction: natural stress relief 8 minute, Natural stress relief work, school, home 8 minute meditation stress reduction program. Relaxation music stress relief relaxing healing, The importance stress management relaxation matter career path chosen, knowing importance stress management relaxation.
To begin with the actual meditation now, this can be done anywhere, at work, at home, out in public.
Check out all of the articles and resources below to begin your journey into using meditation to relive stress. This can help you relieve stress by learning how to focus on the present rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Guided Imagery is highly regarded for its calming and relaxing experience as well as its endless possibilities.
In fact, the real beauty of meditation happens when you take meditation techniques off the mat, and into your everyday life. This post was written by my guest blogger Mary Meckley who is a meditation teacher, and it will teach you 7 ways to reduce stress by using simple meditation techniques – all without sitting in the lotus position! When you take a moment to slow down, and notice your present state, you are better able to put things into perspective. If you have a medical problem you should seek advice from a doctor and other health care professional. It does all sorts of good things for your body and soul–like, reduce blood pressure, increase immunity, create emotional balance, lower stress levels, is an anti-inflammatory, and meditation can even increase fertility!
This may be the opposite of meditating, but like meditation, it is a super way to relieve stress.
The key here is in “your objective.” For instance, when washing dishes, keep your “mind focused” on the act of washing dishes and maintain this consciousness throughout. Twenty to thirty minutes, a pair of sneakers and your “presence of mind” is all you need to turn your ordinary walk into a “walking meditation.” Again, “presence” is the key here.
So, whether you go for the basic meditation or desire something a little more upbeat, it’s your choice.
Whether job-related or tied to financial concerns, family difficulties, medical conditions or other causes, stress can have a major impact on the health and well-being of the person experiencing it. Although it may sound intimidating, applying meditation techniques to reduce stress is nothing more than becoming in-tune with your body and allowing yourself to relax and release negative energy. First, it allows you to become more comfortable with your body and reach a deeper connection with yourself.
If you aren't comfortable, you will be prone to distraction and have a difficult time practicing the breathing exercises.
If you have thoughts or worries, give yourself permission to come back to them after you've finished.
Notice the way your breath feels when you inhale, the way your stomach swells, the feel of the air on your nose or mouth. Repeat this five times, each time focusing on the sensation of breathing and the rhythm of counting.
It's also normal in some cases to feel some anxiety or resistance when you begin to relax. It's impossible to focus on visualization if your mind has not been cleared of clutter and is jumping around. Through meditation you can enjoy greater peace and vitality and fill yourself with the energy you need to thrive emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Well, it really does work to alleviate stress and help us get back into the present moment. It's amazing how such a simple stress relief meditation technique can produce such amazing results! This stress leads to mental and physical instability and can become a matter of serious concern.
It focuses on the present moment and increases your awareness of living in your current situation. Loving kindness mediation can be practiced in different ways, and the most effective version is the one wherein you focus on self, your lover or even close friends. When performing guided meditation you must try to use all your senses like sight, sounds, textures and smells. It is more like a form of mindfulness meditation technique that uses the benefits of dark chocolate.
This technique uses music as the focal point of the meditation and assists you to relax slowly and have thoroughly enjoyable meditation experience. Walking meditation gives you combined benefits of meditation and exercise and is a great stress-buster.
In this meditation you try to relax your mind by reciting single word like ‘om’ or enchanting full mantras.
When you combine it with meditation it offers an extra dimension of relaxation and pleasantness.
As it is done for a very short time, this mediation helps in reducing stress quickly when you cannot perform the regular 20-minute meditation techniques. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The main reason people get stressed is anxiety and frustration, so remove the reason you will remove the problem. Click on this article for a brief summary about Transcendental Meditation and to find out where you can learn more.
When you gently straighten your spine you instantly relieve your body of tightness and tension.

A popular meditation technique is to give yourself a few moments throughout the day to lift your eyes upward.
For those who want to spice it up, there are options you can try while still getting the benefits of meditation! Start laughing about nothing, and pretty soon you may find yourself cracking up about nothing. This same mindset can be used for all your chores–from vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, washing the car, etc. Stress can increase blood pressure and lead to heart problems; it's also a leading cause of gastrointestinal upset. It decreases stress by helping to lower blood pressure, relax tightened muscles, and quiet thoughts. Although there are dozens of meditation techniques that focus on different positions, you can start by sitting in a chair or even lying in bed. Without even realizing it, your breathing will immediately begin to slow as you concentrate on it. If any thoughts come into your mind, release them immediately; remind yourself that you can think about whatever you'd like after you've finished, and there is no rush to get anything done right now. If you need help getting started, you can place a picture nearby and look at it to remind you of what you're visualizing; you can close your eyes and recall the image. You can visualize your lungs supplying oxygen to your heart, and the heart pumping blood to your body.
Next time you find yourself feeling flustered, upset, or angry and you're too busy to get away for long, consider a quick ten deep breaths. Chocolate meditation indulges your senses completely so that you stop worrying about the stressors in your life.
The effect of soft music on your mind and body is very soothing and will reduce the stress automatically. Walking meditation is very different from general walking, as here the mind is also completely active along with the body.
It provides an unobtrusive and natural focus point that creates a rhythm for you to divulge your senses in. In this form of meditation, not only your mind but the body also relaxes the under the effects of therapeutic oils and fragrances.
Also when 5-minute mediation technique is paired with your regular practice, you tend to relax and get your peace of mind more quickly.
The benefits of meditation do not end with the session, but the calming effect stays with you throughout the day.
A calm mind will use less energy, will be able to think clearly, and will be able to function better than a stressed mind.
When you’ve found your quiet spot, close your eyes and breathe deeply, inhale, and exhale. As soon as you start to slow down your breath, you allow your body and nervous system to calm down too. When you look upward you pull yourself away from the distractions of the people and events around you. The entire content of this website is copyrighted and should not be copied without permission.
Think of the child within you–be free, be silly, be wild, alone in your home or out on the town.
In fact, Mantra Meditation uses the repetition of a mantra as a path to mindfulness and stress reduction.
As your body relaxes, the stress will drain and leave you feeling more revitalized and energetic.
Other poses can come later if you so desire, once you've mastered the basics, but they are definitely not necessary.
Otherwise, clear your mind of distracting thoughts so that you can focus entirely on your breathing. In the beginning, it may be difficult to focus for more than five or 10 minutes at a time, but that's okay; you can build up to longer meditation sessions if you wish. It is in fact, the best thing you can do to ensure an overall well-being and healthier existence. This form of meditation is best suited for active people who find it difficult to focus on other silent forms of meditation. All meditations can be used to calm yourself and to allow your body to relax, which is one of the goals of meditation. While doing this feel all of the stress evaporate away, and feel a deep calm come over you. And if you think you look like a fool…not to worry, because you never know who might join in! And, sometimes it can take more than deep breaths and conscious visualization to clear out the negative energy. Cleaning definitely offers endless repetition, and just think what you can accomplish with this mindful-meditation! In addition to eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep, you can reduce stress by practicing some simple meditation techniques.
After doing this for about 5 or 10 minutes you will find that your stress level has been greatly lowered and if you happen to check your blood pressure if you’re at home or at a store you will see that it has been lowered as well. And if you happen to be on the street or in the market and your body feels like moving, just go for it. Try repeating, “Peace is all around me,” or “I am calm, happy, and focused,” the next time you feel yourself becoming stressed.

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