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This diagram shows a causal stress pattern that can manifest from a few seconds to several minutes. Meditation benefits the Passages drug and alcohol rehabilitation program by helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and regulate heart rate & blood pressure.
There are many advantages to meditation, including improved concentration, self-awareness, self-knowledge, inner peace, and better health. At Passages Malibu, we aim to discover the reasons why you are dependent on drugs and alcohol. Mediation is a great example of how Passagesa€™ drug and alcohol treatment philosophy focuses on a holistic approach that uses both Eastern and Western philosophies to heal your mind, body, and spirit.
If you are ready to start healing and living again, please call Passages Malibu today at (888) 777-8525. CAADAC does not endorse the facility or treatment providers viewsor statements that we have a cure for addiction or that addiction is not a disease. Guided meditation is an exercise where a person meditates under the guidance of a trained practitioner. Many guided meditations use visual imagery to describe specific images that are designed to invoke certain moods, thoughts or experiences. Guided meditation helps a recovering person’s ability to focus on the present, rather than worrying about the future. Guided meditation can be highly beneficial as a supplement for any addiction treatment plan. After all, a person struggling with addiction has spent a period of time trying to deal with life’s stresses and challenges by abusing drugs, so it becomes important to find healthier ways to cope. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, guided mindfulness meditation can increase brain reactivity to natural reward processing. Studies also show that meditation can be helpful for controlling cravings during the recovery process. When used in conjunction with traditional evidence-based therapies, guided meditation techniques can improve a person’s recovery success rate. Intuition for Starters straightforwardly explains what true intuition is and where it comes from, describes the attitudes necessary for developing it, and gives you easy-to-understand practices and guidelines that will help you tap into intuitive guidance at will. The Light of Superconsciousness explains the emerging techniques and attitudes that will help ease the transition to a more spiritually nurturing society, and teach us to awaken the seeds of intuition, freedom, and joy that lie dormant within each of us. Whether you are looking for a new job, want to improve your current situation, or simply want to clarify your career goals, 30-Day Essentials for Career will help.
Featuring one inspiring piece of advice and one practical exercise per day, 30-Day Essentials for Marriage is a useful, lighthearted, and eye-catching way for couples—whether engaged, newly married, or together for years—to quickly and gently deepen their relationship. Meditation Therapy is a new approach to finding lasting solutions to our deepest problems and concerns. In this guest post, Sarah Thompson shares her inspiring story of how mindfulness therapy and meditation therapy saved her life.
While I was suffering from depression, I happened to read Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for Beginners. With mindfulness therapy and meditation therapy (which essentially is the same as most other techniques but just applied to therapy) you come to see your thoughts for what they are: just thoughts. With mindfulness therapy and meditation therapy I haven’t just overcome depression, I’ve found true and lasting happiness, and I’ve used my knowledge of mindfulness therapy and meditation therapy to help my friends, explaining techniques to them, because I know that we all suffer and that spiritual techniques have the power to end that suffering. Perhaps you are the mother of a chronically sick child who is under a strict protocol of dietary requirements and supplements? Or you spend your day chauffeuring your kids to and from school and extracurricular activities? Vibrations not only affect us on the physical level, but also emotionally, mentally, and on the human consciousness.
Invest in a good air purifier and if this is out of the budget, a good HEPA filter and a strong fan is all that is needed. In these last six years, having this beautiful community at Satsanga, as much as it has been in service for them, they have provided service for me and we have learned from each other, and they have been a mirror to me.
Through this time, I have started to rise in my own vocation, in addition to sharing meditation and yoga. Some people are very aware of what they eat but maybe not so much of what they do with their body.

Clairvision is a school of meditation founded by Samuel Sagan in Australia in 1987 that offers talks, workshops, and courses all around the world.
Being healthy is way better than being sick but true health is not the absence of sickness and well-being and health are not synonymous. Not to bash sickness (though who likes it, right?) – sickness provides great opportunities for growth, for connection, and for many reasons not always obvious.
Well-being is the foundation of living a life full of vitality, joy, adventure, abundance…The best time to foster and build our health is when we are well. All health-promoting and yes, it can get costly but you don’t need to go full tilt on everything, all in one go, to BE healthy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the organ clock maps out the time of the day each organ is active, in control.
One meridian-organ of a yin-yang pair is the most energetic during this two-hour window, with maximum energy mid-point and minimum energy 12 hours after. At each point of this autonomic neural firing cycle, the embodiment practice of AMT can change the dysfunctional and unhealthy direction of reactive psycho-dynamics, chemical imbalances, ego defensiveness, attitudinal and physical misalignments, and rising tension levels. At Passages Malibu, we view meditation therapy as the art of quieting the mind and uncovering our innermost feelings. Daily meditation can also help treat and resolve dysfunctional sleep patterns, which are extremely common among individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol. Meditation, along with psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and marriage and family therapy, is one of our essential addiction treatment methods that we use to help unearth and heal the underlying issues leading to your addiction.
The meditation can be guided in person, by sound recording, by video recording or a combination of all three. The objective is to help participants focus on sensory features that represent positive experiences and emotions, which has the effect of controlling and subduing negative thoughts. Research conducted by Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist at Massachusetts General Hospital, reveals that practicing mindfulness meditation can cause significantly positive changes within the brain.
Participants also become far more aware of their own thoughts, which can lead them to making better decisions and making positive changes without reverting back to previous addictive behaviors and patterns. It’s common for many people in recovery to struggle to focus their thoughts as their minds adjust to living a productive, healthy life without drugs. Meditation allows a recovering person to learn effective relaxation techniques that make it easier to focus on positive changes required to achieve recovery. After abusing drugs for a period of time, the brain’s neurotransmitters are artificially altered into thinking they can no longer produce dopamine or serotonin naturally. Guided meditation sessions focusing on sensory features of a pleasant experience, place or object work well to generate positive emotions that reduce cravings and encourage the brain to produce natural reward-giving hormones again. Even after the recovering person leaves treatment, ongoing participation in meditation sessions make it easier to learn to live a happy, productive, sober life over the long term. Like the facets of a beautiful diamond, each chapter’s topic is a small reflection of the brilliance of one of the great spiritual figures of our time. Living these teachings reveals their power.
The life of Swami Kriyananda is the story of a modern-day hero—a man who, to an amazing degree, demonstrated spiritual courage, determination in the face of great obstacles, and personal sacrifice for an ideal. This book consists of ten lectures by Swami Kriyananda, several of which were given at celebrations of Yogananda’s birthday. Special emphasis is given to assisting you to develop the attributes and mental skills necessary for breathing new life into your career, by showing you how to become a happier, more effective boss, manager, or employee. With easy-to-follow instructions, Jyotish demystifies meditation, presenting the essential techniques so that you can quickly grasp them. Combining the power of deep meditation practice with the insights of psychology, Meditation Therapy will help you learn to relax, to face everyday challenges without stress, and to enrich your relationships in lasting ways. If you’re new to mindfulness and meditation, you might like to read our complete guide to mindfulness therapy and meditation therapy first. That moment was when I realised that all those negative thoughts that were causing my depression were only in my mind. We all have some negative thoughts .It could be about our relationships, our weight, our health, our image, anything. I hope this has perhaps inspired you or has made you think that you too can overcome negative thoughts. If you are reading this now, maybe it is time to seriously consider what care you have for yourself.

I am going into a more individualized approach, where I am working one-on-one with people and pulling together all these modalities and tools that I have been collecting in my pocket all these years.
Its emphasis is on direct experience through meditation and offering training at a high level. What Therapy chats with Phil and Liz to find out why the Clairvision School’s approach to meditation and their courses make such a positive difference to the lives of so many around the world. Meditation is one of our many diverse holistic treatment methods which also include yoga, nutrition counseling, and physical training.
Meditation is especially helpful in achieving this goal, as it can help tap into your subconscious to clearly see where your motivations, fears, anxieties and obstacles lie. Guided meditation can be an excellent supplemental therapy for any professional addiction treatment plan. The brain also stops releasing cortisol and adrenaline into the bloodstream, which are the body’s natural stress hormones. However, a crucial part of the recovery process is using such therapies as meditation to re-learn natural ways to stimulate the brain into producing these “feel-good” hormones again. Jyotish and Devi know from experience that the revolutionary teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda can spiritualize all aspects of daily life—health, business, success, creativity, marriage, family, education, and leadership.
Since it was first published in 1989, How to Meditate has helped thousands to establish a regular meditation routine.
Learn also Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises to gain conscious awareness of and control over your energy. The repetition helps us focus, turn inward into our universe, and tap into the entire stream of human consciousness.
Conversations are about air purifiers, face masks, and indoor activities, especially with predictions of the haze extending to November because of the current dry spell. Oils like lavender are also recommended to help bring on relaxation, a key part of any wellness strategy in any challenge. In addition to running Satsanga, as well as developing some beautiful collaborations with my beloved, Daniel, now I am offering Elemental Wellness. I try to be a guideline for the person in front of me to become more aware of who they are, on every level.
What I would like to do is to mirror to people the wisdom they already have, in how to balance holistically.
Each possesses numerous physical and psychological benefits during your addiction treatment. The person experiences reduced stress levels, which also reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. But it is also a reminder to me, a reminder of the power of meditation therapy and mindfulness therapy. But none of it worked, and I have always been against pill popping so depression medication wasn’t a solution for me (I always try to exhaust the natural therapies before taking pills).
Instead of focusing on our anger or frustration, we can re-direct our sense of lack on a powerful mantra to open up a greater perception of what is really going on, and not be trapped by our own distortions and filters.
Once you connect with the elements in nature, then you can easily start to connect to your own constitution, how the elements appear in you. We first look at a person’s constitution and then how to bring this dynamic system into harmony. It isn’t reality, it’s just a construct of my own mind.” As soon as you realise that you can change the way you think.
8)) Subconscious awareness and self-judgement of ones own karmic bondage to reactive behavior. 10) Ego defensiveness and gripping attachment to perceptual biases manifest as blaming, anger, withdrawl and projection of one's own dysfunctional inner postures onto others. 11) Bondage to repetitive karmic causal chain of self ignore-ance, ego defensiveness, mental biases, and false projections.

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