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Today we live so much of our lives in the abstract world of the compulsively thinking mind. In this profound talk on Educating The Mind Through Meditation, Alan Watts discuss how this approach just leads to more abstraction and rumination, rather than the deep sense of connection we are instinctively looking for. When we stop talking to ourselves and trying to make sense of the world and come to stillness in meditation, a whole new richer world of experience becomes possible. The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible. McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams.
The tickets, ticket quantity or date and time you've requested are no longer available, due to previous sales. Sorry, your requested ticket quantity exceeds the number provided by your promotional code. Sorry, you need to enable javascript to place an order.How do I enable JavaScript on my computer? We couldn't process your order because you have this event open on multiple tabs in your browser. Let us come together in meditation to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the birth of Her Holiness, our Beloved Eternal Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.
Visit the site regularly to meditate in synchronicity with your world-wide family, watch Shri Mataji’s Birthday Puja talks, and share all the wonderful memories of Mother’s great incarnation. Let's start celebrating the One Birthday that has led to millions of new birthdays, filling this world with Shri Mataji's children. In two weeks we will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Birth of our Eternal Divine Mother. And what better time to start this collective meditation movement, than during the days of silence and spiritual transcendence as we prepare to offer MahaShivratri Puja, in England, land of the universal Spirit. Enjoy meditating, and reading, seeing or listening to memories and contributions from around the worldWe look forward to connecting with you all online as we Meditate to Celebrate in honour of the greatest incarnation to have ever blessed this Earth with Her Holy Presence! This initiative is supported by an informal network of Sahaja Yogis from around the world desiring to express their gratitude and love for Our Divine Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. As soon as a water drop merges with other drops, it loses its identity and becomes an ocean.
Now that we are in the winter months many people out there get the a€?Winter Bluesa€™, this can be difficult to deal with for yourself, your spouse, and even your children.
Meditation is a form of relaxation; it is used to find a spiritual connection, re-build energy, to find patience and to relieve stress.
Inhale through your nose for 10 seconds, hold for 10 seconds, and exhale through your nose for 10 seconds. Find a spot in your home you are comfy and undistracted with low lights, wear loose clothing and settle in. Control your breathing and with each breath in repeat words in your head such as joy and with each exhale repeat words like love.
Remember some of the most wonderful events you have been involved in, remember the feelings you had during those moments, allow the joy to follow you throughout the day. So when the summer is gone and the leaves start falling, your tan fades away and there are less hours of daylight then the snow begins to fall, remember, there are things you can do at home every day to help you regain the energy and happiness you had during those summer beach months. This blogger is by no means recommending that people should wander in the desert without water or provisions. It is a long held tradition of mankind to seek meditation in the desert in order to cleanse one’s self of afflictions. First of all, the concept of meditation is a universal inner peace tactic used by virtually every spiritual sect and tradition. Because we now know that thought patterns actually influence the chemistry of the brain, the idea of ritualistic mental relaxation is a valuable tool to a person’s physical and mental health.
Meditation is beneficial on many levels, and is an underused resource for serenity in a world that badly needs help finding peace. Many people use meditation as a tool for soothing negative states of mind, such as stress, confusion and racing thoughts. For individuals who struggle with a mental disorder, mental illness or addiction, meditation can literally be life saving. There are certain environments that simply promote deep, meditative thinking, and the desert is definitely one of them. The beauty of nature puts one into a meditative state, and it would seem that the landscape of the desert is especially strong for this quality.
Because the desert is so stark, it also serves as an environment largely free from distractions. This is a quote by writer Paul Shepard, borrowed by journalist Jon Krakauer in the book Into the Wild.
And as many people are discovering, meditation can be an effective way to combat and ultimately conquer that anxiety.
Many people don’t know this, but often anxiety gets triggered as much from inner stimuli as from outer events.
And there were two key lessons I learned from meditation that helped me to move beyond that anxiety. The first was that meditation introduced me to a part of myself that was never affected by anxiety. But meditation provided me with a focused period of time when I wasn’t judging myself or reacting to all the negative thoughts that were arising. And I learned that through meditation, I could spend time in this part of myself and it slowly but surely infused the rest of my life with a steady conviction that life is good beyond measure.
The second lesson I learned from meditation might have been even more important than the experiences of pure awareness. Here it is. So for me, I eventually had the experience of seeing this anxiety—and the thoughts and feelings that triggered it—become like every other thought or feeling. Get our Meditation Made Easy Beginners Guide along with weekly articles and free resources delivered to your inbox.
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The club's origins trace back to 2010 when Jamie Roberts was doing meditation on her lunch break to deal with her own stress. Two-miles away from Isaac Sheppard, a high school meditation club has taken shape at Mariana Bracetti Charter School. Student athletes, including Ronald Palmer, have also done mindfulness training with Andrea D'Asaro. Most of the evidence right now on mindfulness-related practices comes from adults; and according to Davidson, few rigorous studies have been done on children and teens.
Among the few evidence-backed programs to teach students mindfulness is the Learning to Breathe curriculum created by Penn State researcher Trish Broderick.
The study showed students made improvements on these measures; while the comparison group, which did not do the curriculum, either stayed the same or did a little worse.
Researchers like University of Virginia's Tish Jennings are getting closer to finding out whether students benefit when teachers bring mindfulness-related practices into the classroom.
Jennings' findings could be a game changer for how mindfulness-related practices take shape in schools. Some features of this website (and others) may not work correctly with Internet Explorer 8 and below.
If we stopped for a second, we will realize that we are on a wild-goose chase on finding happiness. All the things that you are trying to attain, the recognition, validation and acceptance that you believe will make you happy may soon feel insignificant. Where we stop for a while, take a deep breath, close our eyes and observe our internal space.

We become aware as we observe stress as nothing but a reaction to something we feel we cannot control. Our mundane lives transform in a way where we experience deep joy, wonder and fulfillment in everyday living. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more next to the type or types of tickets you would like to purchase. And how better than any other way to celebrate this event, honouring our Mother and all that is dear to Her, than through meditation?
In the same way this network has no other ambition but to merge into the ocean of the enlightened collective consciousness.
Another term for the a€?Winter Bluesa€™ is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) this is a mood disorder which only affects people during certain seasonal times of the year causing them to experience depression symptoms during once season. People are known to use meditation to reconnect with God or other religious beings; some use it to relieve the feelings of anger and hatred.
Adding in your twice daily meditation, eating healthy, exercising regularly, by the time those summer months are back you will be feeling healthy, rejuvenated and in great shape to stroll the beaches in your favorite swim suit.
The desert is where these said sajes, prophets and wise men are known to go in order to deprive themselves because it is a physically deprived place. Plants such as cactus, palo verde trees and creosote are adapted to grow in climates that have very little water.
The desert of the Southwest is frequently without rain, but when it does get rain, it comes in deluges. This has been done through out time in ancient societies, religious orders and by sages and mystics of all spiritualities. Meditating has been found to improve mental health, increase brain function, expand self-awareness and create peace within the person exercising it. Stopping the rampant flow of thoughts in order to soothe the mind is useful in healing mental disorders, coping with negative emotions and ending addiction through meditation.
Meditation is the process of silencing the mind and acknowledging the whole of life without the rampant flow of thoughts. There have been many psychological studies that would indicate that people have a tendency of taking on too much. Practicing it regularly can be difficult to start as people with these mental hardships are prone to more extreme negative thought patterns. The desert is a place of stark natural beauty with an incredible amount of space and open sky. There is something about the other-worldly rock formations of sandstone, the horizon line of cactus and the unusual, drought resistant plant life that make us feel like we have walked into a different plane of existence. The colors, variations and shapes of the desert are largey subdued compared to a tropical or garden environment.
Both authors were fascinated by the human spiritual tendency of retreating into the desert to seek solace and revelation.
Does your mind sometimes spiral into a negative nose dive so you feel you can’t break free? Through helping you change your relationship to the negative thought patterns that trigger stress and anxiety. And those patterns can trigger all sorts of responses, chief among them are anxiety and stress. In fact, meditation was the primary way that I overcame that negative feedback cycle in myself.
I lacked confidence and didn’t really trust what was going to fly out of my mouth at any given moment. In essence, I stopped participating in the draining array of thoughts and feelings that kept boxing me into the corner and bringing me to my knees.
If we are to trust what the meditation masters have told us over the centuries, you discover that the deepest part of you is pure awareness. And through exercising that choice over and over again, I proved to myself that I was bigger than that thought pattern and the anxiety it triggered.
And it’s my experience that this lesson applies to more than just negative thoughts and the anxiety or stress they trigger.
It showed me that there is a part of me that is always and forever free from all experience. Start meditating today and release the source of your stress with these proven meditation techniques. But in the lunchroom at Isaac Sheppard Elementary school in North Philadelphia, a loud bunch of third and fourth graders are about to get quiet.
A third grader named Nahyana describes what seems to be a mindfulness practice known as the Body Scan.
In her classroom after school, teacher Andrea D'Asaro does some guided meditations and breathing exercises.
He's a leading researcher on the impact of mindfulness on the brain, and founder of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds. His group is interested in finding out more about the impact of mindfulness training on things like the regulation of attention and emotion, the ability to focus on a specific goal and cognitive control.
She works with teachers to first develop their own mindfulness practices before they get trained in the curriculum and teach it to students.
Broderick finds the results promising, but acknowledges the study's limitations; including self-reported-data by students, the limited sample size and scope of the target group. She's currently running a randomized controlled trial with 224 teachers, who as a group, oversee thousands of students across 36 New York City public elementary schools.
A feeling as though it maybe very tedious, involves one to be highly spiritual, is only practiced after a certain age or is simply extremely boring. No matter what we do (from our seemingly endless list of things-we-need-to-accomplish), deep inside we are still not truly happy or fulfilled. The reason why is because you realize that you will never completely find it from your environment, because everyone in your environment is looking for the same thing and no one has it.
The expectations will change, the desires will change and the states of happiness will change. The space which we may have never visited before, a space in which all the truths of the cosmos reside.
When the mind slows and we take in more oxygen through our breath, we become very calm within us and are able to look at things with profound clarity. It is used to help with your emotional, physical and medical health as stress can do more damage than some may realize and meditation is a huge stress reliever. This article merely points out the value of entering the desert in order to seek growth for that part of our identities that is not of this earth. Here, deserts such as the Sonoran and Mojave stretch for many hundreds of miles in some of the most widely recognized desert landscapes in the world. The Saguaro Cactus and the Prickly Pear Cactus are known for retaining water so efficiently that someone lost in the desert can survive by cutting them open and drinking their fluids.
When exploring the desert, it is important to keep an eye on the ground for dangerous creatures such as scorpions and rattlesnakes.
The pace of the world we live in contradicts the spirit of meditation, making it difficult for most people to find the time, but those who do find it to be an exceedingly beneficial practice. The more inner reflection a person has, the more self-awareness they gain, which inspires them to make better decisions about their life choices.
The typical practice of meditation is accompanied by a quiet, serene environment, a seated position and sometimes light music or incense.
The burdens we carry often result in stressful emotions and thoughts, and the heavier they become, the more difficult it is to turn them off.
However, with a certain degree of hard work and determination, meditation can become a regular part of life for a person with mental hardships. Psychologically, it seems there is something about the wide open space of the desert that gives us the feeling of broad scope. There have been many people throughout history who have been drawn to the isolation of the desert for clarity of mind, both ancient and modern.

The Desert Fathers are still cited today and studied for their contributions to the monastic tradition. In fact, I want to share two very important lessons I learned from meditation that helped me overcome a case of chronic anxiety. It’s like a negative feedback cycle because once you have a negative thought that triggers anxiety, you start to feel badly about yourself. And there is more and more research confirming that meditation is an effective way to deal with stress and anxiety. The meditation practice taught me how to train my attention on the unlimited part of myself, which I understand as pure awareness. There is such inexpressible peace and ease in this place, that it instantly eradicates the feeling that anything could be wrong. Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go.
Roberts talks briefly, and then a designated student recites a series of phrases that the group repeats. In the club's first year, Roberts says a shooting happened outside of the school and it left many of the kids shaken. In a recent study- at two comparable suburban public high schools in the Philadelphia area- Broderick tested what would happen when one of the school's concert choirs did the curriculum weekly for 15 to 20 minutes over 18 weeks. So far, Jennings says half of these teachers have gone through mindful awareness and emotion skills training as part of a professional development program she created. All these perceptions of meditation is what has made humanity increasingly miserable as people live their mundane lives.
In no time we find our selves existing in a target oriented society and we can’t understand why we are so tired and fed-up all the time. So how can we ever find constant happiness, and inner peace when nothing in life is constant to start with? We may even realize that half the things we are doing in our current life is completely pointless and other more productive and positive alternatives will emerge. The mechanics of our emotions and our thoughts become one of the more interesting aspects of our existence, as you become aware and yet remain calm, peaceful and unaffected.
And meditation is used to clear your mind, body, and soul giving you a feeling of joy and happiness. What has been found is that those who deny their body’s usual sustenance bring forward the life of their metaphysical being, their soul.
Vegetation in the desert is very sparse and the plants that do grow there are very recognizably associated with the desert of the Southwest. The Southwestern desert is known for its red rock sandstone formations, which are created entirely by the movement of water through the desert. Meditation is basically settling into silence and stillness in order to empty one’s mind of overcrowding thoughts.
For a certain amount of time, the person meditating will focus on silencing their thoughts and receiving the world around them in a purely intuitive way. When we allow our negative thinking to run rampant, it can have detrimental effects on our lives. Those recovering from addiction and disorder will find that meditation and treatment for their condition will go hand-in-hand, often influencing one another.
Compared to the looming high canopies of the Pacific Northwest that inhibit vision of the nearest hills and mountains, the open sky of the desert comes with a feeling of wide reaching vision, which enhances the meditative journey.
The practice of stopping the flow of thoughts can be quite difficult, especially for beginners, so the more isolated the meditation environment, the more naturally one will go deep inside themselves to experience the world intuitively instead of attempting to break it down into disjointed thoughts. There are many biblical characters who spent time wandering in the desert, none more well known than Jesus Christ.
In more modern times, figures such as Jim Morrison of The Doors are known for pushing their understanding of reality by taking hallucinogenic drugs and going to places such as the Mojave Desert to see reality differently. I wouldn’t know what to say and I was filled with anxiety for fear of saying the wrong thing. And then you find yourself in some hellish negative feedback cycle and you don’t know how the hell to get out. And I was determined to find a different relationship to myself that wasn’t infused with this stress and anxiety.
Whereas some thoughts are more potent than others, like the ones that triggered all that stress and anxiety, in meditation you treat them all the same. We can do this by realizing the ever-changing nature of our world and how we can find our happiness within it. In this state words cannot do justice in explaining all the things we maybe capable of achieving. Depriving the body and nourishing the soul through meditation, spirit walks and the likes is an old tradition of sajes, prophets and wise men. There is an incredible draw and appeal to the desert that brings in travelers from around the world, but just what features make the desert so distinct?
Monsoon season is one of the most photographed seasons of the desert due to the dramatic lighting and color that black clouds and bright sunlight create over the desert landscape. Medium sized desert mammals include the ringtail cat, jackrabbit and desert tortoise, while large sized desert mammals include the coyote, antelope, bobcat and mountain lion.
Historically, meditation in the desert has been a test of sorts, either a test of survival, of inner strength or of character. This allows the free flow of ideas and revelations to the person meditating, making them relaxed and open to possibilities.
Meditation is both a sensory and a mental process, and has been found to possess an incredible amount of healing. Because the primary goal of meditation is to silence the flow of thoughts, it has been found to be incredibly stress-reducing when practiced regularly.
Other natural areas can be popular destinations for hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts, but because the desert is a more harsh natural environment, fewer animals, people and even forms of vegetation are found there.
Jesus went into the desert willingly in order to grapple with his demons, quite literally, as the biblical telling states that Satan himself confronted Jesus while he was in the desert and attempted to win him over. This is obviously a different tradition from the prophets and monks of past centuries, but a connection is still drawn.
This unshakeable truth presents itself to you, within you through the beautiful process of meditation. How even though we maybe surrounded by all the chatter and noise of everyday living we can still operate with deep calm, clarity and foresight that will help us achieve all that we chose too in a way that is easy, comfortable and fun.
When we ingest food for the soul instead of food for the body, we become more in touch with our truest self.
However, if one can properly equip themselves to deal with the hardships of the desert, immersing one’s self within it for the purpose of self discovery can be highly rewarding. Knowing how to end negative thought patterns and replace them with stillness of the mind is more than meditation; it is a life skill. The desert is a place of widespread silence; ideal conditions for moving the self far from the reality of the manmade world and back to the reality of the natural world.
Jon Krakauer’s novel subject Chris McCandless is also a somewhat well-known desert dwelling individual who left a life of priviledge to live rootlessly on the road of North America entirely for spiritual, soulful reasons.
It is desirable to spend time in the desert meditating in order to heal addiction, mental unhealthiness and other similar afflictions. Therefore, the philosophy of depriving the body in order to engage the spirit naturally goes hand in hand with the environment of the desert. There are even substance abuse recovery centers and spas located in the deserts of the Southwest United States which operate under these philosophies.

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