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This guided meditation CD for relieving headache symptoms contains hypnotic suggestions, soothing guided imagery and powerful affirmations for a holistic approach to natural headache relief and prevention. Designed for either muscular or migraine headaches, this research-proven audio program can amplify the positive impact of headache medication as well as provide stand alone headache relief for some.
Guided imagery is a holistic, mind-body technique that consists of healing words and hypnotic images, set to soothing music, to provide natural headache relief. Written and narrated by noted guided imagery pioneer Belleruth Naparstek and scored to the exquisite, immersive music of Steven Mark Kohn, this Health Journeys recording for easing headache symptoms was produced by the Cleveland Orchestra’s Bruce Gigax. The combination of expertly layered narrative and calming music reduces head and neck pain by relaxing tense muscles in the upper body, neck and head, as well as offering images of blood vessels opening, widening and evening out. Additional benefits in how to relieve headaches are provided by inspiring images that reduce pain by elevating serotonin levels in the bloodstream, while other hypnotic suggestions are designed to assist the body in its job of clearing out pain generating toxins and kinins. One track is designed to help relieve headache symptoms, while another shows how to prevent headaches. With the increase of social pressure in todays modern world to look a certain way, we can often get obsessed with working on improving the health and appearance of our physical body only. Stress – a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. In modern society feeling stressed is now a daily occurrence for many people. The commute to work can be stressful, work can be stressful, relationships can be stressful and even simple task such as choosing a healthy lunch can become stressful! Stress is the body’s natural response to any change in the environment that requires action, reaction or adjustment to what’s normal, commonly known as the flight or fight response. Stress makes us physiologically ready for an EMERGENCY and for that short moment is very helpful, it’s when stress becomes chronic that issues arise.
Stress manifests in a variety of symptoms including, increased heart rate, and reduced immune, insomnia, headaches, muscle tension and change in behavior. Thankfully there are now many things we can do to help reduce our stress levels, change our approach to stress and improve our abilities to manage stress when it when it does occur. Yoga, Massage and regular Exercise have all been proven to help reduce stress and improve our overall sense of wellbeing. Learn to Breath More Deeply, Relax and Heal Your BodyStress is believed to be a major component of many medical problems, including sleep difficulties, tight muscles, nervousness, headaches, and weight gain. As you begin your guided meditation, inhale deeply through the nose, but not in a way that is too forced. Peaceful meditation music, or a white noise machine with the sounds of rain, the ocean or the forest can create a soothing atmosphere for your meditation. A flowing stream, a walk in the woods, a stroll along the beach can all be visualized during your meditation. Many community centers, hospitals and yoga schools offer meditation courses or sponsor meditation retreats.
I love meditation and this article gets me in the mood to have a relaxing moment right now!
The mind-body connection is often overlooked, but is something that I think is extremely important. I have wanted to try out meditation for a while because I had read about the benefits of even just a few minutes of daily meditation from so many sources.
As you may have heard me say before, being a graduate student with a part-time job and a blog (who is trying to live a healthy and active lifestyle) is not a stress-free gig. I have only been meditating daily for two weeks, but I feel as if I am already reaping the benefits. As always, I try and find out facts backed up by science so I have done my best to find out meditation benefits using academic journal searches. Meditation has been shown to help both ill and healthy people alike manage their stress levels, which can help avoid burnout and can be used to help avoid headaches (since stress can lead to headaches and migraines).
Meditation has been shown to help a range of illness including cancer (by improving mental health as more research is needed to see physical effects) and chronic pain disorders such as arthritis.
Meditation has been said to help improve the quality of one’s life because it can help improve your sense of self-control and by decreasing depression symptoms. Migraine – Migraine headaches can be brought on by lower blood flow to various spots of the cerebral cortex.
Tension – Tension headaches are caused by muscle strain in the head and neck or even emotional stress. Cluster – Cluster headaches are headaches that occur repeatedly over an extended period of time such as weeks or even months.
If you’re sick with the flu or have a particular health condition, it can bring on headaches which would then be classified as secondary. Most headache pain can be treated with over the counter medications such as aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil) and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If you experience chronic or frequent headache pain, see your physician as it may be caused by a underlying health problem. I write about anything and everything that crosses my path and end up making money from it. Oh my goodness I read through a couple of your posts and I think the information you post is great for a recovering bulimic like myself. I get a nasty dehydration headache , usually about 2 hours after the gym… great info here !!
What I most appreciate about your post is the attn you give to proper hydration as a way to alleviate headaches.
Author Marianne Ryan knows how stressful being a mom can be and advises daily meditation to help de-stress. Let’s be clear, meditation is NOT “doing nothing” - research has shown actual positive changes in the brain after only eight weeks of practicing meditation.
In addition to this, people who suffer with chronic pain often find pain relief and improved coping skills when they practice mediation regularly. Initially most moms feel they are too busy to add one more thing to their daily “to do list”.
You can use the one on your phone; try to pick a gentle and welcoming ringtone and set it for 10 minutes. If sitting is uncomfortable, you can try lying down with pillows supporting your head and knees, but don’t let yourself fall asleep. Breathe through your nostrils, feeling your breath enter your body and your belly rising and falling with each breath.
When your mind becomes distracted with other thoughts, try to mentally “file” each thought into a category and label it with an emotion such as anger, fear, or happiness or use a subject name, like family, work or things to do.
Continue this until the alarm goes off, and then take a moment to reflect and give thanks before you jump back into your regular routine.

After childbirth many moms are so concerned about getting back into pre-pregnancy shape that they forget to focus on decreasing stress their levels.
To get a sneak preview of the book, you can download a FREE section called "Why You Should NOT Do Sit Ups to Flatten Your Tummy" by clicking here.
And, of course, to get more weekly tips about how to get fit after baby, you can subscribe to this blog using the form at the top of this page. Lastly, if you would like to speak with me to discuss how the Baby Bod program can help you get back into shape after having a baby (even if your 'baby' is all grown up by now!), drop me a line via the contact form on this site. MARIANNE RYAN PT, is a physical therapist and board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist. About UsAt Marianne Ryan Physical Therapy, we offer a concierge service where you will be seen on time, in private treatment rooms by a highly experienced Physical Therapist who fully understands and knows how to treat your particular condition. A separate track of affirmations offers briefer versions of these empowering images for those who prefer to listen on the go, or even while driving. You should always consult with your physician before starting any new health-related activity. We now know that stress in the mind has consequences on our physical health, and not looking after the physical body through good nutrition, exercise, sleep and movement has consequences on our mental wellbeing. We are high achievers, we have plans, ambitions, standards of living to maintain and a certain status to reach. However, many people become so relaxed that they fall asleep despite their best intentions. Slowly release the breath, and continue taking long, slow breaths through your nose during the meditation. Think about it this way; do you ever feel like you are eating for no reason or that you can never seem to find the motivation to workout when you are in a bad mood? It can also improve happiness by encouraging open expression of emotions and an increased sense of compassion through mindfulness. It may seem all mystical and zen-like but in reality, all you are doing is sitting in a quiet place and focusing on your breath for however long you are comfortable.
For some, it’s actually a long term problem that has to be dealt with on a regular basis. Primary headaches which are non relevant to a preexisting or underlying health condition and secondary headaches which are affiliated with various medical conditions such as head injuries, fevers, infections, dental conditions, tumors and pressure in the skull or sinuses. Tension headaches are usually steady aching pains on both sides of the head compared to migraines which almost always on one side. Cluster headache pain usually occurs on one side of the head like migraines but is more focused and centered around the eye.
For example, if you’ve read How Does Caffeine Work, you know that caffeine reduces blood flow in the brain. By getting someone to massage the back of your neck, bridge of nose and acupressure point on each hand where the thumb and index finger bones meet these can all relieve headaches depending where they are originating from. I ended up with a complete blinder this afternoon thanks to the changing weather conditions. Whilst I can do nothing about the ice-pick headaches as they are done and dusted in a few seconds, once I get the scintillating scotoma that precedes the migraine I take feverfew – fresh leaves. I’d rather take one day off than proceed to force my body to continue when obviously my immune system is coping with enough. I used to suffer terribly from headaches but find that paracetamol and sleep help to get rid of them.
You might also want to include use of one or more of the CPTG Essential Oils as a rapid-response to most tension or environmental headaches. Many women experience lower back and pelvic pain after childbirth and meditation is one of the easiest ways to relieve it. However, I’m sure that, no matter how busy you are, you would welcome the possibility of decreasing your stress and getting a better night’s sleep. Most people find early mornings are best so they can start their day refreshed and centered. Cross your legs and place both hands on your knees with the tips of your thumb and middle finger together and palms facing towards the ceiling. In my book Baby Bod, I will teach you how to get back into shape and how to use breathing exercises and some self-massage techniques to relieve tension in your body.
She is the owner and Clinical Director of MRPT Physical Therapy, and a spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association Media Corps.
We work well over our contracted hours, we fill our social diaries months in advance and we have forgotten what it feels like to a stop and relax. Some people find it helpful to begin by slowly counting as they breath … inhale 1 2 3 4, hold 1 2 3 4, exhale 1 2 3 4, hold 1 2 3 4, repeat. If a stroll in the woods is frightening for you in real life, it is not likely to be a soothing image if you are trying to visualize it while you meditate. They are a great way to learn more about meditation, and to help maintain your meditation commitment. I have been using a fantastic app called Headspace, which gives you 10 days worth of free guided meditation. Instead your feeling the pain picked up elsewhere such as from nerves and muscles around the head or neck.
Sometimes tension headaches can develop into a throbbing pain which makes researchers think that migraines are closely connected. The causes of cluster headaches are unknown but may be related to changes in blood flow because substances that affect blood flow, such as alcohol, can trigger cluster headaches. Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen, and aspirin are some pain relievers that will give you a quick fix to an aching head. This might help the pain by constricting blood vessels, especially if you ache is coming from your sinus or temple area.
Another relief for sinus headaches can be done by putting two racket balls in a sock and lay on them at the back of your skull. Try doing some relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or whatever you like best. If you want to discuss your favorite interests and make money while doing it then click here.
I was headache free for a few years and although they returned they weren’t quite as bad. SS is gone in about 90 seconds to two minutes and the migraine headache never materialises.

In my physical therapy practice I often advise clients who suffer with chronic headaches, TMJ, neck, back, pelvic and gastrointestinal pain to practice meditation daily. Let me make it easy for you, all you need to do is follow the simple steps below and I promise you, it will only take ten minutes a day. If you are too busy in the morning, try meditating during your lunch-break or whenever you can fit it into your schedule on a consistent basis.
Adding daily mini-meditation sessions to your program will help you make a fabulous recovery, and can even make you a calmer, more compassionate mother and partner.
With more than 30 years' experience, she specializes in the treatment of the spine, pelvis and jaw, with particular emphasis on the treatment of prenatal and postpartum patients. Everyone has their own set of needs and goals and there is definitely no ‘one rule suits all’ when it comes to health and wellbeing. You may sit on the floor or a pillow, if that that is comfortable for you, or you may sit in a chair.
Or, they may suggest that you walk along the banks of a river, deeper and deeper into a forest. If you’ve been taking caffeine every day and you suddenly stop, you very well might be getting a visit from an incredible headache because of the increased blood flow in your brain and sudden change in your routine. Usually it takes about 30 minutes for the pills to kick in, but it’ll save you the pain in the long run. Closing the blinds and getting yourself in a dark quiet environment to rest (try at least 30 minutes) can mellow out your head ache. It might hurt a bit at first but this pain should go away and start relieving the headache.
Endorphins are a natural pain killer that’ll help out with that aching head of yours.
Yoga helps tremendously in this too as it releases the tension which can cause pain and helps us be more aware. She has taught physical therapy treatment and exercises for prenatal and postpartum women on the nurse midwifery program at Columbia University School of Nursing, and has also taught at the TMJ clinic at New York University Dental School. These studies on the grey matter of the brain are not the only ones to have been undertaken; a 2007 study found that practisers of meditation have an improved attention span, research in 2009 found meditators could reduce high blood pressure and yet another group was found to have increased empathy and compassion after meditating for a period of some six weeks or so.How to meditateWith all these marvellous benefits surely meditating must be difficult then? Whether you come to us for Massage, Personal Training or Yoga, we will endeavour to provide you with a personalised treatment or program designed specifically for you. Symptoms of migraines include nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, vomiting and an intense throbbing pain usually found on only one side of the head. Just make sure you don’t give aspirin to anyone under the age of 19, especially children.
Also beverages like coffees, alcohols, and sodas-even though they are in liquid form-can dehydrate you as well.
You can also try putting the wet cloth in a plastic bag and freeze it for a long lasting compress.
Another easy way to get this done and taking a little extra time massaging your scalp while shampooing in the shower.
A much sought-after media guest, Marianne has appeared on dozens of national TV and radio shows, and has also been featured in Red Book, Fitness Magazine, USA Today, Shape Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. If you are practicing on your own, visualize any scene that gives you a sense of well-being, a place where you feel comfortable.
Whatever they suggest, try to stay in the present and concentrate on what the meditation guide is saying.
When you feel ready, stand up slowly and move around gently, until you feel that you have regained your full attention. Also aspirin sometimes produces a deadly syndrome called Reye syndrome, so if you are worried about it try an alternative. So just making sure you sip on a glass of water several times throughout the day  to avoid the dehydration headache. If you have someone else that can massage for you bribe them into doing it, it always feels better and more relaxing when someone else takes over. Relax your jaw and facial muscles then have a “look” at your neck and shoulders and release tension as you explore with your closed eyes. She was also featured in the film Drifting, a documentary about movement produced by the Tribeca Film Institute. When starting out do not expect too much from yourself, set the time at only 5 to 15 minutes initially. You may want to wait a few minutes before driving a car, because you could feel groggy for a while.
If the ache has already started, chug a tall glass and in no time you will start to feel better. Continue to scan and release tension in your body from head to toe, as you feel the air entering and leaving your nostrils.
Passionate about helping women to restore their stomachs after pregnancy and childbirth, Marianne is author of the book Baby Bod® - Turn Flab to Fab in 12 Weeks Flat.
A quiet room in the home, your office (with the door locked against interruptions!) or even a peaceful spot outdoors: all of these can be ideal places to meditate as long as they are away from distractions. Sit comfortably, or even lie down, making sure your back is straight and that you can breathe easily. Consciously relax each part of your body until all the tension is relieved and your limbs are completely loose. Your mouth should be closed, but your lower and upper teeth slightly apart – you may be surprised at how tightly clenched your jaw can become without you consciously realising it!Finally fully relaxed physically, you are now able to focus on your breathing; listen to it and count the breaths, but try not to analyse it in anyway – no worrying if you can hear a slight wheeze, or if you are breathing too quickly. Once you feel that you are completely unwound mentally begin to clear your mind, letting go of distractions and nuisances and all intrusive thoughts.
Some thoughts will not want to go, do not worry about these, simply allow them to linger a moment before trying again to clear them; prime importance here, especially for the first few sessions, is staying calm and peaceful. Some people use this state to tackle problems they are facing, to try and come up with a workable solution, still others use the state to tackle physical problems, or even overcome addictions and religious people use this time to pray.However you choose to meditate and wherever you are, set a timer to let you know when your time is up. Make sure, though, that the chime is a gentle one – to be jarred out of your meditative state can undo all the good work of the session.You can do it!Believer or sceptic, anyone can gain benefit from a meditation session, and the upside is that there is no negative side-effects from what is essentially a way to think yourself to health and success – give it a go!Did you enjoy the article?

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