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Each of us goes through many stories in our life, looking for happiness and personal fulfillment.
In many ways we are looking for ways and limitless possibilities of life to find satisfaction- in the people that we meet, in the cities which we visit, in careers that can provide some meaning and direction to us, – a inner happiness and inner freedom, by which we strive so they could shine in our eyes and our hearts, but although seems somehow out of reach.
Life then encourages us to look inwards to find joy in life, which exists independently from all external things that come and go – and that’s how or personal and spiritual journey could begin. Finding happiness takes a new, unknown direction, inward journey leads us to seek deeper meaning in our lives and aspirations of the mighty happiness of being free inside you (figurative).
One of the most beautiful things about meditation is that we don’t need to know very much about it, to do it. Furthermore, there isn’t any need for dogma or special believing (or any believing except the one of your own). This is the feeling, that you could develop (blossom) into something more, higher, and that your own positive qualities in your nature or peaceful moments in your life, both could exceptionally strengthen (become strong) or multiply and increase.
Meditation is the transition to reinforcing the silence, inner peace and happiness of the soul. However, in order to reach this inner level, you have the external life to create the conditions that will support this revelation. The first secret is sincerity – no matter how difficult and busy your daily life is, you have to add the date and time for your own training and organize some special place at home, where you will practice. The same as plant grows, when there is enough sun, also your special place will reserved time will be as sun which will worm up your soul. Then, put a low table in that place, decorate table with a white cloth, and put on the table a candle in candle holder or on the salver and add a flower or two in the vase.
If you which, you could also add a thing or two from your personal belongings or some object which have some special value for your or feels close to you. It could also be a picture of your spiritual or mental guide, meditation statue, anything that connects you with the feeling of the spirit. Scents could also be very useful, therefore, if you prefer any scent of joss-stick, do use them; anything that will help you relax. The scent will create special feeling and will add a little ceremony and devotion your practice. Simplicity, Meditation Music – bamboo flute, singing with one voice, slow, quiet songs – could also embrace us in an atmosphere of serenity, which silence the mind and open heart.
Guided Meditation VR by Cubicle Ninjas is a virtual reality application that provides powerful relaxation in exotic locations across the globe. We offer free meditation classes wherein you will learn concentration, relaxation and meditation techniques to calm the mind, unwind from stress and find inner peace.
In the classes, you will learn different meditation techniques, these include concentration, breathing, mantra and the use of music for meditation. Well, what if I told you that I meditate sitting down in a chair or lying on my bed, wearing jeans and a t-shirt at times, hands on my stomach or by my side or perhaps behind my head, legs laid out however they end up being laid out.
Sure, I’ve attended two 10-day, silent Vipassana meditation retreats over the years, and I took them both very seriously, and they both brought tremendous benefit to my life, but I don’t practice that kind of dedicated meditation too often. All I know is that I do feel the need to drift away from the noise of life from time to time, to close my eyes for just a few minutes, to try and force all thoughts out of my head and to concentrate only on the light breaths that pass through my nose. Any time I recognize a need to just slow down or quiet myself down for a moment, this is what I do. It’s like the travel tip I once wrote about on the blog where I mention the benefits of going to a cafe and having a cup of coffee immediately upon arrival in a new destination. So why not take some time to relax and clear the mind more often, wherever we may be, whenever we are struggling to tackle our busy, up and down, often confusing lives? A few minutes of concentrated breathing in a quiet place and the decisions you need to make will become easier, your frustrations will become less intense and the obstacles you face less daunting.
What matters is that you take some time to focus on yourself and to stay on top of the challenges that life throws at you. Traveling can be a scary and bumpy ride at times and meditation could very well prove to be your best friend. Follow along via Email -- RSS -- Twitter -- Facebook as I prove that a life of constant travel is not so crazy after all. Meditation can be difficult at first, but the more you do it, the better you’ll feel and the better at it you will get. You know, I honestly never really knew about all the benefits of meditation before I started traveling. Meditation ( without spiritual links ) is actually a very healthy procedure, as its proven to detox your internal organs, the health benefits are equal to the metal benefits…. I do actually meditate while sitting on a long flight or early in the morning in my hotel room, while the rest of the family is sleeping.
I never realized the power of meditation without assuming the position until I was on a night train from Gardu Nore to Gottingen.
This technique was invented by the Heart Math Institute mainly aimed at stock brokers who work in a high intensity environment.
I’ve had a fair bit of anxiety over the past month or two and every time I sat down to meditate, my mind just ran over my worries over and over again until I almost had panic attacks and gave up. What I’ve found, though, is that the longer I tried to do it for, the more I would clear away the crap and find a bit of peace. My old psychologist used to get me to meditate imagining myself sitting by a stream with a tree dropping leaves into the water. Anyhoo, I guess the moral of the story is, taking a little bit of time each day is the best way to avoid all your crap building up and overtaking you.
There is no right or wrong way to do it, and forcing yourself into it will only leave you frustrated.
Brilliant post Earl, because we travelers can benefit so much from time spent in quiet, doing nothing, thinking no-thing, and observing. When I finally get to the station and sit down on the train, as my blood is flowing from the brisk walking, my body relaxes and I continue focusing on the music, and empty my brain. I travel 2 month every year to photograph traditional people and have been reading your blog for many years. Every day, before I leave my office, or before going to sleep, I close my eyes for five minutes and think of the people I love. Choosing the right soundtrack for bus, train, and subway rides while traveling can also have powerful effects. Hey Ilinca – It was for Radio Romania International and it was aired just a couple of days after it was recorded. This is the best way to indure a long flight…close your eyes and ears and just relax.
I`m super energetic, so sometimes I need to slow down, breathe and allow my mind get clear.
I too have done a ten day Vipassana meditation course here in Australia and it was a great introduction to meditation but to meditate for an hour twice a day every day seems to be highly impractical to me. Lucid dreaming has become immensely popular over the past few years, and for some good reasons! Sleep paralysis kicks in once Ia€™m relaxed enough – and the feeling of it usually forces me back awake. The first thing I ALWAYS do as soon as I realize Ia€™m lucid is put my face right up to the ground!
To successfully induce lucid dreaming takes practice, and the progression of surpassing our fears.
In the eastern health care traditions, Doctors would do just a few minutes of meditation before they saw a patient so they had a clear mind when tending to a patient.  This is something we should incorporate into our workplaces. Go out for a walk in nature, this can be very meditative for people.  You can do walking meditation with your eyes open by just bringing your attention to your breathing.
You can prevent a lot of future stress responses throughout your day by doing meditation right when you wake up. A lot of our day to day activities remove our attention away from the feelings in our body. If you do five to fifteen minutes of meditation during your lunch break every day, you will see almost immediate results.  Set a reminder, on your calendar or in your phone to stop and do meditation right before you eat lunch. Yoga is believed to have originated in India as part of one of the original schools of Hindu.
Designed to test the rigour of body and soul, yoga began as a form of meditation developed by Hindu monks.

Yoga has become increasingly popular since the 1980’s due to it being linked with long lasting benefits including increased vibrancy, increased quality of life, improved mental health and decreased pain. Stiff necks, sore backs, and numerous other conditions can keep you from living a full and happy life. Spending time with loved ones in a tranquil ecosystem focused on health improvement can bring you closer together. The host of your yoga weekend retreat will be able to tailor the practice to suit your needs whether you are a beginner or advanced.
Free Chakra Healing Guided Meditation ClassOur Free Chakra Healing Guided Meditations come in eight lessons, with available MP3s and videos. As you go through life, regardless of what happens, always remember that you are as precious and powerful as a queen. Allison Tibbs is a bestselling author, international speaker, owner of 2 businesses and founder of The Empower A Girl Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping girls have more success in life. Alissa Okrent is a Board Certified Guiding Mindful Change Coach with more than a decade of experience during which she has followed her passion, supporting her clients in achieving their career, stress management, health and wellness goals.
Below Loving Yourself Lifestyle Strategist, Cassie Parks, discusses this quote and the loving yourself process. These questions are great tools to use to check in with yourself and assist you in increasing your happiness daily! This quote is from Cassie Parks, Loving Yourself Life Strategist and Loving Yourself University founder. Three days later, I checked my bank account and the amount processed at the restaurant was only $130. If you’re ready to fall madly in love with yourself, check out the classes and other tools we offer at Loving Yourself University that will assist you. By, making the mind quiet, we can become aware of our inner stillness, and our inner peace.
The aim is to be aware of the present moment, away from our restless thoughts, and to create a space where our inner joy can come to the fore.
We are a group of diverse people brought together through a shared interest in meditation and the spiritual path of Sri Chinmoy.
Legs crossed, hands placed ever so gently on the knees, back straight, baggy cotton clothes flowing perfectly and alas, the look of pure zen on the face. I felt great when I did go to bed and I felt great when I woke up the next morning at 7:00am, despite those crazy long couple of days. When things get hectic or overwhelming, this one simple exercise, even a mere five minutes of it, will eliminate any growing feeling of losing control and not being able to keep up with life in general.
Taking a few minutes to just sit and relax before heading outside the airport and into the unknown allows your body and mind to calm down and ultimately, to make clearer and better decisions, thus reducing the risk of making bad, rushed decisions that you might regret later or that might lead to a variety of issues.
If you want to take it further and extend the activity for thirty or sixty minutes at a time, go for it.
It’s more important than you might think, especially if you want to venture out into the far corners of the world and put yourself way out of your comfort zone. The human mind thinks up to 60,000 thoughts a day, so it’s important to take some time out to clear the mind.
Breathing is the immediate method of detoxing the body, but beyond that, it’s powerful. Personally, I’m a Christian, so I combine meditation with the Bible, but meditation is beneficial for everyone, regardless of faith or the lack thereof. Sometimes it’s hard to keep your head clear to make the best decisions possible while abroad and I never thought of meditation! I was just looking out of the window and suddenly I got into this mind state awareness and I could feel and heard nothing but the sound of my own breathing. Although I cannot sit in meditation for longer than 15 minutes (max), without my mind wandering to thoughts of food, cats and back pain, a short few minutes in meditation helps you to touch base with yourself. It can be a picture of a baby,puppy ,your dog etc.Something that you have only positive thoughts about. Mediation is an excellent mental tool for improving focus, inner calm and preventing stress.
Myself been to the meditation classes daily 1 hour which we just take a break for our health. You put this up a few days ago but I didn’t see it til now, and I think the Universe lined that up rather nice because it seems like everybody is posting about facing your fears right now.
Every time a thought came along I would put it on one of the leaves and the river would float it downstream and away from me.
Since it’s an inwardly-focused activity, it should be shaped according to our own preferences.
I, for one, have found that just taking a few minutes and focusing on being more mindful of my surroundings and of myself will make a big difference. I find myself gaining more energy each day by going into that meditative state, where your mind is watched, and where you let thoughts go, and focus back on your breathing. My girlfriend, Alesha, meditates in a traditional sense, but I’ve got my own methods.
Better to take the time to relax a little through all the hectic motions that travel & life can bring.
We just finished up our first stay at an ashram and I am already a big lover of taking some time to meditate (or whatever you want to call it) to just help to re-centre and calm myself. At the end of the day, I leave work (which is often stressful) and I walk (instead of tram) all the way to the station (about 10 minutes).
I focus on my breathing, but I can barely last 60 seconds without my mind getting distracted. It was just a short 5 minute segment and I’m not sure exactly the time it aired in the end. But like I said earlier, the benefits are there for you though if you meditate day in day out. I either a) fall asleep or b) think about alarmingly similar things to you (the other day I thought about how I like to say the word goblet). The idea of a€?emerging into the new paradigma€™ translates into the sharing of new ideas that were once deemed too taboo.
Ita€™s easier for me to start lucid dreaming after Ia€™ve fallen asleep, as to skip the sleep paralysis step. For a lot of people, it isna€™t just blackness they see, its endless static of energy all subtlety buzzing around. An image starts out as a tiny dot in the center of my vision then rushes into me and I plunge into a different world.
Going over your past dreams just before you go to sleep helps refresh and focus the feeling of being lucid.
You can meditate everywhere and anywhere; meditation is not just for sitting down on a cushion. He studied with a Taoist monk for nine and half years, and traveled extensively to Asia and Australia in search of other meditation teachers. Yoga is now one of the most popular personal growth methods in the world and is practiced by millions of people every day. While Hindu traditions have had a major impact on yoga, you do not need to subscribe to the Hindu religion in order to enjoy all of the health and relaxation benefits of the ancient practice. This has led to the rapidly expanding popular of yoga weekend retreats focused on escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday living. The musculo-skeletal system refers to all of the muscles, joints, and bones used for locomotion.
Yoga encourages the stretching and toning of various muscles and helps maintain the overall health of the musculo-skeletal system.
Oftentimes people become too caught up in their lives and have trouble detaching from their daily habits and activities.
The facilities and setting, often near the mountains or sea will maximise the benefits of your experience and development.
Here you can find wallpapers for all types of Hindu Gods and Goddesses wallpapers including Mantra, Temples and more photos.
She is a coach and trainer to help educate, expose, and empower people to have more success in business and to live a life of passion, power, and purpose. In her practice, Alissa works with both individuals and corporate groups, helping them to maximize their life enjoyment, productivity and success.

Loving yourself is all about making choices that support who you are.  Choosing a candidate is no different.
In fact, when I ordered I very consciously chose my meal so I would not be paying this much for dinner. Find your happy place as our “Relaxation Artificial Intelligence” walks through proven meditation and mindfulness techniques.
In the past 30 years, we have offered free meditation classes to thousands of people who live in Ottawa. Just enter Sri Chinmoy Daily Meditations in the search function and the app will be listed. The so-called peace that we feel in our day-to-day life is five minutes of peace after ten hours of anxiety, worry and frustration. This principle of holistics recognises that a stress free and happy mind and a blossoming spiritual life are major factors in our physical health.
Find out what works for you and that’s your ‘right’ way, even if it is just five minutes of eyes-closed breathing here and there, perhaps with a teddy bear on your lap and a party hat on your head. Learn about this fabulous city from the locals – we’ll have a live video connection at the Cafe so you can experience this popular Viennese tradition. In high pressure moments, if you can control your breathing, you can control your mind, which controls your actions.
Stress can literally kill people, so it’s very important to take time out for the mind and body. Within 15 seconds will you sit there with this goofy smile on your face while your brain is being flooded with feel good hormones. Once I’d finished meditating I could pick up the thought again and worry about it, but just for now, just during my meditation time, the river would hang onto the thought for me. I have found my mind more at peace when my body is on auto pilot, like riding my motorcycle. I used to slackline a lot, and travelled with one and that used to be my form of meditation. I always have to be doing something and I’m useless at sitting still, so I want to be able to slow down my mind and feel more in control and I think meditation could help me with that. The way I look at it is, for people who have never meditated, their minds have not slowed down a single rev since the day they were born – that can’t be too healthy! I put my headphones on and listen to some energetic music, and I walk briskly and breathe deeply, listening to both the happy beat of the music and my breathing through it. Taking a moment or more to bring yourself to space of neutrality no matter what is floating in your head, no matter where you are, no matter what your face looks like, no matter what you are wearing, that is meditation. Even 5 minutes a day seems to be too hard to fit into my schedule, as I always find excuses to make to push it down the list of priorities that I have for the day.
When I find the center point of my vision, I can make the flat image of darkness look like a 3D room with a lot of depth to it.A  If I can focus on that without completely falling asleep, I can slip into lucid dreaming. It feels like therea€™s so much pressure I cana€™t breathe and I usually turn my head to the side and wake up. In the moment, it makes sense to manifest something to fly with that helps me, and for some reason a plastic bag does the job. When I read my old dream descriptions, a flood of memories and images come back like I had JUST had that dream.
When we see the value of the connection between us all, we can interact on the astral dimension!
He has spent over a decade researching, studying, and collecting information on various meditation systems of Asia. That’s why a yoga weekend retreat is perfect for relaxation and bringing you back to a calm state of being. As the body ages or suffers wear and tear from accidents or injuries, the musculo-skeletal system can become a source of pain. If you are feeling worn out a Yoga weekend retreat could be just the thing you need to rejuvenate your health!
Escaping for a few days of rest and retreat is a great way to step back and find the peace and quiet you need. What happened to my little princess?”  In that moment, I realized that I had to make a difference. Her desire to help others fall madly in love with themselves and their life lead her to create Loving Yourself University. If you live in the United States you are blessed to get to participate in electing the person responsible for running this country for the next four years.  Registering to vote and voting are super important loving yourself choices.
We enjoyed happy hour before moving into a private dining room, so my friend, my sister and I were quite full by the time it came to dinner. It wasn’t vicious or intentional, but the people who suggested this missed the fact that splitting the bill that way wasn’t exactly fair. We are constantly at the mercy of the negative forces that are all around us: jealousy, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety and despair. Even in an intensely emotional situation, you can control your response by concentrating on regulating your breathing. Meditation brings the mind to a more pristine state and there is no better to tackle a trip (or life, for that matter) than a a clear mind. When I left that train, even though I had been tired, I felt super sharp and alert; like a new person. I found this practice so helpful, but just like the mind jungle getting overgrown after a while, if I’m not disciplined enough with meditation there are eventually more thoughts than there are leaves and it takes a while to clear them all out. The music we need, the feelings we need, the thoughts we need, or the food we need, all of these attachments, well, they come and go when you learn to go into the no thought space of meditate. Meditate is a wonderful vehicle for dealing and letting go mental stuff which weighs down so many folks. Now that I don’t have one in my backpack I find riding my motorbike around whatever country we are in can be quite therapeutic.
That said, I just did a 20 min guided meditation on the Insight Timer app that I highly recommend to anyone interested in meditation and I came out of that session wondering to myself, why didn’t I meditate sooner?
Ita€™s always scary and uncomfortable – Ia€™m still learning how to fully get through it. It reassures me what Ia€™m doing is possible, but if the doubt remains present then Ia€™ve lost control. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the one thing you are told about health care prevention is to monitor your feelings.  Because negative feelings cause your body to become unbalanced leading to various health problems.
Robert is currently in the process of writing a book on meditation to make the topic more accessible for stress relief, health, and happiness. As we walked home, my friend tried to get me to take more money and said I didn’t have to cover them. Hunters (and military snipers) know the power of controlling their breathing and it allows them to get those accurate shots, despite micro-tremors, crazy emotions, and intense pressure.
Sure we need food to survive, but it’s the attachment and abuse of stuff outside of us, which creates so much suffering, and so many problems in our lives.
A bit different, however, as I can’t get so relaxed that I get sleepy on a back road in Laos! I guess as we get older we start to have too much crap running through our minds, which is probably why we seek things like meditation to stop us from going crazy.
The astral plane exists right here, intertwined with the third dimension on a slightly higher frequency. Ia€™m scared to fall and feel pain while lucid because I dona€™t fully believe that I control it. Imagine hanging out with everyone you know, seeing past their physical being and loving them, for they are you. Spending the extra money hurt my wallet a lot less then it did theirs and I was fine with that. I also like to look at my hands and body to confirm Ia€™m really experiencing it – although Ia€™ve never remembered to look at myself in the mirror.

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