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Paul and Maia Bedson will help you to learn and practise techniques that will deepen your experience of meditation and provide you with long-term support through stress and uncertainty.
Cost:  Starting from $650 per person (including GST), depending on your choice of accommodation.
Transcendental Meditation was brought from India to the West in 1959 by the revolutionary meditation teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
Learned by more than 6 million people worldwide, 650 scientific research studies on TM show benefits such as improved sleep, improved memory, concentration and energy, reduced anxiety and depression, clearer thinking and reduced use of alcohol and tobacco.It’s taught in 4 sessions over a weekend and the first course at CHHC begins on Saturday 12th July. The course is offered by The Meditation Trust charity whose group of fully qualified, highly experienced and enthusiastic teachers offer expert instruction in this simple, effortless meditation. We have a large team of fully qualified and highly experienced practitioners, all experts in their respective field and all have professional body registration. Our studio is a beautiful, light and spacious room, which is multi-purpose and can be used for a variety of events and classes.
Yoga is believed to have originated in India as part of one of the original schools of Hindu. Designed to test the rigour of body and soul, yoga began as a form of meditation developed by Hindu monks.
Yoga has become increasingly popular since the 1980’s due to it being linked with long lasting benefits including increased vibrancy, increased quality of life, improved mental health and decreased pain. Stiff necks, sore backs, and numerous other conditions can keep you from living a full and happy life. Spending time with loved ones in a tranquil ecosystem focused on health improvement can bring you closer together. The host of your yoga weekend retreat will be able to tailor the practice to suit your needs whether you are a beginner or advanced.
Free Chakra Healing Guided Meditation ClassOur Free Chakra Healing Guided Meditations come in eight lessons, with available MP3s and videos.
WhenJan 22 to Jan 24 2016Take time for you, lose stress, listen to the birds, the breeze, feel your heartbeat, your breath. Price425.00 CADPrice includes all meals, shared accommodation and all classes, skiing or snowshoeing and lots of fun!
Full DescriptionTake time just for you, lose some stress, you can feel more centered and able to deal with whatever life presents. Throughout the weekend you are invited to explore various forms of mindfulness meditations (vipassana) including sitting, walking, skiing and eating as well as mindful movement through yoga, keeping in mind that everything is optional.
No experience is necessary and this retreat is perfect if you’re curious about meditation but not sure how to start or what to expect. This retreat is perfect for you even if you have physical limitations to movement, little or no meditation or yoga experience.
Leave behind your life’s distractions and stresses for a full weekend meditation course. Our weekend retreats are an immersive fusion of yoga, meditation, inspiring discussion, nourishing food and fellowship with like-minded people in a beautifully relaxing environment. Learn how a meditation retreat can help you silence the chaos of external distractions, allowing you to open your ears to the words of inner peace that your heart and mind are trying to speak to you. Begin the morning with a series of easy-to-follow exercises designed to wake up the body by infusing it with life force and creating a flow of energy.
Learn simple yet effective meditation techniques that you can begin to practise immediately to calm the restless mind and cultivate an expansive state of being.
Bring your whole body to life with a simple and effective set of five exercises and affirmations that boost energy levels and expand awareness. The stillness of the body and mind are two of the key ingredients of a silent, seated meditation. Whereas the scientific techniques of meditation engage the mind into a state of Dharana (concentration), for true meditation to begin one needs to enter a state of Dhyana (deep meditation).

Our goals and dreams are at risk of remaining in the passive state of wishful thinking, unless we put some energy behind them. Whether it’s aspects of our lives we need to get rid of, or goals we are working towards, setting a formal intention is the first step towards a successful change.
Owner and teacherKavita ParshotamA serious meditator for more than twenty years, Kavita left her promising business career to devote herself full time to sharing the teachings of Self-realisation. Relaxing weekends in a quiet and peaceful environment providing a rare opportunity to refresh your mind through meditation. This weekend meditation retreat is the perfect opportunity to experience deep relaxation and connect to the stillness within you. There will be a series of detailed teachings on how to meditate, accompanied by a sequence of meditation practise sessions.
This cost covers all elements of the program, including delicious organic plant-based wholefood meals, snacks, freshly squeezed juices, herbal teas and dandelion coffee.
Each of our therapies and treatments will help you to improve your physical and emotional health and are suitable for all ages – from tiny babies to the elderly.
Yoga is now one of the most popular personal growth methods in the world and is practiced by millions of people every day. While Hindu traditions have had a major impact on yoga, you do not need to subscribe to the Hindu religion in order to enjoy all of the health and relaxation benefits of the ancient practice.
This has led to the rapidly expanding popular of yoga weekend retreats focused on escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday living.
The musculo-skeletal system refers to all of the muscles, joints, and bones used for locomotion. Yoga encourages the stretching and toning of various muscles and helps maintain the overall health of the musculo-skeletal system. Oftentimes people become too caught up in their lives and have trouble detaching from their daily habits and activities.
The facilities and setting, often near the mountains or sea will maximise the benefits of your experience and development. Treat yourself to a weekend away where everything is optional and you are encouraged to do whatever feels right for you. Explore various forms of meditation (vipassana) including sitting, walking, skiing and mindful yoga.
Beginners will discover how to sit comfortably and experienced practitioners can deepen their practice.
Unleash your own personal transformation by learning how to meditate and starting your own personal practice.
Throughout the weekend we will help you create greater self-awareness, and equip you with tools and skills for discovering and connecting with your true nature, the wholesome you.
The beach house has plenty of chairs and couches for those who prefer not to sit on the floor.
We’ll help you tune into a state of receptivity so that you can spend this time pampering your soul, and carving your path towards a more peaceful, focused and productive existence.
These exercises make the perfect preparation for the classical yoga postures that will follow. You will learn about the three states of consciousness and how you can elevate your mind to the highest state. It is with this practice that we are able to open the heart and clear it of emotional debris, making way for clarity and heightened consciousness. Just as reason and feeling are found in balance in a conscious individual, science (methodology) and art (intuition) are natural partners. Deepen your meditation by learning how to engage the most natural human emotion in your practice. A ceremony such as the fire ritual helps us make that conscious intention in a symbolic way.

In this seminar you will learn how to extend the positive effects of meditation into your life.
I feel re connected with the spirit of yoga that so many yoga institutions seem to pass over so very easily. Once you send your request we will email you back with instructions on how to make your payment through internet banking. She is the founder of the Narrows Retreat, New Zealand’s first Ananda centre, where she teaches yoga, meditation, and other classes on the philosophy and practice of the journey towards Self-realisation. Through meditation we can learn how to relax and develop peaceful and positive states of mind.
This retreat is well suited for both beginners and experienced meditators wishing to deepen their meditation. That’s why a yoga weekend retreat is perfect for relaxation and bringing you back to a calm state of being.
As the body ages or suffers wear and tear from accidents or injuries, the musculo-skeletal system can become a source of pain. If you are feeling worn out a Yoga weekend retreat could be just the thing you need to rejuvenate your health!
Escaping for a few days of rest and retreat is a great way to step back and find the peace and quiet you need. Enjoy cross country skiing or snowshoeing, afternoon nap or play in the snow between classes.
Treat yourself to a weekend of wholesome practices for the body, mind and soul and leave feeling renewed, recharged and inspired.
Classical yoga postures will be practised with affirmations designed to kindle positive transformation in the mind. Meditation is not a passive activity, so you will learn how to lift your energy levels so you can deepen concentration and prevent yourself from drifting into a sleepy state.
In this walking meditation, we will look at how we can take walking beyond the mundane functionality and use it as a way to create a deep connection to nature and to our highest potential. In this practical session, you will learn how you can understand and unleash your true inner potential through creativity.
Love is a powerful source of energy that flows effortlessly towards the object of our affection, whether it’s a person, a goal, or a creative project. By engaging in symbolic, cognitive or routine rituals, we can make our intentions more conscious, bringing them closer to realisation.
Basically we cultivate the ability to pay attention, while knowing that we’re paying attention. A walking meditation helps us practise how we can infuse everyday tasks with passion and purpose. In this seminar, we teach you how to develop emotional intelligence and how you can use the natural love of the heart to speed you on your way towards higher consciousness.
During the ceremony, you will enter a meditative state as you cast your intention into the fire, opening the way for transformation. With a sharpened awareness we proceed to observe the changing nature of body and mind and the environment we’re in. Ideally we cultivate the ability to pay attention moment to moment without needing to sit still to do it, taking mindfulness into daily living.

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