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Sydney Weekend Meditation Workshops are conducted on a monthly basis upon demand and are conducted in small groups of up to 12.
The opportunity to discuss your meditation technique and connect with other meditators in a fun weekend. A large bottle of water, warm clothing if you feel cool and please wear loose and comfortable clothing.
If you have a group of friends or colleagues, or you’re a group of mothers who need the benefit of more rest and would like to get together for one of my Sydney Meditation Workshops or you would like to introduce meditation to your club or organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Can being “In The Zone” more often turn our Good-Enough into Above-Average Work?
Angel Meditation teaches people how to meditate to feel positive, uplifted and less stressed.
A meditation CD or MP3 download of beautiful relaxing spoken word and music, has been created by Angel Meditation, guiding people through an easy to follow programe to help reach meditation bliss. To compliment the CD there is a variety of one and two-day workshops teaching meditation skills from the beginner to advanced practitioner levels and for even deeper contemplations Angel Meditation provide weekend retreats. Angel Meditation also provide training in the ancient practice of Angelic Meditation, a non-denominational method of deep meditation which enables people to open their mind to connect with their own Guardian Angel. Our passion is to share with others the wisdom and knowledge we have gained in order to help support them on their own journey to realise a happy, healthy fulfilling life of love, joy and peace. A team of 11 volunteers from sahaja yoga meditation had the joy and honor of participating to Unionville High-school’s  Wellness Day on May 15, 2015.

Truly, Sahaja Yoga Meditation had been a reliable partner in building healthy communities all across Ontario, Canad. Our Thanks go to the amazing Wellness Committee from Unionville high-school, to the amazing students and to all teachers and of course to the principal – it was a splendid event and we are sure that all participants had both learned about and experienced essentials of health and wellness applicable to our day to to day life.
On Nyingma Institute’s fortieth year anniversary the institute present a week of free classes focusing on cultivating a joyful approach to life based on insight into the workings of body, emotions, mind, and thought. Registration is not necessary.
An opportunity to deepen your meditation practice and to introduce your friends or family to the benefits of Nyingma meditation. Discover the gentle movement exercises of Kum Nye: effective techniques for relaxation, healing, relieving tension, and revitalizing body and mind. Ancient Buddhist texts advise us to “let a joyful mind sustain us” and many teachings point to the value of joyful, contented feelings.
Join the 90,000+ San Franciscans and get our picks for the best Bay Area free & cheap events and deals each week. Beloved Yoga is presenting Meditation Workshops at Greater Reston Arts Center, “Contemplating Art: Thought Experiments, Black Holes, and Meditation” inviting all to experience firsthand Einstein’s “Thought Experiments” that formulated his Theory of Relativity. Die Workshops a€zGemeinsam meditieren a€“ miteinander schweigena€? unter der Leitung von Dieter W. Alle in diesem Online-Magazin enthaltenen allgemeinen Empfehlungen ersetzen nicht den A¤rztlichen Rat bei individuellen Erkrankungen. Through an audio guide, workshops and one-to-one sessions; promoting happiness, wellbeing and self-healing.

When we told them how this meditation will help them to be energetic, dynamic and alert which in turn will help them with their studies – It really made them serious about experiencing it and learning how to do it on regular basis. When we chant a mantra, we are free to transcend habitual reflexes.The sound of mantra can still the mind and senses, relax the body, and connect us with natural healing energy. With Beloved Yoga directors Maryam and Jafar, workshop attendees will sit among the artwork of Rebecca Kamen’s “Continuum” exhibition for meditation that will also include diving into the idea of black holes to expand upon common perceptions and open space within for creativity and ideas. Bitte suchen Sie bei gesundheitlichen Beschwerden immer Ihren Hausarzt oder niedergelassenen Facharzt auf.
Erika Rosenberg, research psychologist in human emotions and Nyingma Institute instructor, will discuss recent discoveries in the science of happiness, including discussion of the physical and mental health benefits of cultivating joy. Both will be held at Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE), 12001 Market Street, Suite 103, at Reston Town Center. And almost everyone could feel the vibrations flowing from top of their heads and also coming from others.
And they even started to diagnose their own problems after learning about the qualities for different channels and energy centres.

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