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In 1956, Barney Rosset, the editor of Grove Press, asked Frank O'Hara to resubmit poems for publication by Grove. Rosset accepted O'Hara's poems, and as work went on, publication plans were made to include artwork as a frontispiece for a limited edition. Wouldn't it be more to the point to have some artist with whom I am more closely connected do this? An extension of an on-going series of programs organized by the three host organizations about the problem of art criticism in St. The last two hours of the event will be accompanied by a musical performance by Zak Marmalefsky. Featured on NPR, Time Magazine’s art blog, and other local media, his current project “What the Hell Is St.

About the musician: Zak Marmalefsky is an aspiring crooner and country music admirer who lives in St. The selection does seem important to the poems (if I'm not being too impressed by the French), and there are a few painters whose work has influenced the poems strongly, so shouldn't they at least be considered? Louis, this event offers artists in the community an opportunity to have ekphrastic poems written about their artwork. Louis poet Henry Goldkamp will be stationed at fort gondo with a typewriter, where he will compose poems for any piece of art brought to him.
Louis, Henry Goldkamp translated his skills as a union sheet metal worker into the medium of sculpture while also molding his craft as a self-taught poet. The event aims to provide an alterative approach to traditional critical strategies and encourage play as a solution to absences and ostensible crises.

The latter led to the development of his poetry project, Fresh Poetry, Ink, in which he fashions poems tailor-made for passersby. His work has led him to collaborations with Contemporary Art Museum, The Mayor’s Office of St.

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