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This post discuss on a video that covers Michael Tipper who shares on various techniques to improve the memory. This post covers a video interview of Tony Buzan specifically on Mind mapping and how it helps one enhance the thinking process as well as memory power. This post looks at the need to practice continuously till we gotten the desired improvement of memory. This post discusses the memory improvement technique that helps to remember names and numbers.
If you like this game, you might also enjoy the Mario Memory Game and Quic Pic memory match game pages. When you're ready, click the "I'm Ready" button to begin or simply wait 35 seconds for the game to start. Match 'Em, also known as Memory Match or Concentration, is a great game for improving short-term memory.

If you like this game, you might also enjoy the other free memory games on this site, such as Lightning Librarian, Trolley Dash, and Brain Safari. The limit of human short-term memory is why phone numbers, credit card numbers, and other long sequences of numbers are often broken into smaller groups of 3 or 4 digits. The technique will help to condition the data so that our mind can better accept the information.
It’s only through these practice that we could eventually recall the key information and techniques. Basically it enhances our memory by pegging the things we want to remember to numbers and by clustering it together, we could even able to recall many more things.
Both methods require practice for it to be 2nd nature of our life and greatly enhance our effectiveness. By constantly practicing the word exercise, one will be able improve the brain power and hence the memory.

It will be truly exciting to get into playing of these games while working on our brain, making us rather effective. It will help to train your and your child memory, And you will not be able to put this game down. This type of memory is very important for problems solving and other tasks where you need to hold several pieces of information in mind at one time.

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