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May 02, 2016Natural Treatment for Parkinson's SymptomsGot Parkinsons, or know someone who does?
Try this free Bible Word Search puzzle to refresh your memory of Biblical names, places, and events. NOTE: There are several more printable Bible word search puzzles on this site, including Apostles, Books of the Bible, Plagues of Egypt, the Prophets, and the Tribes of Israel. This causes a blue line to be drawn through the word, and the word is removed from the Bible word list automatically. Clicking this button causes the first letter of one of the words in the puzzle to flash repeatedly as your hint. Symptoms include hyperactivity, distractability, poor school performance, impulsive behavior, and problems focusing on tasks. For example, sufficient restful sleep each night helps clear the mind and consolidate new memories.
Playing brain games for a few minutes each day can help strengthen the neural pathways used when focusing and concentrating. A healthy diet, including so-called brain foods as well as fish oil and a vitamin supplement can help insure the brain has all the nutrients it needs to function optimally. The day is closely associated with the exchange of "valentines," notes expressing a mutual exchange of love. The Valentines honored on February 14 are Valentine of Rome, a priest in Rome martyred in AD 269, and Valentine of Terni, a bishop of Interamna martyred in AD 197 during Christian persecution by the Emperor Aurelian. The day became associated with romantic love in the High Middle Ages with Geoffrey Chaucer. If you want to memorize state capitals, make use of this powerful truth: Your brain recalls images easier than words. In ancient times, mental image techniques were used to memorize all kinds of material, from speeches to poetry. I'll show you below how to use one of these powerful techniques to memorize the state capitals of the United States. Learn and use this fun image technique, and you will be able to recall the names of the state capitals easily. To take advantage of this to memorize state capitals, we need to create images that represent each of the capital cities and each of the states.
Since these images will be new to you (unlike the mental image of your living room), we need to make the images very memorable. When we see in everyday life things that are petty, ordinary, and banal, we generally fail to remember them, because the mind is not being stirred by anything novel or marvellous.
You should have a lot of fun thinking up the images that will help you memorize state capitals, because these mental pictures need to be as weird as possible! The secret is to imagine objects, places, and actions that represent the sound of the name. It's time for a few examples that show exactly how to create the images you need to memorize state capitals. To do this, I simply imagine George Washington on the dollar bill looking up in horror as a giant ant wearing a parachute falls from the sky and lands on his bald head. To lock this image firmly in your mind, simply review it (think of it mentally) a few times. Seeing the giant ant with the parachute in your mind, there is no possibility that you will accidentally think the capital of Georgia is Macon, Savannah, or any other city. To create the link, I'll imagine a scene where Noah is on his ark, along with the animals two-by-two as in the Bible story. Of course, rocks are a major problem, so Noah is trying to knock the rocks away with a giant saw that he has nearby.
With the above scene in mind, it would be quite impossible to forget that Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas.
Once again, it should be obvious there is no way you will forget that Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky. As long as you practice calling this image to mind a few times to set it in memory, there is no possibility that you will think that Louisville or any other city is the capital of Kentucky. Now, I could go through the entire list of states capitals and think of image scenes for you.
That's because I cannot know what feelings, thoughts, knowledge, or experiences any given word evokes in your mind. Ladybird is a challenging brain puzzle that can help build your concentration and deductive reasoning.
If you like this game, you might also enjoy the other free math and puzzle games on this site, such as Tower Blaster, Chronotron, and Numberz.
Note: The game file is large, so it might take a moment or two to load in the pop-up window. If you like this number puzzle game, you might enjoy the other free math games on this site, such as online Sudoku, Daily Kakuro, and Numberz. This mathdoku games includes the four basic math operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The goal of kenken is to fill out the grid with numbers, using the math operator (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) provided for each subsection. As in sudoku number puzzles, in kenken you can only enter a number once in each row or column. More examples: A three-celled cage with "12x" means you need to enter three numbers that when multiplied by each other equal to 12. Whenever you happen to make an entry that causes a number to display twice in the same row or column, or if the calculation with the operator is factually incorrect, the background of one of the numbers glows red.
For instance, if you enter 4 - 2 = 1 in a cage (which, of course, is not a correct subtraction fact), a red background displays to alert you of your error. There are a few other useful options in this Mathdoku Challenge game: Mute, Timer, Background Off, and Hint. To change the background of the puzzle board from bamboo to plain white, click the White BG Off button in the upper right.
If you're accustomed to playing on paper, or if your vision isn't the best, you might prefer the white background. You might also want to check out my free Multiplication Flash Cards and Multiplication Speed Test. To view and print a PDF file, you need the free Adobe PDF Reader or other PDF reader software installed on your computer.
Note: If you need the chart in a custom size, send me a message through my Contact Me page. When students write the multiplication facts themselves, the facts are set more firmly in memory. For a simple brain exercise, print out the multiplication chart and keep it on your desk or near your computer for about two weeks. To complete the level, you must guide your character (a small red square, actually) from the starting position to the finish position without being touched by the moving obstacles. Even after you've figured out a way to maneuver through the obstacles, you still need to react quickly. Each time you are touched by a moving obstacle, thus losing the level, the counter at the top of the game goes up. However, if you want a high score on the Worlds Hardest Game, you will need to not die a lot. Then you need to check out William Curtis' natural treatment for Parkinson's symptoms.William has suffered with Parkinson's for more than a dozen years. Like all word searches, the goal of this free Bible Word Search is to find the words hidden in the puzzle. When you are ready to sign up for the free trial, click the Create Account link at the top of their home page to get started. Greeting Card Association estimates that about 1 billion valentines are sent each year world wide.
You won't get confused by which cities go with which states, and you won't be distracted by the names of other well-known cities in the state.
Images used for memorization therefore need to be funny, exaggerated, or strange so they stick in your mind. Because we want to remember that Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and not some other state, we need to link our mental image for Atlanta to our mental image for Georgia. As long as you create a strong, clear image such as the one above in your mind, there is no way you can forget the capital of the state of Georgia. Let's continue with more examples that illustrate how to use memory images to memorize state capitals. To avoid mixing up the capitals of these states, remember that polar bears live near the North Pole while penguins live near the South Pole.

His ark is floating on the floodwaters, but this time instead of raindrops coming down, it's a rainstorm of colorful little rocks!
No matter, you can still think of the same images as I've used here, but make them clear in your own mind by thinking of Noah's ark, the rocks, the saw, and the other details the way that you would envision them. For frank, you could imagine someone you know named Frank, but frank is also another name for "hot dog", so I'll use that. Now that you understand how this technique works, try and imagine that scene very clearly in your own mind. However, as the author of the Ad Herennium observed 2,000 years ago, the most effective memory images are the ones you create for yourself. Complete the puzzle by placing tiles on the board, making sure all 'inside' numbers match with the tile beside them.
When she reaches the top, the blue lightning bug will fly, spreading colorful stars as he goes. So for a 4x4 grid, the numbers 1,2,3, & 4 can only be entered once in each row and column in the grid. In the example below, there is a single cell with a "4" displayed in the upper left of the cell. For instance, you see a two-cell cage with a "3+" displayed in the upper left corner of the cage. Zero (0) is not a valid number in mathdoku puzzles, so in this example you'd need to enter a 2 in one of the cells and a 1 in the other cell (2 + 1 = 3).
A two-celled cage with "1-" indicates you need to enter two numbers that equal 1 when they are subtracted. An automatic timer displays in the upper right so you can track how long you've been working on the puzzle. You have my permission to print, copy, and distribute them to anyone as long as the copyright notice at the bottom of the page stays in place. This version has the vertical axis, horizontal axis, and grid, but the product cells in the grid are blank.
Thus, the action of writing the products on the chart may help students better remember them. As you go through each level, you must also collect any small yellow coins that are on the screen. The Worlds Hardest Game is designed to only allow you a small window of time to move your piece to avoid one obstacle and then the next.
Your score at the end is a reflection of how many times you have not lost while attempting the various levels.
From memory tips and free brain games to true stories of memory problems submitted by real visitors, I'm continually adding cool and useful content.
But he's come across a remarkable coffee concoction that calms his tremors better than his prescription meds.Don't believe it? The words in this puzzle are all found in the Scripture, both Old Testament and New Testament.
I'm sure you can visualize where each chair, table, lamp, and other piece of furniture is placed. This powerful memorization technique is known by various names, but I refer to it as Visualization & Association. But the names of the states and their capitals are not concrete objects, they are abstract names. To memorize that Atlanta is the capital of Georgia, and to memorize it so well that there is no possibility of thinking some other city is the capital of that state, we first need to create a mental image for "Atlanta" and then create a mental image for "Georgia". What you are doing here is creating a mental hook, the image, to retrieve information from your memory.) To remember "ant land on", I'll think of a giant ant wearing a parachute. That name makes me think of either Curious George (the cartoon monkey) or George Washington, one of the Founding Fathers of America.
Include a polar bear in your "North state" mental images and a penguin in your "South state" images to keep them straight.
You will have the most success using the image technique to memorize state capitals if you create your own images anyway. Is there any chance I would now say that Fort Smith, Fulton, or some other city was Arkansas' capital? You should create mental images that are simple enough to remember but that have enough "strangeness" and detail that you will recall the city and state names without much effort. To tie the capital and state names together, I clearly picture a king (with crown, cape, etc.) who is using a giant fork to stuff (tuck) hot dogs down his pants! Further, the act of inventing your own images forces you to concentrate intently on the information. If you want to return to the Mathdoku Challenge main menu to solve another kenken puzzle, click that message.
You can see in your mind details about them, too, such as their color, material, and so on. For "Little Rock", I'll think of little rocks, perhaps a bunch of them raining down from the sky.
The little falling rocks in the image can only mean the city of Little Rock, and Noah's ark and the saw he is using can only mean the state of Arkansas and no other state. As our last example in this discussion of how to memorize state capitals, let's try Frankfort, Kentucky. It's hard to believe this coffee drink isn't being "prescribed" for everyone with Parkinson's. Click the link below to read more about William's amazing Parkinson's drink (which is pretty easy to make - I did) on my new page about this topic. It was traumatic, both for his grandpa and for the entire family.His grandfather's experience with dementia inspired Matthew to start searching for solutions about memory. Could they improve their quality of life even while living under the diagnosis of this dreaded disease?Matthew, a pharmacist by profession, eventually had the brainstorm of testing his memory, often, using a series of questions about everyday events. He reasoned that self-testing one's episodic memory could strengthen the bonds of existing memories and enhance recall.Ultimately Matthew wrote a book on this new approach to boosting memory power.
If you're worried about dementia or other forms of memory loss as you get older, you should check out Matthew's book and try his technique!Most forms of dementia are not curable. So we all need to do what we can to strengthen our memory power to the degree it is possible. For the first 60 years of her life, Jeanne DeBold knew something was seriously wrong with her. A visit to a neurosurgeon uncovered the reason for her balance problems: Water on the brain!It had been there all along, yet no one had diagnosed it. She just wants anyone else out there with this problem to find treatment and relief from their symptoms.Read more about her story, and learn how hydrocephalus can mimic other conditions including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. We need to spread the word to help prevent this nightmare scenario from happening to others. Their online brain games are a great way to keep your brain active, so you might want to check it out.All subscriptions include access to over 50 online scientific brain games, progress tracking, comparison with other users in your age group, strength & weakness analysis, and more. Compared to sleeping on your stomach or back, sleeping on your side helps the brain clean itself of toxins.When we sleep, a special system in the brain washes away harmful substances in the cerebral spinal fluid. According to research, this system functions much better if we're sleeping on our side.There are other health benefits to side-sleeping, too. In fact, one side may be better to sleep on than the other.Click the link below to visit my new page on this topic and learn more.Continue reading "Side-Sleeping Protects the Brain Against Dementia"Mar 12, 2016Supaplex Remake - An Amazing Free Online Maze GameMaze lovers, rejoice! There are over 100 maze levels in this game for you to solve.In this game you play the character Murphy (sort of like Pacman) whose job is to remove the bugs from a computer.
In my latest article, I explain the cognitive risks of being overweight and how bad it actually is for your brain and memory.In the article I've also included an online tool for measuring your Body Mass Index (BMI) in case you don't know it already. The BMI is a good screening tool for estimating how far outside the normal weight range you might be.There are many pieces to the brain health puzzle.
The pages display more quickly now, saving you time.Have comments or observations about the new pageload speed? Send a message to me through my Contact Me page.I'm always looking for ways to improve your experience on my website.
Faster-loading pages is another step in that direction.Feb 26, 2016Late-Night Eating Hurts Learning & MemoryThat midnight snack is a really bad idea.
New research shows that late-night eating disrupts the formation of new memories in the brain.It's already well-known that late dinners and midnight snacks are not good for your health. They increase the risk of weight gain and acid reflux disease, not to mention restless sleep.Now we can add worse memory and learning to the list. Researchers have discovered that late-eating directly interferes with the hippocampus and its ability to form new long-term memories.For more information, click the link below to visit my latest article on this topic.
This is a burger shop game, where you prepare hamburgers per customer order.If you do a good job, you'll earn lots of tips.
Use this money to upgrade your burger shop with cool features like a jukebox, newspaper stand, or arcade game.This may just be a game, but it really does require you to pay attention to detail.

Just go to the game page and start playing.Continue reading "Papa's Burger Shop - Free Online Brain Game"Feb 17, 2016Memory Loss for no apparent reasonI am now 57, and in my 4th marriage. If you like bubble shooters, this one is right up your alley.Create groups of three-of-a-kind bubbles by color.
Just go to the game page and start playing.Continue reading "Valentine Solitaire (9-in-1) - Free Online Brain Game"Feb 04, 2016Common Anticholinergic Drugs Like Benadryl May Cause Memory Loss, Even DementiaIf you often take Benadryl, Chlor-Trimeton, or other allergy medications, beware!
Anticholinergic drugs such as these may cause memory loss, even full-blown dementia, especially in older individuals.It's not just allergy medicine, either.
But watch out for the monsters - they're trying to get you!I've added this game as a replacement for Falstad's 3D Mazes.
This game keeps score, so aim carefully and choose the power of your stroke wisely.It's tempting in Flop Shot Minigolf to whack away at the ball.
But if you really want a low, good score, take your time to plan ahead.Concentration games like online minigolf train brain skills like attention, logic, and visual perception.
Play a variety of brain games often to keep your brain sharp.Like all the brain games on my site, this online game is free to play anytime. Just go to the game page and start playing.Continue reading "Flop Shot Minigolf - Free Online Brain Game"Jan 17, 2016Gem Cave Adventure - Free Online Brain GameWant to have fun and keep your brain sharp? Use the treasure you find to help rebuild your town.Avoid the obstacles and monsters in the caves, though!As you rebuild your village, plant trees, build houses, even castles. You can even unlock new outfits for your character.This game includes 23 quests to complete.
All while sharpening important brains skills like visual perception, logical thinking, and reaction time.Like all the brain games on my site, this online game is free to play anytime.
Given that Flash does have vulnerabilities, it makes sense to set up your browser in a way that limits your exposure to malware.
Firefox and other browsers have this feature, but Chrome does it best, in my opinion.Continue reading "Click-to-Play: A Safer Way to Play Flash Games"Jan 05, 2016Can't Sleep? Blue Light from Electronics May Be Keeping You AwakeIf you have trouble falling asleep at night, your smart phone, tablet, or computer screen could be the culprit.Studies show that blue wavelengths of light interfere with the sleep cycle. By checking email or watching TV before bed, you may be hindering your brain's ability to wind down and relax.Thankfully, the solution isn't to power down all devices at sunset. Instead, go on the offensive and block the blue light!Click the link below to check out my new article on this topic. I explain how blue light keeps you awake and provide several ways you can filter out blue light after dark. With these methods, you can use your electronic devices before bed and still get a good night's sleep.Continue reading "Can't Sleep?
Stay in the New Year's celebratory spirit while giving your brain a boost!Mahjong tile games are solitaire games that train important brain skills including attention and visual perception.Find matching pairs of tiles to clear the mahjong board. This can be tricky, though, because you can only pair unblocked tiles.This free New Year's-themed game includes several features you might find helpful. The game also includes a Hint button (with unlimited uses) in case you get stuck.But perhaps best of all, this version comes with 11 different layouts. For example, choose from stacks shaped like a top hat, martini glass, or New York City.Like all the brain games on my site, this online game is free to play anytime. Keep in the Christmas spirit while giving your brain a boost!Mahjong tile games are solitaire games that train important brain skills including attention and visual perception.Find matching pairs of tiles to clear the mahjong board. This can be tricky, though, because you can only pair unblocked tiles.This free Christmas game has several features you might find helpful. Crescent Solitaire is different from most other solitaire games you've played, though.This game has 16 draw piles and 8 foundation piles!The game includes a scoring system, too.
But Goodgame Poker is the first multiplayer online poker game on my site.This isn't a gambling game.
But you do play poker against real players from around the world.It's free to create a Goodgame Poker account. You're provided with free poker chips when you sign up and at the beginning and each day you log in.All card games can help keep your brain sharp. According to research, people who play cards regularly may even reduce their chances of dementia later in life.If you've ever wanted to learn poker, here's your chance with this fun, free Goodgame Poker game. Guide your rocket through the asteroid field by quickly answering simple multiplication expressions.True, it's not rocket science, but it's still an enjoyable brain game.
Play games like this one often to keep your brain sharp.Space Racer Multiplication trains brain skills such as math ability, attention, and visual perception. But what if you wanted to listen to your own music in one browser window while playing a flash game in another? And what if that game doesn't have a built-in sound control option?It turns out you can mute the game anyway.
A year later, Dave's memory is not what it used to be.He wonders whether the anesthesia could be the root cause of his cognitive issues today. Can you offer words of sympathy or helpful advice?Feel free to post a constructive comment at the bottom of Dave's memory problems story. But make sure you also capture the black Pawns heading toward your castle walls.Crazy Chess trains brain skills such as spatial orientation and reaction time. Read the hard parts out loud to a friend.Researchers have known for awhile that reading out loud can increase retention.
That makes it stand out.If you read all the information aloud, there is no benefit for memory. So just verbalize the difficult parts.Studies show the parts of the material you read out loud can be remembered 15% to 25% or better!But that's not all. A new study suggests reading those bits out loud to another person enhances memory of that material even further.So if you've got reading material you want to remember, try reading the difficult parts out loud. And if you can find a study partner willing to listen, read those parts out loud to them.Click the link below to check out my new article on this topic. Using seed money, you decide which horses to purchase, which trainer and jockey to hire, and much more.Then, you run a race against the computer to see whose horse wins. Use your winnings to buy better horses, hire more experienced jockeys and trainers, and rent better stables for your horse.Racehorse Tycoon trains brain skills such as logical thinking and strategic planning.
Flash cards are one of the most effective ways to memorize basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math facts. Feel free to print out whatever you need!I've had free printable math flash cards for awhile.
This is a big deal, because printing on both sides of the page allows you to skip the folding and gluing required previously to assemble the flash cards.Also, on the suggestion of a visitor, I've added math flash card sets that don't have the answers. If you've thought about going back for a degree, don't overlook the possibility of earning your degree online.Despite all you've heard about college debt, in some ways there's never been a better time to get a college degree.
What you'll find is there are now dozens of online college degree programs that are accredited and affordable.Start with the list I've posted here. And I haven't spent a dime.Research indicates that online strategy games boost brain power. Studies have shown improvements in working memory, visual short-term memory, task switching, reasoning, and mental flexibility.
These are all critical brain skills.But not everyone can afford to "pay to play" online games.
I think I've shown definitively that Goodgame Empire can be played for a very long time, at least many months, without purchasing rubies.So if you're looking for a strategy game to help keep your brain sharp, give Goodgame Empire a try. You might like it.(For those who don't enjoy castle defense games, Goodgame has another online strategy game called Big Farm. Also free to play.)You can buy rubies in-game if you want to dominate, save time or resources, or gain other advantages. Multiple trains rush from station to station delivering their passengers.Your job is to switch the track junctions at the right moment.
Give it a try!Continue reading "Railroad Train Game - Play Free Online"Jul 28, 20156 Tips to Creating Effective Mental ImagesVisual memory is powerful. But it's not always easy to think of images to represent a word or phrase you want to remember.So I've compiled 6 useful tips to create mental images. And I've illustrated them with examples from my own life of information I want to remember.These tips are helpful when using image-based techniques like the Peg method or Link method.
If you don't know what those are, you should definitely check them out.Visual memory techniques go way back.
These are real college courses, free of charge, offered by top universities like Stanford, Yale, and Princeton.If you've ever considered going to college or returning to college for an advanced degree, these free online college courses are a great way to test the waters. Why not take a course or two at no risk and see how you do?Registering with Coursera (and other hubs like EdX) and enrolling in classes isn't difficult. These are serious courses.I'm pursuing a free online course through the University of California, San Diego, right now through Coursera.

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