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As you learn about LOA, you will also learn that the law of attraction and vibration work together. Since the law of attraction and vibration do work together, it's important to become aware of what your current conscious thoughts and feelings are.
The difficulty in adjusting one's vibration comes from the fact that you aren't always conscious of what you are attracting into your existence. You can consciously alter your vibration by thinking thoughts that are more in tune with your desires.
These are all ways that you can work on manipulating your vibration and thus attracting experiences that are more aligned with your wants and desires. If you are good at lucid dreaming, you can even learn to manipulate your dreams to be more positive to help direct your vibration. I am not a lucid dreamer, but almost always, if I have a horrible dream, I tend to have a negative experience the following day. There are many things that have yet to be understood when it comes to the law of attraction and vibration and how to best manipulate vibration to attract your desires. The Light Force Network is an enlightened social environment open to all whose quest is evolution of Self. ELCIPSES, VISIBLE METEOR SHOWERS AND MERCURY RETROGRADEMany astrologers find Eclipses to be a useful tool. Welcome to Air Jordan or Jordan 12 Rising Sun our website, we provied many highly quality but substantial price for every customer. Some ways may work better for you than others, as some people often respond to one method more than others.
Here, infallibility is absurd because Universal Knowledge is endless and the evolution of Self is perpetually thirsty for that knowing. On a personal level, often nothing of import happens during an Eclipse unless it is exactly conjunct (same degree as)  a natal planet which is angular in a chart. Lewis~The Supreme Being has been called various names in different languages, but the mystics have known Him as Hu, the natural name, not man-made, the only name of the Nameless which all nature constantly proclaims.
I have spent several years of my life learning, mastering, and implementing the Law of Attraction. Special gratitude to our writers, artists, poets and proficients for sharing their expertise and knowledge!***********CONTENT RATING SYSTEMWould you like to be able to express how much our content "lights your fire of enlightenment"? Some common information can be gleaned from the Natus House where the Eclipse occurs but that information only fits the one size fits all collective generality. Simply go to your Sanctuary Page, click EDIT and make your own creative choices!Just a member reminder - There are two ways for you to display your content: Premium, which is member only viewed or Public, which is net-wide. Please check your publishing settings at the bottom of your entry to choose.***********LFN IS YOUR INFORMATION STATIONFeel free to let us know about any subjects you would like to see presented on LFN or added to our RESOURCE CENTER.
During the period, reconsider waylaid projects from the past or go back to old ideas or plans. Contact ANTARA - Manager with an online message  or contact her in chat.Everyone is encouraged to read the Sidebars on the Homepage for additional information!
Check out our latest additions to  LFN TOP CHOICES in the right hand sidebar for the latest newsbusters in the meta-strange, world events, science, paranormal and a few wildly weird theories. The Chinese New Year begins at sunset following the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice based on when this occurs in China which is Greenwich Mean Time plus 8 hours. The Chinese New Year begins February 8.Moon Wobbles - The Moon Wobble was discovered by Astro-Mathematician and Astrolger Carl Payne Toby.
On a personal level and in connection to an individual's astrological chart, it indicates a time of over-emotionalism that can magnify problems which are usually connected to life changes. Moon Wobbles occur as the transiting Sun makes contact with the Lunar Nodes by conjunction (0 degrees) or square (90 degrees) aspect and this happens approximately four times a year. Stopping at the Law of Attraction is like dropping out of school after 5th grade and expecting to be able to be a successful and wealthy business person.
A Moon Wobble effect is thought to be prolonged if it occurs at the same time as a Mercury Retrograde. Now, If you want to be successful in the business world, you obviously would need to at least finish grade school and possibly college. For instance, the Imperial Circus chariot races were essentially a reenactment of the nightly drama of the skies. Over ech horse's stall there appeared an emblem signifying one of the constellations of the zodiac. There were also seven concentric courses on the racetrack each representing the orbit of one of the known planets. DaveENERGY HEALERSLI - Executor (Community Leader) , Distant Healer, Anahata, Heart,  A Healer, Nano Nodo, Ruby Flame, Violet, Blue Spirit, Touch, Hygeia, Ishta, Magenta Ray, LucianHOLISTICSDoc Dean (Community Leader), Dr. DonovanPARANORMALHolbrook PSI (Community Leader) Constantine, Olivia, Paranorman, Spectre, Apparitionist, Ghost Gal, Phantom ***********Love to read?
I am also a professional speaker, certified trainer, Light Body Instructor, and Law of Attraction Coach.

If you happen to be in chat, you can also private message LOGOS - Overseer or INDIA - Exec.
There are numerous categories from which to choose and requests for particular materials are also accepted!
I was inspired because something within me woke up, and I was depressed because I certainly did not have that type of passion in my life. It was just enough that I wasn’t able to leave my job, but not enough to live the lifestyle I used to dream about. Probably the way most people get excited when they first watch or read The Secret!  I realized on that day that I could create whatever I wanted in my life.
I realized that there was an exact perfect career for me where I could really use my talents and skills and have passion on a daily basis. For seven days in a row at exactly 1:05am I was awakened by a voice reading me the words that are now published.
Because I was in connection and in the flow of the Universe, I got my book published by the first publisher I sent it to. This is totally unheard of in the publishing industry!  I created a new job where I loved the medication I was selling. I had never thought about being a “life coach”, but like being an author, when I got on purpose and was living in alignment with the 7 Essential Universal Laws, my purpose and passion unfolded. I now have helped hundreds of people, probably just like you, that wanted to create their ideal partner, their ideal job, more money, their ideal body and fulfillment in their lives. T he only difference is I’ve learned, mastered and implemented all 7 of the Essential Universal Laws. Once you understand the 7 Essential Universal Laws and understand exactly how to use them, you will be able to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. Not because they didn’t love us or want us to know about them, they simply weren’t aware of them.
I want to end the cycle of not knowing and I want you to be able to teach this to your friends, family and most importantly, your kids.
Like: Out-of-the-blue Synchronicity Serendipity Luck Meant to be Fell into place Fate Karma Coincidence Again , the ‘Law of Attraction’ states that whatever is broadcast out into the universe is joined by (or attracted to) energies that are of an equal frequency, resonance, or vibration. If you are feeling positive emotions, you draw in and experience positive life experiences.
So, if you want freedom and joy in your life, you must feel what it already feels like to feel freedom and joy in your life right now. Take a second and close the door, turn off the TV or radio, or put on some headphones so that you have some peace and quite. Imagine that outside of the darkness of your eyelids is your dream home, your dream car, a safe full of money, a partner who loves and adores you, a healthy body, etc. And how many times a day do you focus on the negative things like; I don’t have enough money, enough time, a good partner, I’m fat, people don’t like me… trust me, you and I both know the list goes on and on.” How can we ever expect to attract a ‘good life’ when we’re constantly focusing on the bad? The Law of Attraction has been communicated through the writing and teachings of some of the greatest teachers in history such as Jesus and Buddha.
Although it has been fairly recently that The Law of Attraction was given a name, it has existed since the beginning of time!
Jesus showed that to stop suffering, you need to change your limiting thoughts and beliefs.
He didn't say, "I have healed you", he said "Your Faith has healed you." Having faith is an empowering belief. Whatever thoughts you focus upon will manifest into form and ultimately create your reality.
With our thoughts, we make our world." "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him." Let me also clarify again that the ‘Law of Attraction’ works in both directions, negative and positive. Meaning, if you are focusing your energy on not having enough money to pay the bills, guess what?
Now, let’s say that you are in the same predicament and you ‘know’ that you will have enough money for bills, even if you don’t right then, you will attract a way to have enough money for the bills.
When you give thought to something you desire with an expectation or believe in it, you are then in the place to receive it. Whatever we give out with our energy vibrations (thoughts, feelings, etc) we will receive back to us. The Law of Deliberate Creation is offering a vibration knowingly, so that you don’t create by default. Most of the time, unless you are aware of these laws, you are offering a vibration unknowingly.
On the other hand, if you witness something that makes you angry, you will offer that same negative vibration.
The Law of Attraction responds to whatever you are vibrating by giving you more of the same.

You observe this “reality” and while observing that you don’t have enough money to pay your bills, you unconsciously offer a vibration that is negative (fear, worry, doubt, etc).
The Law of Attraction responds to that negative, “I am in debt” vibration and as a result, the Law of Attraction brings you more of what you are vibrating (I am in debt) and feeds the cycle. It is imperative that you fully understand the Law Of Deliberate Creation and you are aware of how all of these laws work together and affect each other. First is the way to allow others to be as they are, and second, is the way we allow (receive) from the Universe to deliver all that we desire. While I am that which I am, I allow others to be that which they are.” There are no two people that are the same, even though we can share many similar traits. If you have a deep rooted fear that unless everyone thinks, feels, believes, and acts in a certain way, “your way” then they are somehow “wrong”, you then judge. If you need to make everyone conform in order to feel good about yourself and your world, you will never experience freedom. If you are observing someone that talks with their mouth full of food, and instead of allowing them to eat the way they are, you find yourself getting disgusted and upset with that person. You really want that person to change, or stop doing the certain behavior (talking with their mouth full of food). Instead of just allowing that person to be as they are, you take it personally and let it affect your mood, and ultimately robbing you of your freedom. When we release our resistance, we are back in the state of allowing and all the abundance, freedom, joy, success, prosperity, wealth, happiness (you name it) can flow to us.
To learn only one law is a good start, but it is knowing and applying all of them that will give you the life of your dreams, if you allow it. We are eternal beings in physical form; well-being and abundance are the basis of our Universe. This lack mentality controls us by keeping us longing for what others have, or fighting to be better than others. If you feel that nothing is ever enough, that is what you will be attracting into your life. Because we are growing and expanding beings, we will always desire to have more in our lives, but if we are coming from a place of “not enough” we never will truly feel that whatever we manifest or bring into our lives is enough. When you can feel gratitude for what you currently have in your life, while at the same time feeling excited for all the things you desire to manifest, you will know complete joy.
You have everything that you need right now inside of you to build a fortune and to reach your goals. My love, happiness, and security is coming to me from within, from the creator, as my source, and supply.” Start with where you are and what you have right now. Set your goals, see yourself already there, and be resolved to succeed in attaining your goals, no matter what it takes. The Source of all creation is pure consciousness, or pure potentiality, seeking to express itself into form. When we realize that our inner being, the Spirit that animates our minds and bodies, is one of pure potentiality, we are then in alignment with the power that manifests everything in the Universe. The only limits are the ones we impose through our fears, doubts, uncertainty, lack of faith, lack of confidence, or any other lower level emotion. The Law of Detachment   The sixth essential Universal Law is the Law of Detachment. This again means that the Law of Detachment works in harmony with the other laws, including the Law of Attraction. It is when you combine your intentions and detach from the outcomes that your desires will manifest. The Law of Deliberate Creation, the power of intention, and the Law of Detachment all work together to create your desires. Applying the Law of Detachment to your goals and desires allows you to be flexible and trust when the Universe delivers you something for which you are a vibrational match to, but you didn’t expect. Detachment allows you to stay open to allow the Universe to bring you something even better than you thought possible. The Law of Polarity   The seventh essential Universal Law is the Law of Polarity.
In order for you to create what you desire you have to have both the physical and metaphysical. The physical part of us needs to take action to make things happen in the Universe, while the metaphysical part of us needs to do the energy work. This is why most people are frustrated with The Secret and there is so much doubt in the teachings. Action in the physical world, as well as the energy work in the metaphysical world need to take place in order for things to manifest.

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