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Esther Gendelman’s mid-life career change was more of a shift of emphasis than a change of career.
Esther’s emotional maturity was accelerated by the loss of her father when she was just seven years old.
For over 10 years, Esther continued to work as a teacher and assistant principal while also running therapy sessions for private clients. Esther’s career change from principal to private therapist brought challenges as well. Esther relates well with people of all ages, but she has a unique ability to help empty-nesters and mid-lifers to navigate the challenges of transition to the next stage in life. Esther identifies the bewilderment that can come from having put your heart into raising your children, and then realizing that they no longer need the same time and energy from you. Finding so much joy in her own career shift made Esther eager to help others to tap into their inner strengths and resources, so as to flourish in their vocation and find meaningful ways to fill their newly-available time.
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The main reason people decide to make a change in their career choice is due to downsizing or restructuring in the company. The thought of a midlife career change can be scary for someone with a long work history at their current company. If you find yourself in this situation, perhaps you should consider making a midlife career change.
One of the biggest mistakes people make is to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, by prematurely and casually letting family, friends, and other work mates know about their plans to leave. If you are having some type of success at your current position, to make a midlife career change would mean potentially placing yourself at risk. However, if you have a strong passion for a certain career where you know that your qualifications meet or exceed what is expected, there is no reason why you should not proceed with considering your mid life career change.
A career change at 40 or 50 means you’re going to be competing with employees who are much younger than you.
Most people in their 40s or 50s are going to have many more responsibilities than a younger worker due to their family life and this means you have to find a way to keep your enthusiasm and motivation up as well as keeping your health in check. The best midlife career change advice I have ever heard is this; look forward to challenges in your new career with a positive and cheerful mindset, understand you will have to take some bumps and bruises along the way in this new territory you are discovering, and consistently show passion and motivation in order to succeed.
CAREER RECYCLER:  This is where you build upon a prior field, using your transferable skills, capabilities and expertise as the basis for qualifying your value to a new organization.
CAREER CHANGER:  This if for people who can stomach a higher level of risk, both psychologically and financially. CAREER MAKER:  You have an entrepreneurial spirit, a good head for business, a natural way in engaging with people, and you have a creative idea around a lifelong passion that you want to both help people and make money while doing that. These three strategies are what you want to consider, but only AFTER you’ve done some thorough “inner work”, introspection, talents, values, and aptitude assessments. Getting people out of Career Detours and on the right track to something that is more meaningful to them, is what I specialize in. At some stage during midlife, you may begin to feel dissatisfied with the way your life is headed. If you get anxious or unhappy just thinking about work, that’s a pretty good sign that a midlife career change is on the cards.
When work starts affecting your health, either mentally, physically, or both, it’s time for a midlife career change. You feel that there are work ethic clashes or when you’re morally misaligned with your employer and you find it hard to believe in the company, the workplace becomes very uncomfortable. You are no longer asked to attend key meetings, or your proposals are met with silence or denial. Your ideas are no longer heard or valued; you can’t seem to get time with the ‘powers that be’. You can try to work out the problems you’re having with colleagues or your manager, but sometimes they’re just not fixable.

If some or all of these signs apply to your situation, then maybe it’s time for your midlife career change!
You have all the skills and resources to make a midlife career change or start your dream businesses at midlife if you want to.
What will you do today, this week, this month, this year, to get your midlife career change going in the direction you really desire? If you are married and have children, it may prove difficult to change careers while maintaining financial stability.
Switching to a brand-new field is a great way to reexperience that lost, helpless, fish-out-of-water feeling that sickened you so in adolescence.
Why not sink your life savings into self-publishing a book of essays about your reflections on aging? It’s easy to go from store greeter to grocery bagger if you just believe in yourself. With the growing student loan debt and high level of specialization needed in my fields, the ability to change jobs is getting more and more limited. And yet, according to LiveScience, 56% of American workers are actively trying to change careers. This means that many of our career hoppers are looking for professions with a decent entry-level salary and limited educational requirements. Alonzo Mancha is a media enthusiast, video specialist and a contributing writer for several endeavors. Sometimes, a mid-life career change comes about gradually, as a result of developing interests and slowly changing work-life patterns. A year ago she ended decades of employment in education in order to open a private practice as a therapist, but she does not see this as a break from her previous vocation. She loved her first working years as a second-grade teacher, nurturing these wide-eyed children who were just beginning their lives.
Now in her late thirties, Esther made the decision to go back to school, juggling her workload as assistant principal and her busy family life to study for her Master’s degree in Counselling and Human Services.
The more she helped people, the more she came to feel that this was her life’s mission.
51 years young herself, Esther recently experienced the pain that goes with the pleasure of watching her children grow up and leave the nest. If you are one of the many middle-aged people who have settled for a career over the years that you really did not have your heart set on, you’re not alone. This can put you in a bad light and place unnecessary focus on yourself in the eyes of management and the company.
The employment landscape doesn’t exactly look fruitful at the present time and we all know that oftentimes the grass is not greener on the other side! It is not uncommon for someone with plenty of experience in a particular field to switch careers and be working alongside a recent college graduate who shows much promise in the new field.
Without a doubt, most younger workers have a clear advantage over older workers because if this difference in responsibilities. I went through this some time ago, and decided on a midlife career change,  so I speak from experience. You’ve been passed over for promotion, and offers to take on more challenging assignments have been ignored. When you’ve outgrown the position and there is no opportunity for advancement, or you work at the same job day in, day out without any opportunity for growth, it’s time for a midlife career change. Here are a couple of The Grindstone suggestions for careers that might lend themselves to mid-life newbies. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Some of them include downsizing, being underpaid, lack of growth opportunities, no advancement opportunities and feeling trapped. Her work as a teacher and then principal in a Jewish girls’ high school brought her to appreciate the importance of emotional therapy, then to add to her skills by retraining as a counselor, and finally to shift to a full-time private therapy practice.

She loved talking with her grandmother’s friends just as much as she loved spending time with her own. Instead, Esther’s mother nurtured her memory of her father, telling her that even if she had known that their marriage would only last for nine years, she would still have married him. Slowly Esther moved up the school, teaching middle school and high school, becoming the assistant principal and finally full principal. It took three years of  working during the day and doing her homework at night, but Esther was driven by the conviction that the skills of therapy are the key to personal growth and transformation. She enjoyed the opportunities to use her therapist skills at work to help girls who came to her with their problems, but administrative tasks took up much of her working time and did not require her strengths. After seeing advertising from TJE Network, who support people in setting up small businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities, she reached out to them for help. America’s workers are mainly dissatisfied with their jobs because they feel they are underpaid, they have a lack of growth opportunities within the company, there are no career advancement opportunities and they feel they are trapped within the job. There are 200,000 students between the ages of 50-64 that were enrolled in a graduate study program in 2009. It’s always wise to be deliberate and tactful when you want a career switch and there is no reason why you should inform anyone except perhaps a close friend you can confide in because it is inevitable that people will find out what your intentions are.
You have an amazing opportunity to change, to choose the direction you wish to take.  Midlife is not the end of the story, step into this brand new phase of your life, it’s just the beginning! After all, you watch a ton of them, and it’s just thinking up stuff for people to say. Her natural empathy and understanding shone through from a young age; she was the mediator on her block, helping to end arguments and solve childhood disputes among her friends and neighbors, and quick to step in when she saw someone in need of sympathy or encouragement.
It was her mother’s positive conversations about their beautiful relationship that brought Esther to value relationships as the most important thing in life. Esther’s experiences convinced her that emotional awareness and relationship tools are more important than academic lessons. She concluded that she could support people’s emotional growth and resilience far more if she was free to focus all her time on working as a therapist. TJE Network matched Esther with a business mentor who was experienced in the same line of work.
Not to mention, 45.8% of physicians reported experiencing emotional exhaustion, depersonalization or low sense of personal accomplishment within workers. There are also 8,200 students age 65 and over enrolled in a graduate study program in 2009.
And anymore, the number of years spend in training and education for any given field can make it increasingly difficult to change direction once we’ve started on a career path.
Ultimately, if you feel like you are going through a midlife crisis and you need a career change, just do it. Some were undergraduates earning their bachelors and other were enrolled in graduate school for their masters. Her mentor was both demanding and supportive, insisting that she do her homework and following up on her progress.
Professionals don’t want to have to start over at the bottom or move too far away from their financial comfort zone. Esther credits her successful career change to the many mentors and advisers that she met along the way.
This infographics shows some of the reasons, causes, effects and results of a career change at midlife.

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