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One day he decides to travel throughout the land of Hudson to search for other people like himself. When Milon arrives at Castle Garland, the people were being attacked by the Evil Warlord Maharito from the north region. Milon volunteers to fight the Maharito and his demons and to rescue Queen Eliza and the musical instruments for the people of Hudson. This is the plot of a videogame called “Milon’s Secret Castle”, released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) on November 13, 1986.
What I absolutely loved about this game is its beautiful graphics and music, which lend it a majestic, slightly melancholic dark fantasy tone. There are different races, lots of magic, different heroes to choose from and level up, and the story isn't too bad either. It comes in this ridiculous huge box containing a body pillow cover, a clock, and a friggin' pancake utensil set with a fork, spoon, plate, and plate holder. Milon’s Secret Castle is one of those games you’ve never heard of, but when you do finally acknowledge its presence you realize that it inexplicably has an enormous following.
Milon's primary form of attack is blowing bubbles, but before you get visions of Bubble Bobble-style brilliance, you should probably be aware that the offensive capabilities of Milon's bubble is a lot less impressive.
Games from 1986 have to be really special in order for them to be playable today - Milon’s Secret Castle sadly isn’t. Damien has over a decade of professional writing experience under his belt, as well as a repulsively hairy belly. Before leaving for his trip, Milon decides to visit Queen Eliza who lives in Castle Garland. I remember trying to play my way through it, my father bought it to me when I was 8, that is, 2 years after its release.

Simple graphics, even simpler music, but a nice plot (which by the way, I just recently found out because of my then English handicap). I remember though that, between levels, you had to do a corkscrew maneuver with perfect timing to enter a spinning base, and it was ridiculously hard.
I was ok at the game and gotten to the point where I had to retire my dragons because they got too old lol. The closest thing (loosely) in atmosphere and presentation I can think of in recent times is Demons Souls and Dark Souls. A minor classic in the Hudson library, Milon was originally published in 1986 to fairly lukewarm critical response. Not only are they awkward to aim (by default they shoot up at an angle) it's often hard to accurately target enemies. Some of the boss characters take what seems like hundreds of hits before they die, and thanks to the fact that once hit by an enemy, Milon doesn’t have temporary invincibility (as in most platform games), you’ll find yourself dying very quickly at times.
There are probably many Milon fanboys out there reading this review and cursing under their breath, but to be brutally honest it's hard to see why this game has built up such a following over the years - it stinks.
Rumours that he turned down a role in The Hobbit to work on Nintendo Life are, to the best of our knowledge, completely and utterly unfounded. Well, this game is not an ordinary platform game, mainly because about everything of importance is hidden. He always asked himself why he is the only one who lacks the ability to understand people and music. Castle Garland has many different rooms and each room is a maze filled with demons, secret passages and doors. As an 8 years old kid, who didn’t speak or understand English, this game was amazing….

Far from today’s high definition graphics, multi-million budgets and planned marketing, I’d rather play this little jewel, than any of my last-gen consoles.
I never beat it, and I honestly don't really remember anything about it besides the extremely vague nature with which you would have to figure out where to go. It's a turn-based strategy game similar in gameplay to the Heroes of Might and Magic series, but much better in my opinion. With your bubble attack you can not only shoot monsters, but also destroy blocks, many of them containing money but some of them also give access to hidden shops, hidden keys and doors and open up other parts of the game.
However, the Castle’s Magician tells Milon that Queen Eliza has hidden many tools, instruments and money to help him. Oh, and shooting bubbles at everything seemed to be necessary in order to discover secret items that allowed you to progress further into the game.
It hasn't aged well at all.The aim is to clear several levels of the titular castle of enemies and ultimately save the damsel in distress. Along the way you have to locate several items in order to successfully defeat a range of boss characters.
Combine this with a not particularly easy platform gaming part and it makes this a rather frustrating and difficult game.
In terms of gameplay it doesn’t really get any more complex than Super Mario, but Nintendo’s game controls better, is more fair on the player and has bags of replay value. Also when hit by enemies you are not invulnerable for a second, often resulting in multiple hits at once.

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