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This book, based on Jaegwon Kim's 1996 Townsend Lectures, presents the philosopher's current views on a variety of issues in the metaphysics of the mind -- in particular, the mind-body problem, mental causation, and reductionism.
Jaegwon Kim offers a weakened physicalist discussion of supervenience and the difficulties it presents for current alternatives to Mind-Body dualism. This a fantastic introduction to metaphysics of mind, especially if you are like me and neglected to take much (or any) philosophy of mind in college. Kim construes the mind-body problem as that of finding a place for the mind in a world that is fundamentally physical. Among other points, he redefines the roles of supervenience and emergence in the discussion of the mind-body problem.

Of primary importance is Kim’s remarkably lucid discussion of “supervenience.” Supervenience tries to explain how mental properties and physical kinds, not tokens, are related. Ultimately the book is a unified argument against what I like to think of as a kind of "compatibilism" for the mental: the idea that we have token reduction of the mental to the physical while preserving the idea that, conceptually, we could not achieve type reduction.
Arguing that various contemporary accounts of mental causation are inadequate, he offers his own partially reductionist solution on the basis of a novel model of reduction. Mental properties supervene on physical properties: For any property M, if anything has M at time t, then there exists a physical base (subvenient) property P such that it has P at t, and necessarily anything that has P at a time has M at that time (Kim 9).
Kim finds this idea, made popular in reaction to basic type physicalism by Davidson (among others), both incoherent and ultimately far from the spirit of physicalism.
This means “every mental property has a physical base that guarantees its instantiation” (10).
Kim's conclusion comes off as cautiously stated: we should not only be conscious that perhaps not all of the mental could be reduced in this way (Kim seems convinced that qualia could not be so reduced) but also that perhaps these arguments could be just as much as a reductio of physicalism and as it is an argument in favor of it (by offer a cogent reduction strategy--- viz. This is an improvement on older materialist models which said mental properties were physical properties.

That is, if we are more committed to nonreductionism than to physicalism, than according to Kim we won't be able to have it both ways. This means that, if supervenience holds, M* must also have a physical property P* as its physical base.
It appears that a mental property (M) is causing a physical base (P*) which then launches M*. He introduces the reader to the relevant terminology and explains why certain moves available to physicalists cannot work.

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