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Many years ago a wise woman told Gayle Mandel that she could manifest her soulmate by coloring a love mandala. If you're not Single, or if you're going through a rough phase with your partner, while coloring each little section, just say out loud all the good qualities in your partner or those that you'd like to see. Btw., the beauty of this Mind Exercise is that it is not just applicable to attracting a Romantic Love Relationship.
If you're looking for a new job or an expansion in your business, while coloring each little section, say out loud all the experiences or feelings that you would like to experience in your new job or business.
If you color the Mandalas in a frustrated mood or to try and forcefully tell the Universe to manifest what you want for you while you're coloring it, it won't work. On the contrary, if you do it just as a beautiful coloring exercise, for fun, may be as a strain-buster after a tiring day, if you do it because you enjoy coloring, if you do it with the intention and attitude that at least during the time you do it, your mind remains silent, it will work for you.
By letting go of that obsession, you build trust and faith in the Universe to yield to you what you want. Such coloring art is also known as "Stoner's Coloring" (tougher coloring sheets meant for Adults).
Not just a stoner - I believe that every person who is frustrated, running in life, constantly fighting and struggling in life needs to slow down, and this exercise is helpful for one and all.
Click here to see more colored Mandalas - by all those who are connected with me - on my Facebook Page. Be aware of the precautions before you pick up a Mind Exercise to practice.Sagar Sonker - Life Coach. There are dozens of wonderful Mind Map examples around the World all helping to combat information overload and provide us with excellent learning opportunities. The Creative Intelligence Mind Map by Alan & Emily Burton displays a wonderful blend of artistic skill, colour and imagination. Compare reading the above all-be-it very useful list of some of the key elements of the Mind Map with viewing the Mind Map itself and instantly you can see the benefits of mindmapping!
There are many great illustrations in this Mind Map yet even if you were to view it and imagine it with no images you can see the way the design cleverly flows and radiates outwards from the central image.
In my brief review of Adam Sicinski’s MasterMind Matrix I described the Matrix as Google Earth for the brain. The MasterMind Matrix is like a bigger picture overview of the human condition, from which many Mind Maps have been and are being created by Adam.
The Brain Metaphor Mind Map by Luis Garcia makes a stunning use of colour, illustrations and also space. An interesting exercise to do here is to cover each side and view the other independently – it helps appreciate the way the Mind Map is constructed and also highlights how you actually feel when reading the different sides in the contrasting styles and colours.
The Exercises for Relaxation Mind Map by Tony Buzan shows an excellent use of space and has a great central image.
The Made to Stick Mind Map by Roy Grubb is an excellent example of the use of mindmapping software – I’ve included this in the list for two reasons. The Mind Map is available for viewing in a variety of formats – visit the information tamers website to take a look in greater detail. Also pay a visit to the Topicscape Directory for more mindmapping examples – well over a 1,000 in fact! The Blueprint to Success Mind Map by Adam Sicinski is a brilliant example of using mindmapping to inspire and make positive change; this is a Mind Map that instantly brings you back to being on purpose. The Pursuit of Happiness Mind Map by Adam Sicinski is another great example of using mindmapping to share knowledge, inspire others and help make positive change. The Getting it Done Mind Map by Dan Porter & James Baylay is a highly artistic presentation of information.
The Behaviour on Climates Mind Map by Jane Genovese combines excellent illustrations and stylish branches, capturing important points for combating climate change.
The Playing Made Easy Mind Map created by Margaret Brandman and drawn to her specifications by artist Jayne Shephard is a great example of using Mindmapping as a learning tool. Your gut feeling is the best lie detector and has all the information it needs – as long as you’re present and paying attention! Another reason why we might block information like this is because we don’t want to believe it! Use this Circle to help you remember a time when you had the courage to face the truth and do what needed to be done. If you are under the influence of a lie, it can be very useful to release your agreement to fall under it’s spell. Sometimes it’s really important to face the truth and understand what is required of us to change.
If you aren’t, take a few minutes to let this Circle help you make the correct adjustments.
This entry was posted in Developing Intuition, Emotional Healing, Free Online Learning Games, Mind Exercise and tagged mind exercises. You might have an assortment of different things going on in your life and improving your brain fitness can help you to tackle things that you might not have in the past. Habits are what guide many people through their day-to-day routines and brain training is something you can use to help you stay mentally focused and sharp. There are key elements that anyone can do to help the brain remain in the best mental state possible.
Brain injury or brain trauma can wreak havoc on your brains ability to function at its full capacity. Brain injuries are one the leading cause of death for people under 45 years old in the United States. In its simplest form, a mental exercise is an activity which challenges your brain to think in a certain way. Just like every other organ in your body your brain needs proper nutrition to function at peak levels.
One differentiation that I would like to discuss today is the difference between the so-called short-term memory and long-term memory. Although nothing nearly like the advancements we have in neuroscience today the study of the nervous system dates back to ancient Egypt. Brain training refers to activities you can do to help improve your brain health and ultimately improve your cognitive memory and other key brain functions.

Your brain with the proper brain training can reorganize itself to meet new challenges and be more efficient. The lifestyles of today, especially in the cities where most of the world population currently lives, offer many opportunities and possibilities, but many risks as well.
One of the effects of the modern lifestyles is the growth of stress and stressful situations. We will discuss some different kinds of mind quiz and how they can not only be entertaining but productive and what is their relationship with our brain health. But in the general public minds, AD is still a very distant and long-term effect of aging, in some sort linked with dementia. It is a known fact that as we get older, cognitive ability and motor control begins to decline. As with the rest of our cognitive skills, our motor control abilities will usually decline with time and age. When you keep your brain strong and healthy with brain fitness, you are helping your brain to remain in the best shape throughout your life span. Mild cognitive impairment is the stage between the normal and expected cognitive decline associated with normal aging and the more severe decline from dementia.
A few days ago, several articles about the brain limits have been published in the newspapers around the world. As always, scientific research is moving very fast in the brain area and therefore this news should be taken with credibility, but also with a sense of criticism. A memory exercise can help you to improve your memory and memory loss is something that is commonly experienced in older age. When you begin to look at the many ways to improve cognitive skills, it can help you to keep your sharpness as you age. Having a resume featuring the knowledge of several languages, while not being instrumental, can be influential in getting chosen for a position.
The way your brain functions will determine in a large extent the satisfaction you feel with your life. When you begin to learn about brain plasticity, you will begin to understand why this is so important to your everyday life and your health. This exercise has the potential of activating so much positivity within your energy that you will magnetize the essence of those positive traits towards you via your current committed partner or through the other people around you.
I have selected my most favorite ones here from thousands of them available on Google Images.
A stoner is a person who regularly takes drugs, and it is (rightly) believed that if he can turn his focus to such a beautiful coloring exercise, there are high chances of his drug addiction going away. The visual impact of Mind Maps can be striking in so many different and often unique ways, with diverse styles and formats working equally well. The examples below will help you to explore some exciting Mind Maps and see some excellent techniques being used. The Matrix is an exceptional piece of work and I feel it takes not only the Mind Map concept to a whole new level yet also our understanding of what it is like being human and where we can make improvements for a richer and fuller life. The hierarchal branch sizes radiating outwards and neatly printed lettering make the Mind Map very easy to read. Firstly because I didn’t want to solely represent hand-drawn mindmapping when there are also hundreds of extremely useful and well-presented examples of computer generated Mind Maps available to view across the internet. I like the way Adam has used just threes branches to present the information and the way he has used contrasting actions or feelings to highlight where our focus may be at any given time. Brilliant use of colour and images and this time presented as a striking Motivational poster with key codes, symbols and reading tips provided at the side to aid comprehension. Wonderful illustrations; each image area is like an individual cartoon (I love the light bulb aeroplane!) The occasional use of colour also works really well. The breaks in the branches are an effective way to introduce additional images and phrases and the use of light colours works extremely well.
Use this Soul Contract Circle to imagine that the lie (or lies) are like contracts that you can burn. Use the Circle below like you did with the others and give yourself a chance to reorganize. You’ve just given yourself an amazing gift that is going to save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Regardless of the flexibility or openness to change each of us has, there will always exist, explicitly or not, a defense mechanism from the brain to anything that changes the way we currently do things.
Brain injuries can cause many negative effects such as impaired memory, depression, inattention, emotional outbursts and slow thinking. These are times when great leadership is needed more than ever, and it simply doesn’t exist or not in the quantity and quality history has taught us to see. Foods that are good for your brain can improve your mood, make you more motivated and improve your overall mental performance. Not only does it wreak havoc on our physical body it can also be a cause of depression and aggression.
Both play a different role in our ability to perform the tasks for living, but they are as well interdependent. It specifically studies the molecular, cellular, developmental, structural, functional, evolutionary, computational and medical part of the nervous system. Manuscripts date back to the 1700BC that indicated the ancient Egyptians had some idea what brain damage was and were doing different archaic procedures in an attempt to cure it. In order to understand why brain training works you need to understand how your brain functions and grows. If you are using it and feeding it knowledge and stimulation it can continue to grow in capacity and make more connections necessary for critical thinking. The most likely groups to be effected with mental health disorders are women, the unemployed and young adults. If symptoms are caught early enough and medical intervention is received there is a good chance of being cured.
It brings self-reward for a job or task well done, and represents our own internal incentive to do more and better each day. Motivation is much more important than the drive for efficiency or the drive for productivity; it has a social effect on happiness.

What is then the relationship (or the difference) between dementia and the Alzheimer’s Disease? The news is based on a compelling research by the Cambridge University, indicating that humans are reaching a point of not being able to get smarter. More and more schools are featuring bilingual programs, and there seems to exist as well, although not yet fully explained explained by the brain research, an influence of bilingualism in the cognitive development of the children. Each time she colored in a space she spoke out loud the quality she was seeking in her soul mate.
In case you're doing this exercise as part of my 30 Days Fun Spiritual Workshop, you're supposed to do it over the specified number of days. When your mind is preoccupied or consumed with the active awareness of the absence of your desire, you keep looking for and keep attracting its absence.
You allow the Universe to yield shovels full of manifestations to you when you silence your mind. The order is not of great significance as all of the Mind Maps are wonderful in their own way.
I like the contrast of the rigidness of the straight lines and formal feel of the paler illustrations against the flowing, colourful and highly creative side.
The Mind Map also shows that using shades and tints, lights and darks, even with similar colours works really well. Secondly, because this Mind Map explores brilliantly a book called “Made to Stick” by Chip & Dan Heath and is a great example of taming information and presenting it to learn from and revisit.
The Behaviour on Climates Mind Map and other Mind Maps by Jane Genovese can be seen at Mind Map Art with links to other websites containing her work.
The flowing branches add to the musical feel and the overall look of the Mind Map just makes you want to learn more. Having courage to face the truth is one of the most important things we can develop in ourselves. We walk around the house in a circle because we can’t remember what we got up to get. It starts with the common things like the one listed above all the way to people who have forgotten everything because of a brain injury. However, when you really pay attention to the types of fats you are consuming fats can be very beneficial.
Although they did not believe the brain was the place intelligence came from they believed it came from the heart. If you are not using it then it will become stagnant and you will start to notice that you are not quite as sharp as you used to be. But other cognitive areas may be affected and reduced as a consequence of stress, thus reducing the ability of the people to fully use their capacities. It is in charge of everything we do from the most simple like driving to work to the most complex critical thinking and problem solving. You'll very likely be amazed at the quantity of news, articles and websites featuring this degenerative disease every day.
Motor control can be considered a field within neuroscience that analyzes how people and other species control movement.
This quote is part of the urban myths, although not fully supported, but it plays a role in the topic we’re dealing with now. The character in the central image cleverly points to each side and there are nice overlap techniques bringing 3D to the Mind Map. I also like the way a heading and overview has been added above the main body of the Mind Map. To see if this is the case for you, experiment with one of our Intuitive Learning Circles for focusing your attention. A concussion is usually caused by a hard strike to the head either by a punch or with an object.
These include having a clear vision of what a different future will be, understanding what may block the path to get there, and engage as many people as possible into that vision.
We know we have to have our child’s permission slip signed and in the folder by Friday, but it slips our mind. If your memory loss is sudden because of injury the way to fix it depends on the circumstances. The most common types of mental health problems are anxiety, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders and eating disorders. The sharper our brain is the better it can do these things and using mind games or a mind quiz is a great way to keep your brain in top operating condition.
The importance of the Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is growing at the same pace of the growing number of cases and scientific research.
Just do it with this faith and understanding in this knowledge, and you'll know it for yourself.
The contained colours of the formal side help explode the colourful elements and make it extremely eye-catching.
If you follow the directions, you can get all kinds of answers that could really help you out.
If your memory loss is gradual and just a part of aging there are many ways to slow the process and get your mind sharp again. It is one of the many ways for neuroscience to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life.
It would be nice, though not mandatory, to fix a particular time of the day, and do it during that time for 5-10 minutes. All you have to do is relax and gaze softly at the center open space of this circle while you ask yourself a couple of questions. But after all, great leadership is as much a matter or capacity as it is of being quick at learning the outside environment.

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