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Serious mind uploading researchers have emerged recently, taking this seemingly science-fictional notion seriously and pursuing it via experimental and theoretical research programs, Goertzel and Ilke’ note. At the request of KurzweilAI, the publishers have kindly made both the Introduction and the first paper by Koene, Fundamentals Of Whole Brain Emulation: State, Transition And Update Representations, open access, available in full text on the International Journal of Machine Consciousness website. July 6, 2012 by Kaziel The much needed technology is a fully developed brain-computer-interface.
July 4, 2012 by Editor OK, cool, a whole new concept: downloading!
July 6, 2012 by KingBrandonM If God exists i would prefer to go to Hell, it seems like a much more enjoyable place tbh.
July 6, 2012 by GPtest Testing comments with an alt (this is Giulio).
It is ironic to me that people are so afraid of uploading when that is exactly what will stop our daily practice of dying.
July 2, 2012 by Chris Can we get a higher-res version of the illustration please?
June 27, 2012 by Bri Since the post have stopped, I guess it’s safe to write some more. You can say the same about tomorrow’s version of you (the person who will wake up in your bed tomorrow). The previous ones were like slightly dumb and ignorant versions of me, less and less as you get closer to now, and the coming ones will be, while physically deteriorating (not that much for a few decades since I eat right and exercise) mentally awesomer and awesomer, hopefully until the very end. June 27, 2012 by Opspersec A summary of the actual technological steps forward (engineering, science) presented in this issue would be nice for those of us who prefer that sort of thing. Maybe it is physically impossible to copy a mind without destroying the original at the same time though, so that at any instant in time there can only be ONE mind with that particular subjective perspective that supervenes on the mind. June 26, 2012 by Bri With a name like snake I can see you have fangs. June 26, 2012 by Bri As I said, even radical upgrade would result in continuity. July 18, 2012 by Sonhouse I think you are absolutely correct and our advances will dwarf anything we can conceive now, from our very limited points of view.
June 26, 2012 by iterator Wow, so many ignore the process by which we’ve allowed machines greater access into our existence.
June 26, 2012 by John Doe I would imagine that if I were to replace a single neuron in my head with an artificial neuron, that I would retain the same level of consciousness, and that if this process repeated, I would continue to be aware.
Maybe due to the complexity of the brain (the interaction of hormones etc) it will result in a pure neuronal simulation being incomplete, and we would transfer our minds into a state of incompleteness, but that is to prejudice the ability for us to simulate even the immensely complex interactions of our brain in its brain soup.
June 26, 2012 by aus You can do a simple thought experiment to determine if mind uploading will result in immortality.
Say you did a non-destructive upload to a computer, that is your memories are uploaded to the computer but your brain is left intact and perfectly functioning in your skull.
So you wake up from this uploading procedure and you have a conversation with the computer. June 27, 2012 by Alex I see your argument as unfinished or at least half. Ok so finally you discover that you lost a physical body and are in the process of evaluating your experience in compairing it with what you used to feel when you had a “real Biological body” and you say things like i wonder what people think of me now that i am the fake me ? June 27, 2012 by MatthewQ Your physical meat body would continue on the downward trajectory of decrepitude and die- of course. The scenario you mention of waking up and having the conversation with yourself is a very interesting point but it also contains a bit of the answer. I think it would not be so bad having yourself as a companion for the rest of your days when viewed in this liight. June 26, 2012 by Matthew Fuller Thank you, thanks, and thank you for the quick peak.
However, smart persons have been discussing this for decades, and will probably continue for other decades, until mind uploading will be operational routine, at which point I think the metaphysical doubts will disappear like a snowflake in the sun. Re reading the papers, note that “Editor Ben Goertzel has also gathered links to informal, “preprint” versions of the papers in this Special Issue, hosted on the paper authors’ websites. Of course hypothetical techniques such as non-destructive uploading and synthetic cell replacement further complicate this issue.
The Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence newsletter concisely covers relevant major science and technology breakthroughs (daily or weekly) via e-mail. Las grandes riquezas, las mejores ideas que han cambiado el mundo, los grandiosos inventos, los fascinantes avances y progresos de la humanidad, y en general, todo lo que nos ha diferenciado de los animales y nos ha llevado a tener la calidad de vida que tenemos hoy, han sido fruto del trabajo de la mente de diferentes personajes. Nuestra mente ha sido estudiada por muchos cientificos, y expertos en diferentes areas, y mas precisamente nuestro cerebro.
Lo primero que hay que considerar en el momento en que queremos dominar nuestra mente, es que deberemos tener en claro, cual es el objetivo para esto. Debes saber que en este blog, solo tomaremos en consideracion objetivos nobles, y que por ningun motivo, estoy de acuerdo en apoyarte si el dominio de tu mente va orientado hacia la maldad. Luego, debes considerar en tu vida el hecho de que el principal factor potenciador del dominio mental, es la claridad. Y finalmente, luego de realizar un buen autoanalisis (que debe consistir en una serie de preguntas que te haces a ti mismo y respondes con sinceridad… preferiblemente en papel), es necesario que empieces a recablear aquellos conocimientos obsoletos. Estamos llenos de creencias limitantes que nos impiden avanzar y progresar en la vida, la mayoria de dichas creencias, surgen de la sociedad y la educacion que recibimos desde ninos.
Sin embargo, reprogramar nuestra mente para el exito, consistira unicamente en reemplazar pensamientos destructivos, con pensamientos creativos y positivos.
Es todo un proceso el que hay que llevar a cabo, pero sinceramente te digo que vale la pena.
Always had a very personal interest in the Mind logo, designed by Glazer back in 2004, due to my own experiences with mental health, depression etc.
The first time I saw the Mind logo was around the time I had my breakdown then subsequently diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety etc. To keep a terrifically long story short, I immediately understood, and appreciated, the design of the Mind logo. Logo Stack: a collection of real-world (no concept, or fake logos here) logo & brand identity designs. That’s not the way our grown-up, classical world seems to work, and physicists have been scrabbling around for the best part of a century to explain the puzzling mismatch. The idea that an objective, universally valid view of the world can be achieved by making properly controlled measurements is perhaps the most basic assumption of modern science. Kick a quantum particle such as an electron or a quark, though, and the certainty vanishes. Then there is the mystery of how atoms and particles can apparently adopt split personalities, but macroscopic objects such as cats clearly can’t, despite being made up of atoms and particles. Known as quantum Bayesianism, its ideas stem from reassessing the meaning of the wave function probabilities that seemingly govern the quantum world (see diagram). Despite its limitations, not least when dealing with single, isolated events, frequentist probability is popular throughout science for the way it turns an observer into an entirely objective counting machine.
The central argument of quantum Bayesianism, or QBism, is that, by applying this more subjective type of probability to the quantum world, whole new vistas open up.
Mind you, it took six weeks of intense discussions with Fuchs and Schack in South Africa last year to finally convince Mermin that he had been a QBist all along. For Mermin, the beauty of the idea is that the paradoxes that plague quantum mechanics simply vanish.
Quantum theorist William Wootters of Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, thinks this is the most exciting interpretation of quantum theory to have emerged in years, and points to historical precedents. Others are less keen. Carlo Rovelli of Aix-Marseille University in France proposed a similar, less extreme, observer-dependent idea called relational quantum mechanics in 1996. Antony Valentini of Clemson University in South Carolina also thinks it moves things in the wrong direction. Schack counters that there is only one world out there, and we must find a way of unifying our classical and quantum interpretations of it – even if it means accepting we have no objective connection to reality in either sphere.
For him the strongest sign that QBism is on the right track is a thought experiment called Wigner’s friend. But Caslav Brukner of the University of Vienna in Austria wonders how far such approaches can take us. You might wonder whether all this matters, given that quantum theory does such a stupendous job of describing the world and supplying us with technological innovation. Faced with the prospect of abandoning scientific objectivity, the temptation to shut up and calculate might be as strong as ever. Science and Nonduality provides a forum where preeminent scientists, philosophers, teachers, artists and a large, international community gather to explore and advance the new paradigm emerging in spirituality, that is both grounded in cutting-edge science and consistent with the ancient wisdom of nonduality — the deep understanding of the interconnectedness of life. When I discovered dark matter producing dark energy it was like opening a great door into the universe with all answers exposed at once. Science and Nonduality is a not-for-profit organization and your donation goes directly towards continuing the development and expansion of the SAND vision and our community. Thank you again for such a beautiful, awesome experience - such a beautiful communion of Being(s)!
I found the SAND experience wonderful, powerful, immensely positive, intense, and at times overwhelming.

In trying to describe the entire SAND experience to a friend, she responded: "It sounds as if you have swallowed a sunbeam and now have to digest it." How true! I very much liked the heart connectivity of the cutting edge speakers, conference participants, and staff. And for once, I got to be surrounded by hundreds of others also walking this pathless path. Setting your mind on the spirit is an often talked about, but a seemingly very abstract concept to today’s Christian. The western mind is programmed to analyze and dissect every piece of information and either accept it because it fits into what we deem likely and possible, or deny it because it is classified as unlikely and impossible. In order to see God move in your fasting you must expand your belief system to a new dimension, the realm of the supernatural where anything is possible. There is another way that our minds are set on the flesh besides simply being too logical in our assessments. Mistakenly, most of the body of Christ has been pointlessly aiming at dying to the flesh itself. If we continue to subscribe to this false theology we are left fighting something that we can’t get rid of (our bodies), that has already been crucified with Christ, and praying for the day when we will no longer have to deal with our flesh; the day we die.
As stated earlier, the flesh itself is simply our physical bodies and their inclination for survival.
Think of your carnal desires (sex, hunger, acceptance, temperature control, etc.) as sensors on a state of the art space suit designed to function perfectly on earth.
This example is given without any consideration for a man or woman that actually has the Spirit of God living within them. The first century apostle Paul understood this dilemma when he declared that we are “transformed by the renewing of our minds” (Romans 12:2).
While fasting, the desires of your flesh will initially be intensified as it signals its need to survive, but as you tame that most insistent desire, you will also have opportunity to tame all other carnal desires. Koene (a contributor of two papers to this volume) has formed a nonprofit organization called Carbon Copies (carboncopies.org) to promote mind uploading research.
These preprint versions are not guaranteed to be identical to the final published versions, but the content should be essentially the same, he advises. Once this is figured out, the rest should be relatively fast-forward, since the basic framework for brain emulation is already available, but strangely ignored. I’m using it as a desktop wallpaper, I have a 1080p monitor, and it looks ugly with bitmap scaling.
But even in older age, you may reconfigure your mind so profoundly in just a few years (or days or less?) that versions from just a few thousand days ago seem alien. Then it could be that i AM the computer once my mind gets uploaded to it and the manifestation of my mind as a brain perishes at the same time that it is copied. We’ll look back in 100 years and giggle at how simple we were, just as we look back today at 100 years ago. We’ve come a long way from sharpened rock, to wooden teeth, to artificial hearts, and now artificial ears and eyes.
What’s crucial is that the pattern of action potential is maintained, as it is this massively parallel dynamic process that gives rise to consciousness I think. Your mind would have also been uploaded to a new substrate and continue in the this format too. I think your original meat body would still go through a lot of the normal anxieties about mortality and death. If so, once you upload thoughts and memories, you upload also consciousness, whatever that is. That is that a computer that uploads your mind may have your memories and thoughts, but not your consciousness. Conocer concretamente los motivos de tus actitudes, de tu forma de vestir, de tu peinado, de tus actividades diarias, de las personas con las que pasas mas tiempo… etc. Tener claro eso si, desde un principio, que tus objetivos de vida deben estar claros, a corto, mediano y largo plazo.
It pretty much summed up the torrent of thoughts, doubts, uncertainty one experiences in these key low periods. In the standard telling, this most well-tested of physical theories – fount of the computers, lasers and cellphones that our adult souls delight in – informs us that reality’s basic building blocks take on a very different, nebulous form when no one is looking.
An atomic physicist at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, he has spent most of his half-century-long career rejecting philosophical musings about the nature of quantum theory. At best, quantum theory allows you to calculate the probability of one outcome from many encoded in a multifaceted wave function that describes the particle’s state. The most widely accepted answer is the Copenhagen interpretation, so named after the site of many early quantum musings.
Einstein pointedly asked whether the observations of a mouse would be sufficient to collapse a wave function.
Schrodinger’s intention in introducing his cat was to highlight this inexplicable division between the quantum and classical worlds.
But an alternative, older approach to probability was devised by English clergyman Thomas Bayes in the 18th century.
Measure the spin of an invisible electron, say, and you acquire new knowledge, and update your assessment of the probabilities accordingly, from uncertain to certain. He worries that QBism relies too much on a philosophy espoused by German philosopher Immanuel Kant in the 18th century – that there is no direct experience of things, only that which we construct in our minds from sensory inputs. He paints a picture of someone setting up equipment to measure the energy of a particle, and then going off for a cup of tea. Imagine you are standing outside a closed room where a friend is about to open the box containing Schrodinger’s cat.
That is true up to a point, says Rovelli – but our lack of intuitive understanding hampers our search for some greater theory that can embrace all of physics from the smallest to the largest scales.
ANTIHYDROGEN FUSION creates sprites above storms releasing liquid oxygen that is converted into air and water while the electrons created the ionosphere . What struck me about SAND13 was an overwhelming sense of awe at the beauty of other humans: the organizers, the presenters, the performers, and the attendees. Got to play with so many amazing people, teachers and authors who've made a huge impact on my journey. I was not kidding when I said best ever… It gets more wonderful every year, it's like the Richter scale of awareness… Expanding by factors of 10! Most of us have been taught that the desires of the flesh are inherently evil and cause us to inevitably fall into sin. Consider that this theology actually encourages us to wish and hope for death, as opposed to learning and exercising proper self control so that we can live our days in victory.
Your urges are the messages sent to your mind by various sensors that have been wired to interpret information from your surroundings.
A born again believer in Jesus has access to the “mind of Christ” and therefore does not have to revert to the mindset that indulges the desires of their flesh. Learn to recognize the desires of your flesh during your fasting and pray for wisdom on how to tame them and view certain circumstances the right way; with the mind set on the Spirit. Olympics gonna get nuked in a month then ww3 starts and then it’s only a matter of months, not years. Besides, Heaven is filled past the brim with people i hate, why would i want to spend eternity there? The difference in subjective perspective becomes very evident if you think of the version of you that existed 30 years ago, or will exist in 30 years. Maybe the subjective perspective gets preserved then, but i think there is no way to ever verify this from a third perspective. Why does it not occur to some that a new substrate should take over as portions of the old substrate are either disabled or made obsolete. Electrons, quarks or entire atoms can easily be in two different places at once, or have many properties simultaneously. Kick a football, and Newton’s laws of motion tell you where it will be later, regardless of who is watching it and how. Another observer making an identical measurement on an identical particle might measure something very different. Although alternatives did exist – such as the many worlds interpretation, which suggests the universe divides into different paths every time anything is observed – none quite seemed to crack the central mystery.
To predict outcomes in this instance, we require a theory that can take account of all the things that might be going on when we are not looking.
During the tea break, did the pointer on the equipment’s dial have no definite orientation? Other theories about the world at its most fundamental could have similar Bayesian underpinnings – so why specifically does quantum theory come up with the right answers? But, while this may seem plausible to a physicist, it is hardly so for the science of neuroplasticity.
Never before have I been in the presence of so many people who are functioning at the very peak of the human experience.
Nothing is impossible to Him, and therefore nothing is impossible for us to experience through Jesus in our fasts.
Most of the body of Christ is aware that the desires of the flesh are an issue, but have not been taught effective methods of dealing with this problem.

And, like all other creations that God made, He created them, stepped back and “saw that it was good” (Genesis 1). His entire profession revolves around the analysis and diagnosis of the female reproductive system.
The Holy Spirit is given to us to lead and guide us into all truth, and empower us to walk in that truth.
As believers we are not seeking to overcome the flesh itself, but rather to overcome a mind set on the flesh.
All of the worlds FreeThinkers, Intellectuals, Visionaries, all my friends, and almost everyone i idolize are going to Hell according to most Christians so obviously thats the place to be. We cannot predict with certainty which of the many possibilities we will see: that is all down to the random hand of probability. The way to solve our quantum conundrums is to abandon the ingrained idea that we can ever achieve an objective view of reality.
Shut in a box with a vial of lethal gas that might, or might not, have been released by a random quantum event such as a radioactive decay, the unfortunate feline hangs in limbo, both alive and dead. Its value is not objective or fixed, but a fluid assessment based on many changing factors, such as current air pressure and how similar weather systems developed in the past. Quantum states, wave functions and all the other probabilistic apparatus of quantum mechanics do not represent objective truths about stuff in the real world. The appearance of a spontaneous change is just the result of two parties independently performing measurements that update their state of knowledge. For a QBist, the quantum-classical boundary is the split between what is going on in the real world and your subjective experience of it. A QBist would say maybe not, you can’t tell – even though experience tells us a macroscopic object such as a pointer does always have a definite orientation. But you must assign a set of probabilities based on a superposition of all the possible states of the cat and the reports your friend might make of it. Like many who have inspected the undercarriage of quantum mechanics, Brukner would prefer to reconstruct it from a core set of principles or axioms. Now knowing theres a dimensional stability discharging high energy photons or dark energy explains more. In fact that word (impossible) must cease to exist in our minds as it pertains to the extent of our Heavenly Father’s power. It is in your mind where the interpretation of these messages comes into play and your concepts of those messages then determine what is the proper course of action based on the information given by the flesh.
Daily he is required to examine portions of the female anatomy that would likely cause the average man to succumb to temptation. To do this we need to spend time seeking the revelation of God through His spoken word to us, and through the scriptures. Personally im Atheist, formerly Caholic until i read the bible and realized its complete and utter BS. To move from one substrate to another while maintaining a coherent consciousness, you must iteratively replace the old susbstrate with the new, until all that remains is the new.
Y con base en estas respuestas Especificas, iniciar un proceso de modificacion mental, actitudinal y comportamental.
Acquire a new piece of information – see a bank of threatening cloud when you open the curtains in the morning, for example – and you might well update your prognosis to a 90 or 100 per cent chance of rain.
Instead, they are subjective tools that we use to organise our uncertainty about a measurement before we perform it. The internal fusion structure transforms antihelium to photons in The style of the Fibonacci sequence making all matter spin.
What a testament to the audacity and pride of man to deny God’s declaration of quality and instead declare our own. It is the interpretation of the information from our flesh that is our real concern, not necessarily the information or even the sensor itself. However, this doctor is required to view each situation through a purely academic perspective.
Now i am a Biotechnology major in my first year of college and i hope to become a Synthetic Biologist and work in the field of Genetic Enineering, i am hoping to participate in the process of improving mankind. I’m not suggesting that uploading your mind would be a simple process by any means, but it is not impossible.
Both, say QBists: there is no paradox if a measurement outcome is always personal to the person experiencing it. As opposed to making declarations about our flesh that may perhaps be outrageous to God, lets rather look at the desires of our flesh as survival mechanisms that must be viewed with a proper lens. Hopefully he doesn’t stumble, not because his body or flesh is made of something different than every other man, but because his thoughts are made of something different. I personally cannot wait until the Rapture, so you guys can finally leave me alone, if Jesus doesnt come for you soon, im calling a cab. Our aim is that we may interpret those desires correctly and manage these urges appropriately so that we may walk in holiness.
He doesn’t stumble because his thoughts are set in a way that gives him a completely different perspective. The problem with faith is that you dont truly know, with science you do know and if your wrong you have the luxury of changing your beliefs, in religion you dont have that luxury, its infallible even in the face of blatant contradicting evidence to the contrary, you just shut your eyes and pretend it isnt there, we look at the evidence and if it supports it we accept it, if it doesnt we dont.
The Skeptic web site is real, but it wouldn’t let me apply for the million dollar prize.
But, that does not mean it is mechanical, as might be claimed in strict autopoiesis theory, also known as higher-order cybernetics. By virtue of it having no dimension, there is also no distinction between things, insofar as technically there is no boundary defining existence itself.
In this sense, existence is a dividing of non-dimensional reality to manifest; and, that manifestation must necessarily acquire all of the dimensions (however many there are) of material existence (whether energy or matter or energy-matter). Later, as I was in the bathroom, I had that feeling like an elevator drop, and I saw more clearly the area that I would be stopped. It’s relatively easy to project extensions of my spirit, but it is firmly bound to my body.
It was on the way to my job site, one block before I would turn of merrick Rd in Masapequa. As I got into my van, it hit me again, but this time I could see it as if I were within that block. As I turned on to Merrick Rd I could see a cop car, pulled over to the side, with it’s lights on.
A singularity in particular is where all physics as we know it breaks down – so there are no dimensions. The point is that, by distinguishing these abstractions in semantic space, we do not thereby create a duality of existence. We create a paradox in our consideration, even as it seems apparent that we ourselves are contemplating ourselves as the manifestation of that paradox.
If you live for a thousand more years in the future, then you have’nt met yourself till you have those experiences. It is, rather, the undifferentiated source of reality itself, manifest in the Universe as we know it. Resolution of the paradox is possible if we allow that manifestation is always local, and thus can retain both finite and infinite aspects of reality, no matter what degree of finite manifestation is attained.
Think of this in terms of an infinite space (unbounded) in which a finite sphere is manifest.
It strikes me very plainly that even though it hasn’t happened in our time frame, it still has happened already. I have avoided several car accidents because I moved out of the way of an accident that I witnessed in front of me up the road before it happened. Now, imagine other such spheres added, with the priviso only that they are distinct from one another. Technically, they are not distinct from the space, because it has no dimensions by which to be distinct. Each, if it acquires the attribute of awareness, thought, feeling, sense, etc., does so within it self (to this degree, autopoiesis makes sense).
But, each is also aware in isolation, because any manner of distinction that it must draw must do so in relation to something it is not. It may be hard for me to tell you something to convince you of the truth I’m telling. So, it cannot be aware of its undifferentiated source, but it can become aware of other such spheres, with which it can form relations. Thus, the brain can keep remapping its image, but cannot remap the non-territory in which the image arises. It also is aware, but only in isolation, because awareness is a derivative phenomenon of such things as evolved organisms with the neural apparatus to actually attain awareness of feelings, thoughts, sensations, etc.

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