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Christian Slater really either needs to go back to acting school and pick up some pointers in the fine art of acting or he really needs to try another profession as this is getting embarrassing for him. Christian Slater is yet another actor that Hollywood keeps trying to push onto America and make into a star.
How many shows has Christian Slater been in the last few years that were cancelled like this? Hopefully ABC realizes that if you want the audience to invest an hour of their time it can’t be another bland procedural like on the rest of broadcast TV. Obligatory Kyle Killen is a genius and should go to cable and it’s not his fault his shows all fail comment! I think it’s a new interesting idea that needed to iron out some wrinkles and refine itself a bit, but it takes more than only five eps (with repeats of a lower rated show on right before your new ep airs) to make that happen. I really tried to watch this show, as I enjoyed Zahn from his previous work such as Treme (even as far back as That Thing You Do). There’s nothing wrong with Slater, other than the fact that he is made for the big screen. With a little bit of science, a dash of con-artistry, plus a smattering of Jedi mind tricks, brothers Clark (Steve Zahn) and Ross Edwards (Christian Slater) and can tailor a plan to influence any life-altering situation, thereby making their clients’ dreams come true and their nightmares go away. A former university professor and world-renowned expert in the fields of human behavior, psychology and motivation, the frantic Clark has a checkered history, which stems from his bipolar disorder. Ross, a brilliant schemer recently out of prison after a two-year stint for fraud, has come up with a business model that he believes can make him and his team millions of dollars. Megan Shane (Megalyn Echikunwoke) is an actress who proves to be an invaluable asset to the team, using her beauty and acting skills to help them turn their scientific schemes into real world results. By using the hard science of psychological manipulation, the brothers commit to solving their clients’ problems. It also marks the third time creator Killen has been one-season-and-done with a broadcast drama. This latest drama axing would probably be harder to stomach for ABC were it not for the recent success of Resurrection on Sundays.

Celebrity Wife Swap will return to the schedule on April 15, holding the hour until ABC launches its summer block. Starring Steve Zahn and Christian Slater and produced by 20th Century Fox Television, Mind Games was soft to start. For the next two weeks, the network will use the Tuesday 10 PM slot for extra sampling of its promising midseason Sunday drama Resurrection, which will air repeats in the slot.
Really enjoying Zahn’s work and this last episode finally gave some warmth to the Slater character. I give him credit for plugging away with with a new show each year, but at some point you have to realize it isn’t going to work out the way you think it is.
Cable has opened the door to exceptional writting quality that has rarely been seen on Broadcast TV. When every 10pm show on Tuesday night fails, maybe it’s time to think about your lead ins.
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Well, heA?s hardly on a roll lately with his TV shows, and now Mind Games got cancelled by ABC after only five weeks of air.A The show will be pulled off schedule immediately, and replaced with repeats from Resurrection for two weeks to be later replaced by the new season of Celebrity Wife Swap. Clark’s academic career imploded when the university became aware he was having an affair with a 22-year-old undergraduate. The divorced, incurable ladies’ man roiling with ideas, often confuses honesty with opportunism.
Sam’s abilities to read people and improvise will serve her well, after she works her way onto the team. Beth Scott (Katherine Cunningham) is Clark’s former undergrad student with whom Clark had the affair. Mind Games mostra a historia da relacao entre dois irmaos, Clark (Steve Zahn) e Ross (Christian Slater). Fox famously pulled critical darling Lone Star after just two episodes in 2010, and Awake only lasted one (abbreviated) season on NBC.

The other midseason drama has been a much-needed breakout for ABC this season, premiering to an impressive 3.8 adults rating earlier in March. Beginning April 15, ABC will launch Season 3 of utility player Celebrity Wife Swap in the q0 PM hour. Its time for broadcast to adapt to the cable model or at least find a reasonable trade off. I can tell you though, if this had been a half hour comedy starting Slater and Zahn, it could have been a hit. Although his energy is infectious, his tactics can be questionable and his strategies border on the illegal. She claims to still be in love with Clark, but Ross wonders if she can handle an actual relationship with his brother. Clark e bipolar, mas e um especialista em psicologia humana, considerado genial, apesar de seu excentrico comportamento. Unsurprisingly, encores of Resurrection will now occupy Mind Games' time slot for the next two weeks, April 1 and April 8. Anyway, this was a male-oriented show on ABC (strike 1) at midseason (strike 2) that wasn’t through ABC Studos (strike 3).
It dived to a 0.6 in its second week, matching that rating again this Tuesday when it was hampered by the the lack of original lead-in. Depois de sair da cadeia, Ross convida Clack para criar uma agencia que ajuda as pessoas a solucionarem seus problemas utilizando algumas tecnicas de motivacao humana e manipulacao. Mind Games became the third ABC drama casualty in the Tuesday 10 PM slot this season, joining cancelled freshmen Lucky 7 and Killer Women.

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