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Some years ago when I was trying out the Herbalife weight loss programme to see whether it worked or not before I began working with Herbalife I used a couple of these mind games myself and I have to say they worked exceptionally well.
Say ‘no’ three times and then on the fourth time say ‘yes’ to whatever it is that’s being offered to you, then go back to saying ‘no’ three times and again on the fourth time say ‘yes’.

It didn’t much matter what I said to myself really the point was that by the time I’d gone through the motion of having the conversation inside my head then I had pretty much talked myself out of it anyway or the person offering something to me had moved on to the next person. It’s really just the art of learning to say ‘No’ before you pick something up and pop it in your mouth without thinking about it and the consquences of your action.

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