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Additionally, today was a reversal of a reversal of a reversal, then it reversed!!!  What a fickle lot we human beings are.  We had a sell-off on Tuesday only for it to recover strongly and print a bullish reversal hanging man candle. Stocks finished far off session highs, with Wall Street starting to dial back gains after crude dropped below $60 a barrel, and the pullback escalated amid efforts to block a spending bill in the House, sparking worries of the government closing.
Figures from the Commerce Department had retail sales rising 0.7 percent last month, the largest increase in eight months. Separately, the Labor Department reported fewer Americans filed unemployment claims last week. Speaking at a conference in New York on Thursday, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew called lower energy costs an unquestioned positive for the U.S. Now comes the news that lawyers are pitching litigation against the food industry to make them pay for the health costs of obesity.

As tempting as this leap from tobacco to food policy might be, it’s best to look before we leap. Smoking is non-essential. People can live complete, happy lives without cigarettes, but not food.
These cautions are intended to inform our thinking, not deter from the search for solutions.
Click here and here to read more about the CVS decision to stop selling cigarettes and here to read more about the proposed litigation against the food industry. This marginally reliable bullish signal failed and a major selling day happened yesterday followed by a quick recovery today…that was quickly sold into the close. The target for the pitch is 16 state attorneys general — a group that won large settlements in the now famous class action lawsuit against the tobacco industry.

A favorite cliche of tobacco activists is that cigarettes are the only products that kill their users when used as intended.
CVS could get even more great publicity if they moved to stop selling so much junk food and start selling a healthier assortment. Even vilified junk foods are consumed in moderation by plenty of people without ill effects.
Have you noticed how yogurt — with its healthy halo — has started appearing in forms that have more than 40 grams of sugar in a serving?

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