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When you getting older, you start to notice things like unable to remember what was on the grocery list you left at home, forget where you put the car keys or not remember where you park your car. Contrary to popular belief, the mental decline most people experience is not due to the steady death of nerve cells. Just as cross training help you maintain overall physical fitness, brain training can help you with maintaining a continuing level of mental fitness strength, and flexibility as you age. Brain training and exercises that are showed in this website is different from other types of brain exercises which usually involve logic puzzle or solitary practice session that resemble tests. The brain training stimulates patterns of neural activity that can create more connections between brain areas and encourage the production of natural brain nutrients, called neurotrophins.
Why persist in investing in an approach with marginal gains when we know that it cannot deliver what is required by both consumers and leaders? Sara Rynes in the Academy of Management Journal (2007) describes the gap between the science (evidence) and practice as so persistent and pervasive that some have despaired if it will ever be narrowed. How many learning professionals check to see if the interventions that they have delivered are reflected in an improvement in performance and business productivity? If knowledge training other than in technical fields had worked, we would not have the unacceptable levels of underperformance, disengagement, poor leadership, dysfunctional teams, conflict and sickness that are stubbornly persistent in organisations today.

Conversely, positively driven people with a ‘can do’ attitude are engaged and engaged people perform. For more facts and figures from Gallup, Harter, CIPD, PWC, BAE Systems and more and to download the full article click here. Then, you jump to the conclusion that aging is an inevitable slide to forgetfulness, confusion and even Alzheimer's disease.
Instead, it usually results from the decrease number of dendrites, the branches of nerve cells that forms the basis of memory. The ideal brain training involve activating many different brain areas to increase the range of mental motion. Instead, the concept of our brain exercises it to presenting the brain with unusual or unexpected experiences using various combinations of your physical senses (vision, smell, touch, taste, and hearing) as well as your emotional sense. Neurotrophins dramatically increase the size and complexity of dendrites and also make surrounding cells stronger and resistant to the effect of aging. If Einstein was right in defining madness as doing the same thing again and again in the hope of achieving a different result, then it seems that the L&D HR profession is in the grip of institutional groupthink with strong elements of “I’ve made up my mind, don’t confuse me with the facts”.
In other words, evidence based reality in the field loses out against what people choose to believe as a result of inherited but failing models.

The truth is that not many do and once again, referring to the CIPD report, the research found that only 11% of HR professionals see it as the role of the HR function to evaluate the effectiveness of leadership and management training. They seek new ideas, they adopt lean practices, delayer and outsource yet training persistently assumes that giving people knowledge actually works.
Recent brain research has led to new approaches that can be incorporated into everyday activities. It’s as though people are trapped in a form of thinking that is acceptable to the profession, but ineffective. By adopting these training, you may actually enhance your brain's ability to deal with the declines in mental agility.
All people in an organisation, whatever their role, must ensure that what they deliver impacts directly or indirectly on the business bottom line and adds value. This reduce the brain ability to put new information into memory as well as to retrieve old information.

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