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Train your brain and fight the effects of aging with this comprehensive pack of logic games. Mind Games is an extensive collection of small logic games that will help you improve brain functioning and fight against the effects of aging.
Each of these games will stimulate specific areas of your brain while providing a comprehensive score history and progress graph to keep track of your improvements. Other challenges, like Memory Racer, will help you improve your immediate recall, mental focus, and speed by having to decide if the picture displayed matches the one showed before. This small game suite is ideal for those of you who look upon improving their brain capabilities or keeping their attention, anticipation, and memory at an optimum level at all times.

Delivering Accelerated Learning, Mind Mapping and Speed Reading to all levels of staff in Luxembourg. As part of this clients global training strategy I have been delivering for the past two years a range of courses on managing workloads, team work, managing clients, analytical thinking and many other areas of professional development.
Currently delivering a number of courses as part of the global training strategy for BBH, including Remote Management, negotiation skills and writing business english.
Delivered a number of courses on Accelerated Learning, Consulting skills and Tools for Success (Goal Setting). Teamed up with The SuperGeneration to train over 10,000 students on Accelerated Learning Study Techniques.

The game packs 23 brain training mini games that include various types of challenges based on the principles of cognitive psychology.
All these brain features are slowly degrading as time passes, but, with Mind Games, you can keep them all fresh on a daily basis. From memory related mini-games to word, vocabulary, attention, abstraction, and anticipation games, Mind Games has it all.

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