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This totally brilliant little pocket-sized anti-stress colouring book is just the perfect size to pop into your handbag and dip into throughout the day. Gorgeously illustrated, The Mindfulness Colouring Book for adults is filled with pages of intricate and sophisticated patterns, and delightful and familiar scenes. This is one that comes with me everywhere and even five minutes in the car while I’m waiting for one thing or another is enough to assure a much calmer car journey. When we think of Chopin, we think first and foremost of his Nocturnes, these lyrical, elegant and enraptured compositions for piano.
His Nocturnes are a collection of evocative improvised night songs and reveries that evoke a deep stillness and calm. The Shakuhachi flute has been the primary meditative practice of the komuso Zen Buddhist priests for centuries.
In the hands of such as master as Riley Lee, the plaintive flute is hauntingly expressive and captures a quality of stillness that is meditation itself. Inside the Taj Mahal is well accepted as a New Age classic and perhaps one of the most influential New Age albums of all time.
The acoustics of this space intrigued Horn who went about getting special permission to perform and record there. Classical music has been a powerful cultural force for centuries.The soothing power of music is well-established. Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, especially slow, quiet classical music.
Music for Meditation is a compilation album of very beautiful classical pieces including such well-known pieces as; Satie’s Gymnopedie No.
Listening to western classical music in particular can bring about a state of deep stillness akin to meditation. Adagio, Music for Silent Moments, offers a hand-selected collection of classical string pieces to transport you to a space of deep tranquillity. This inspirational compilation includes some beautiful adagios for cello and clarinet as well as the famous “Sehr Langsam” from Mahler’s 5th symphony and the stunning Adagio from Dvorak’s Cello Concerto. The Estonian composer, Arvo P?rt, produced this seminal work in 1976 creating a new minimalist compositional style described as: “Calm, exalted, listening to one’s inner self”.
Arvo P?rt creates a kind of steady-state tonality, often referred to as modal, which has been likened to medieval music. Music for Zen Meditation is a classic Zen album by the celebrated American jazz clarinettist, Tony Scott.

Scott was drawn to the improvisational quality of the music of Zen and exhibits his impressive skill and subtle phrasing in playing in the mood and style of the Japanese Shakuhachi bamboo flute. The nine tracks captures the essence and sounds of nature, as reflected in the beautiful titles such as: After the snow, the Fragrance, To Drift Like Clouds, The Murmuring of the Mountain Stream.
There is nothing more beautifully moving than the most exquisite, intimate, subtle and beautiful music of Gregorian chant. Gregorian chant is contemplative music that touches the soul.It is the sacred music of the Church, expressing the words of Scripture in Latin, the ancient language of the Church. The simple, pure lines of Gregorian chant go back to the origins of the first Christian communities and the earliest recorded Western music.
Filled with beautiful and soothing scenes and patterns to colour in, this exquisite book will help anyone seeking a mindful state to achieve their goal of inner peace. Take a few moments out of your busy day to clear your mind and achieve a deeper sense of calm as you focus on colouring the beautiful illustrations in this book, specially designed to promote a state of mindfulness. Forget about your worries and stress as you relax and colour in the gorgeous patterns in this exquisite book.
Full of beautiful and tranquil scenes and patterns, this gorgeous colouring book will help you to focus and refresh your mind and achieve a sense of inner calm.
Crafted specifically to soothe anxious minds and reduce stress, this book offers a practical exercise in mindfulness that draws on your creativity and hones your focus. Every page has characterful charm apparent from Emma Farraron’s unique drawing style that entices you to meditate on your artwork while you mindfully and creatively fill these pages with colour. Emma’s illustrative style appeals to my own sense of imagination and reminds me of moments of childhood where fantasy was as real as life. Chopin devoted himself entirely to the expressive possibilities of the piano, referring to it as “his other self”. Playing the Shakuhachi relaxes the mind and body and is an aid to meditation and contemplation.
The reverberating echo gives Horn’s flute a layered texture as he pierces the silence.
It has a unique link to our emotions, so can be extremely effective in bringing about a state of inner stillness. Music can transport us from the busyness of everyday life to a state of deep calm and absorption. Throughout his music there is a wash of unchanging sound, like a bell that continues to sound long after the note has been struck.

Following his great interest in Eastern culture, he partnered with two Japanese master instrumentalists; Shinichi Yuize (Koto) and Hozan Yamamoto (Shakuhachi) for this classic.
This album is very largely an improvisation and captures the purity and spontaneity of Zen. It is deeply Zen in spirit, with tracks such as : Zazen and Satori and captures the deep joy of being alive.
Focusing on the here and now, mindfulness is about not looking forward or backward, not worrying about what should have or might have been, and simply allowing the mind to enjoy the present moment.
As we struggle to keep up with the constant demands of the modern world, and often find it hard to make time for ourselves, mindfulness is a practice that can truly help. It is through the silence that these Nocturnes can open and blossom to create a world of inner peace. This album invites you to experience for yourself the contemplative, timeless beauty of Gregorian chant.
It shows joy, sorrow, repentance, petition, hope, praise or thanksgiving….It makes the psalms come alive. We often struggle to keep up with all the demands of daily life, making it hard to break the cycle of stress and anxiety. He preferred a free and spontaneous form for his compositions, avoiding conformation to rules and regulations. Here Horn weaves an exquisite sense of place and history with a creation of pure, reverent sound. The therapeutic effects of colouring can enable you to get lost in the creative process and switch off your thoughts and fears. The Art of Mindfulness: Peace and Calm Colouring will help you to clear your mind of any worries or anxieties and enjoy a truly stress-free and creative activity - and create something beautiful in the process. Let The Art of Mindfulness: Serene and Tranquil Colouring help you to enjoy a truly mindful and creative activity - and create something beautiful at the same time. Take some time for yourself to enjoy something quiet and calming, as you recharge your batteries and refresh your mind, while creating something beautiful and colourful in the process. With artwork designed to lift your mood and inspire your soul, The Art of Mindfulness: Happy and Energized Colouring will help you to enjoy a truly stress-free and creative activity, while creating something truly beautiful in the process.

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