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It is a beautiful thing to have a full, busy life, filled to the brim with work and personal aspirations, relationships, hobbies, and responsibilities.
Good Taste GuaranteeWe promise The Daily Quipple will never contain profanity or offensive subject matter. By Mike Tannebaum When our culture is filled with messages that tell us we must be happy and to find a quick fix to deal with negative emotions, it can be difficult to work on cultivating genuine happiness. By Rabbi Michelle Greenfield At the end of Shabbat, after saying the havdalah blessings, it is traditional to sing Eliyahu HaNavi, hoping for and dreaming of the day when Elijah will come and usher in the messianic age.
By Lauren Tuchman Typically when we think of access in general and in Jewish community specifically, we first default to thinking about physical access—is the bimah accessible? One of the easiest ways to create a routine on purpose is to assign it a time of day that’s easy to remember. The minute you wake up, close your eyes and say to yourself, “I am going to practice being mindful on purpose today.” Then spend just 30 seconds or so being aware of your breathing. When you need to leave the house, break up the whole execution of “leaving the house” into phases, each one its own goal. With this conscious approach, you will find yourself moving effortlessly and consistently into a mindful way of life. Check out our website and social media channels for information about Mindfulness throughout the month September. Nepal although a land-locked country avoided by the marine bodies boasts with an immense resource of water.
The most popular rivers for rafting in Nepal are: Trishuli and Bhotekoshi followed by Sunkoshi, Seti , Kali Gandaki and others.
The season appropriate for rafting and Kayaking coincides with the tourist season of Nepal- between September to December. The department of immigration or the offices thereunder is responsible for regularizing all visas, except diplomatic and official visas. The tourist visa is granted for a maximum of 150 days in a visa year, including the extension. Though obtaining a Nepalese visa is easy, a tourist should keep in mind few things and abide by the regulations, the breach of which may lead to deportation or penalty or both. With snow-clad mountain on the background, the beautifully adorned 3-tiered temple of pagoda style may give impression of a complete Hindu shrine. The history of Muktinath dates back to around 15th year from the start of 19th century when a queen of Nepal initiated the construction of the temple. The yard of Muktikshetra consists of 108 water spouts, each with the shape of a boar-head, from where ice-cold water emanate. The accessibility to Muktinath has become much better with the construction of road, though many trekkers consider that the excavation has rather hampered the long-preserved and exotic significance of that route. If you want your Muktinath trip to be organized in an ideal manner, then you can take the next step and fill out the inquiry form and get FREE travel info. Right Mindfulness has been described by the Buddha as one of the seven factors of enlightenment.
In Nepal, the birthplace of Shyakyamuni Buddha, Vipassana sessions are conducted by few spiritual institutions. However, if you don’t have enough days for the complete tour package and want to customize your trip or you want to modify the itinerary by including only one of the three cities (Kathmandu, Pokhara or Chitwan) Or you just want to participate in the meditation program, we shall adjust the package in accordance to your requirement.
Each night I watched as countless Facebook posts popped up in my feed, proclaiming thanks and gratitude to secret yogis with nifty little pictures of things like special drinks, treats, candles, and scarves.
For one reason or another we have a really hard time feeling satisfied in a healthy relationship.
This is why many routines require their performance the first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. As only a small percentage of this huge reserve has been utilized purposefully for hydel projects, water-supply or irrigation schemes, a majority of the rivers rove aimlessly. Since tourism is a major income source, the government has maintained its policy of granting visas to the immigrants at any of the entry points to Nepal.
All tourists except Indian visitors are required a visa for their admission and stay in Nepal.
A tourist visa doesn’t allow the grantee to engage in any business or work in Nepal, with or without salary. But, the Buddhist prayer flags fluttering with one side attached to strings that embroider the shrine will make you reconsider your last opinion.
However, you have plenty of options to reach Muktinath – either by trekking, flight to Johmsom and a short trek or directly via jeep ride.
This can be achieved through insight meditation (popular as ‘mindfulness meditation’ in the west).
A very noble aspect of this practice is that you don’t need to convert into Buddhism to practice Vipassana and the mentor never urges you to do so during the practice. The most popular and the oldest one open to general people including foreigners is Nepal Vipassana Center. These include sight-seeing of temples, museums and monasteries around Kathmandu; Jungle safari in Chitwan National park and tour to the beautiful town of lakes- Pokhara.
If you think it’s the right time, Why not fill up the inquiry form and get free information about this unparalleled undertaking of self-transformation? When you feel like this, do as quipple turtle does: realize that you need to take a moment to clear your mind. Driving for hours, in his old, enormous, 2-door, dark brown Chevy, into the wilderness, to camp, apple pick, or to visit my aunt and uncle in New Hampshire.
Become consciously aware of all the little things you have to do in order to accomplish this simple routine. However, a few of them offer the opportunity of white-water exploit to the swashbucklers who enjoy maneuvering their rafts against the rapid of Himalayan streams.
The start-point of Trishuli expedition lies somewhere in the middle of Kathmandu and Pokhara making it the most accessible river-trip. For more audacious rafters, monsoon is favorable with the floods contributing to an adrenaline-surging challenge! The issuance is virtually unconditional, unless your passport is on the verge of expiry, you hail from one of the restricted countries or something fishy is linked with your travel. The costs of visas according to duration are: US$25 for 15 days, US$40 for 30 days and US$100 for 90 days. Counterfeit information furnished, if found, is not tolerated which may lead to the cancellation of the visa.

Yes, this is Muktinath- the pilgrimage for the Hindus as well as a sacred place of the Buddhists.
The devotees baring themselves in such a cold air and running quickly bathing from one faucet to the other with the chilling water is fun to observe. Unlike the concentrative meditation that leads to short-term bliss or attainment of psychic powers, insight meditation helps the practitioner to attain wisdom and free herself from the worldly suffering. The spiritual quiet assembly is a 10 days-long meditation session in the foothills of Shivapuri, a place away from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. The meditation will commence on the 8th day after you have become somewhat acquainted with Nepal and Nepalese culture, heritage, wildlife and other tourist attractions, with a completely novel vibe. No matter what form it takes, noticing and appreciating the wonder of life enhances the act of living. With the windows rolled all the way down, my feet dangling on the sill, and my hair flying in every which way until it was totally tangled, I was in bliss.
According to the Nepal Association of Rafting Agents, a union of the rafting entrepreneurs, 11 rivers in the country are open for rafting expedition. The trip can be completed within a day, is relatively easier than Bhotekoshi and is the most economical raft option. The trips can be booked between 50 to 80 USD depending upon your requirements and the number of expeditors. The fill-up forms and detailed information regarding the visa to Nepal can be found on the official website of the Department of Immigration, Nepal. The holy abode situated at the base of Thorang-la Pass, one of the favorite places of High altitude trekkers, represents a perfect paradigm of centuries-old understanding between the two religions. In today’s world we are exposed to a good many things but sadly, not all of them are good enough! These rivers are categorized according to the international scale of river difficulty, expressed in Roman figure from I to VI, sometimes appended with a + or – to the figure. On the other hand, Bhotekoshi has a high gradient with steep rapids and is preferred by somewhat experienced rafters. The main temple houses the statue of lord Vishnu which is also revered as Aalokitesvara – the deity of compassion by the Buddhists. These in turn produce incessant thoughts and emotions leading not only to psychological disorders like stress or anxiety, depression and schizophrenia but also somatic diseases like high-blood-pressure, heart-disease etc. Comment after comment or perhaps I should say judgment after judgment, I scrolled through the critical and punitive public responses. It is also recognized as one of the best short raft trips found in the world (source: Lonely Planet).
There are also training centers or “Kayak Clinics” run by rafting companies that provide practical on-the-water instructions to the tyros on proper paddling, rescue and maneuvering according to river dynamics. Apart from the main temple there is a remarkable coexistence of other Hindu temples (Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha) and many prayer wheels and chortens (stupas) in a common religious platform.
The monks, hermits and yogis who undergo a secluded or monastic life are able to guard such thoughts as they are less exposed to the thought-provoking agents. Here in America we are so used to being fed lies that when a politician, or in this case the President, speaks from a point of personal truth, everyone comes undone. The other easier and cheaper alternatives are Sunkoshi and Seti while challenging river-routes are Marsyangdi, Kali Gandaki, Tamor and Karnali, the last two being located a bit farther from Kathmandu. For those interested in tribal festivals with horse-race, the propitious time to visit is during Yartung festival which is marked by open gambling (still illegal in Nepal ), horse-race , joviality, alcohol and much more. Unfortunately, we cannot live a life like that in today’s busy world and a quick-fix that can help us pause our thoughts for even an hour without side-effects or other costs hasn’t been discovered yet.
Not everyone can just go out and start buying people gifts because they pulled your name out of a hat.
No one wants to hear the truth, especially in a system where we condone lies because it makes it easier to go on with things just the way they are. Hence, rafting and kayaking can be enjoyed by the novices also with the help of a river guide.
Although he was completely grown he indulged me in games of make believe where he was my robot. I mean when you consider all of the work that goes into a relationship, you would at least like some guarantee of fairytale-like success.
The recently constructed handsome gate, shops run by the nuns, poplar trees at the altitude of more than a dozen of thousand feet, a peculiar Chorten with strange sounds said to heal ear diseases are also the attractions of Muktinath worth mentioning. But no, you're thinking about how tired you look or how little time you have, you become consumed by the minutia of your mind experience and miss out on the ever-present splendor of the here and now. The complex apart from seating the religiously important temples and stupas is known for being the site of spiritual practice by Hindu as well as Buddhist yogis in the past. Yet fight after fight, and reconciliation after reconciliation, it seems as though a new fight is just over the horizon. Guru Rinpoche or Padmasabhava who is credited for bringing Buddhism to Tibet had meditated here on his way to Tibet whose footprints are still preserved in the site. Sometimes the ROI just doesn’t seem worth it, and if you are like me, perhaps you are emotionally obese.
Similarly, an 18th century Indian yogi Swaminarayan had undergone a severe penance whose monument rests at one of the spots. He would need to pull over repeatedly to use the restroom, so I would sit there waiting for him…and waiting. One time we were at a roadside diner, and moments after we ordered our food he slipped away to the bathroom.
If you’re like me, you know that racism is about as far from being dead as opposition to gay marriage is from being a thing of the past. I’ve had a lifetime of bad programming and sometimes the emotional residue of my past fogs up my windshield. We may not have out-right lynchings these days but our institutions have pretty much put our poor people, mainly blacks and minorities, in such a state of emotional, financial, and social incompetence, that they remain stuck in an American subculture that has no love for them. Let’s face it, when you are that fat (sorry if the word offends), getting on the treadmill for a walk is an ordeal. It’s like the nurse with the Spork in her hand knew I was guilty, gunning directly for my scalp.
Sure enough every time she picked through my head, she found those little fuckers, and out I went so they could call my mother to come and get me. I could feel the tears swelling up deep down inside of me, somewhere near the pit of my actual existence.

It hurts, it’s uncomfortable, and you begin to feel self-conscious about what you are doing. Like remember that one time in third grade when I thought wearing my mom’s sweater with a belt would be a cute dress? When he came back to the table he immediately came to my rescue, heartbroken by the thought I had been worried about abandonment. I was determined to make it work and since no one was there to dress me, off I went bare butt exposed and all. All I really knew was that it turned my lion of a father into a feeble man who lay on his bed silently whimpering in painful stillness. I was just a powerless little girl sitting on the edge of the bed and watching the man I admired most become a prisoner of pain. As I often like to suggest to friends, family members, or co-workers who take the almighty stance that anyone can change if they really want to, I will also suggest to you, my dear readers.
So I marched in to his room one night while he was having a flare up and stood at the foot of his bed eagerly massaging those pressure points. Do me a favor and don’t just chalk it off to laziness (while that may be some of it).
But the feelings of being his little girl and looking at him as invincible have still never left me.
You have two people coming together with two completely different philosophies about how to live life and both are right. Which is almost worse in my opinion, the option is available to you but you’re too lazy to get off your ass and pursue it. All that really means is a Zebra is born with an inherent system, naturally inclined to abide by the needs of that system. Think twice people, raise your personal awareness, and generate some very much needed compassion. And a Giraffe is born with its’ own completely different operating system, which compels it to live accordingly. To make it work they have to get together and decide what they want that relationship to look like, together.
I had been instilled with this notion that I was strong and regardless of what happened, I would be okay.
He exercises regularly going on 20+ mile bike rides and meditation is a huge part of his life. He gives back to society, not only has he donated money to nonprofits and started programs for battered women, but he worked as a therapist in the South Bronx commuting 3 hours daily, not to mention the family he recently sponsored from Syria. No one to go on a camping trip with, no one to know the depths of your soul, or to know exactly what you need during your greatest moments of triumph and despair. Kind of like my parents lame justification to avoid taking on the responsibility of parenting me, that and they simply weren’t available.
Forgetting the fact that he took vicious drugs like prednisone for years, and now takes an anti-leukemia medication that increases your risk of lymphoma.
Based on the fact that he had come to develop sepsis , my dad decided to undergo a voluntary surgery where they cut out part of his intestines, the part that had the Crohn’s.
Yet low and behold the instant the surgery was over, like magic, the Crohn’s reappeared in his colon.
The look your giving me seems to detect my self-loathing, look away motherfucker or I will slap the shit out of you.
And yet even with the countless blessings that have been dropped on me, the top notch education, the trips all around the world, the creative praise and acknowledgment, the incredible love affairs, and perhaps the greatest gift - this prolific mind of mine, I still couldn’t cure my deepest ailment, feeling homeless and displaced in my own life and body. Because I am Jamie Weiss, and I mean specifically because I am me, I am not worthy of ANYTHING. The only way to KNOW unconditional love is to experience it, to feel it in your body on a cellular level.
Thinking is vritti, and remains in some ways hypothetical or more specifically colored and subjective.
This lunatic is already up to 7 miles and I have no doubt he will be up to 8 by week’s end. The story you tell yourself about what you touch during or after you touch it is another tangent entirely but for my purpose, having the experience while relating to another person was the cure. All of my self-work culminated by creating a fertile ground so that when I met Michael (my now husband), I was ready.
OR at least as ready as I could be, to be penetrated by unconditional love from another human.
Those who aren’t educated and still eat foods that exacerbate their condition, or are unable to exert the type of willpower it takes to refrain from eating the normal things most people eat like rice, bread, milk, honey, and refined sugars. Looking at them with an equanimous mind, practicing detachment and not getting swept out to sea by reliving old pain patterns. Symptoms include diarrhea (sometimes bloody), as well as crampy abdominal pain, nausea, fever, loss of appetite, weight loss and fatigue, and, at times, rectal bleeding. The symptoms of these two illnesses are quite similar, but the areas affected in your body are different. CD most commonly affects the end of the small bowel (the ileum) and the beginning of the colon.
Crohn’s disease can also affect the entire thickness of the bowel wall, while ulcerative colitis only involves the innermost lining of the colon. There I was deep in my experience of accepting where I’m at, being angry, humbled, frustrated, sad, and upset all at the same time. In only 10 percent of cases are there overlapping features of both ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, a condition called indeterminate colitis.
Some people go for years without having any symptoms, while others have more frequent flare-ups, or attacks. NOT because you gave me a gift, not because your timing was impeccable and because the bear was the most perfect thing you could’ve have possibly given me but because of the experience I had with you.
The bear was PROOF that feeling singled out was, yet again, just a fabrication of the mind.
Your thoughtful and tangible gesture was a reminder that the only thing getting in my way of me feeling loved and wanted is the story created in my own mind, no one else’s.

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